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7th Apr 2006, 21:07
Can anybody give me a clear idea what 'Multicultralism' is?
I cannot find agreed definitions on the web yet I am repeatedly being told that it is a good thing yet I'm not sure what it is?
Is it (a) a general condition where peoples from other countries & continents live in 'your' community and therefore you are surrounded by people from other cultures (whether you like them or not is not the question here!) or (b) where having non-natives (or their descendents) around you is supposed to give you a good feeling about them (and their history)? Why should I want to 'celebrate' it? Or is it a (c)?
It must apply both ways (i.e the British in India or the Dutch in New York) but at what point does 'multicultralism' stop and 'integrated non-differential' society start?
I am not looking for racist or nasty answers but hopefully will spark an intelligent (sorry I know this is JB!) debate.

7th Apr 2006, 22:21
I guess my take is that it is different cultures existing together within an environment, e.g. an urban district, acknowledging each others beliefs and traditions whilst enjoying the freedom to continue observing thier own.

For example, I am technically Christian, Mrs 401 is technically Muslim. (I say "technically" as neither of us are particularly devout!) She observes many of my "traditions" e.g. Christmas (it's mostly Pagan OK!!), I have observed many of hers, mainly surrounding behaviours following the death of a family member.

In practice, it doesn't work very well due to prejudices and unwilling on both sides of the fence. But in light of your last comment, I probably better not go there, though I'm sure someone else will!

7th Apr 2006, 22:31
Hi Navajo8686,

Nice handle…

Are you Native American or did you gleam it from the machine you fly / flown? See… there’s “multiculturalism”. The question you ask, shows you’re interested in something other than “mainstream”.

All joking side… if you’re mind is open… who cares about gender, race, or colour…

Take care


7th Apr 2006, 23:22
It's what doesn't happen in Japan, China or Korea. It's not welcome
in Iran, Saudi, or Zimbabwe.

But in Britain it is imposed by government upon the British people, who are then asked to 'celebrate' their multiculturalism!

It is something that once out of control, as it is in Britain, then becomes
a threat to the culture and traditions of the host country

It causes division, racism, resentment and crime, where not existed before.
And it may eventually lead to civil strife.

You cannot force peoples of different culture, religion, and race to integrate,
especially when some despise the moral values and traditions of the host
country and have a professed wish to do it harm.

I have a great fear for the future of Britain, and I condemn successive
British governments who have allowed this situation to develop.

8th Apr 2006, 05:04
It's a load of PC rubbish intended to bring about the overthrow of Western democracy and the associated advances in science, philosophy, medicine, and the arts, which that culture's inherent liberal, progressive, free-thinking, profit-seeking, mindset has allowed, and replace it with a repressive, restrictive, authoritarian, collectivist world order.

Be very suspicious of anyone singing its praises. They're either very evil or very thick.