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Flying Farmer
8th Apr 2006, 07:22
Anyone :E


Flying Farmer
8th Apr 2006, 07:24
Or theres this one :E


Solid Rust Twotter
8th Apr 2006, 07:45

Sleeping Freight Dog
8th Apr 2006, 08:03
1)I've always wanted to learn how to fly, but this ISNT what I had in mind

2)Damn, I knew I shouldn't have been watching Mrs. Banjo on that Vette


Noah Zark.
8th Apr 2006, 08:52
(1). So THIS is fly-by-the-wire fencing, is it?

(2). "Are you sure tree vaulting is in the next Olympics?"

8th Apr 2006, 09:39
1. British Aerospace were recently reported testing reusable, economy variants of guided surface-to-air defence systems.

2. Bluddy Republicans. I used to be Lord Greystoke! Ah well, 's not like I mind trees . . and the pay's not bad . . .

8th Apr 2006, 09:59
1. Muck Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2. Pervert snooper caught out by special branch at the banjo residence!

8th Apr 2006, 10:46
1. I know, I know Q... you did tell me not to push the red button.
2. Gervais is not enjoying the live version of snakes and ladders.

8th Apr 2006, 11:12
1. Just when do I start the half-pike..?
2. One more jump on the mini-tramp should do it!!

8th Apr 2006, 11:17
Although he's put on a bit of weight as he's got older that Michael (Riverdance) Flatley bloke has not lost any of his skills has he.

8th Apr 2006, 11:23
1) "It seemed to last for an eternity..."
2) ARBOREAL WARS II: The tree strikes back!

Noah Zark.
8th Apr 2006, 11:29
Piccie 1. Anybody seen the film, The Rocketeer? This guy looks as though he's auditioning for a remake.
( But we'll have Jennifer Connelly back for a reprise!! :E :E )

8th Apr 2006, 11:48
1.) The Stig vowed this was the last test he would ever do for Top Gear.

8th Apr 2006, 11:53
On a technical note, I can understand that photographers were following the motorcycle, but WHY the shot of the arboriculturalist?

8th Apr 2006, 11:59
1. Mary Poppins tries new career.

2. Flasher distracts tree surgeon.

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Apr 2006, 12:02
On a technical note, I can understand that photographers were following the motorcycle, but WHY the shot of the arboriculturalist?

Booby trap?:E

Dont tell um pike
8th Apr 2006, 12:48
1) I was just riding along and suddenly got really tyre'd

2) Many fans were disappointed by the special effects in Matrix 4

8th Apr 2006, 13:44
1) look dad, no hands!
2) blimmin ultralights.

Lon More
8th Apr 2006, 13:54
Photo 1
"I wish I could fly, right up to the sky, but i can't..."

Keith Harris's hand slipped out of the puppet

Photo 2

Pursued by a ghost brandishing a chain saw ....

Buster Hyman
8th Apr 2006, 15:10
(1) How Barry Sheene never left this way I'll never know!:ok:

(2) Think once, think twice, think...no Morris dancing in a tree!

8th Apr 2006, 15:36
1 - New Velcro safety barrier works a treat.

8th Apr 2006, 16:12
....and suddenly these tyres jumped out in front of me!

8th Apr 2006, 16:31
1) Bike feels a bit light all of a sudden

8th Apr 2006, 17:10
Lesson 4: Newton's Third Law of Motion

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"

8th Apr 2006, 18:33
[caption comp off]

How come Newton's Third Law is the fourth lesson?

[/caption comp on again]

8th Apr 2006, 21:28
[caption comp off]

I believe lesson 4 is the opposite reaction of lesson 3.

[/caption comp on again]