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Noah Zark.
8th Apr 2006, 10:03

8th Apr 2006, 13:15
Am I alone in not being able to open these annoying little boxes with the red crosses in them? I right click and select view image or whatever it says - and nowt happens. Help, someone.
The Ancient Mariner

8th Apr 2006, 13:18
I don't even get the little red cross thingie ... :(

8th Apr 2006, 13:48
Famous Airshow pilot Sean D. Tucker had his highly modified 400-horsepower Pitts S-2S biplane in a field on Tuesday. :ouch: Good thing he had a foldable back-up aircraft on his back…

Picture from AOPA:


Edited to add: Ooops, my mistake. Sorry guys and gals. Didn’t recognize that this was a link to a cookied site.

green granite
8th Apr 2006, 14:07
the mt box is just a link to a non-existent web page (found by clicking on quote)

8th Apr 2006, 15:01

max roll rate
8th Apr 2006, 15:19
I think that if this is Mr Tuckers plane he left it parked at about 8500ft due to a control problem and went home by parachute and is fine :ok:

Maude Charlee
8th Apr 2006, 18:21
Am always up for a bit of humour, but as someone was almost certainly killed in this accident - should we not end this one folks?

Guy wasn't killed apparently - hard as that is to believe.

Talk about lucky.

Noah Zark.
8th Apr 2006, 19:50
Your sentiments are of course correct, but I did have a search around and as far as I could ascertain, as stated by Maude Charlee, the ( lucky ! ) guy survived.
Otherwise I would not have posted it.

8th Apr 2006, 20:10
Yes the guy did surive, however, it took him two months to sober up.:p

8th Apr 2006, 22:46
'There I was, 'appily tilling me fields with me Pitts plough, when suddenly, this
Massey Ferguson trak 'er flew into me'.

9th Apr 2006, 08:33
Police "wanted" poster-------------------->


Stocky youth.

Last seen wearing dark trousers and red jacket with white logo on back.

Armed with catapult.

Buster Hyman
9th Apr 2006, 09:11
"Now, if I can only make the golf course, I know Qantas will fix her up!"