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6th Apr 2006, 11:27

Donald Dewar. DONALD f*cking DEWAR!!!

Blow half a billion on a self indulgent pile of crap and earn the respect of the nation... Am I living in some kind of parallel universe here???? I haven't belatedly come across an April Fool have I?

BM:yuk: :{ :yuk: :{ :yuk:

6th Apr 2006, 11:36
It was half a billion of English money.

William Wallace never managed to rob that much.

6th Apr 2006, 18:23
It was half a billion of English money

...redistributed by Blair/Brown who got elected in the first place by English voters - thanks a bunch:*

What's going on in people's minds to think Dewar is historically more important than say Fleming? Give all the Braveheart fans a dose of VD - that might focus their minds a bit...:E


6th Apr 2006, 18:29
:p :E

Just love how the Glasgow neds took time to break his 'specs:8

7th Apr 2006, 08:22
My vote, FWIW.

Fleming (though he was lucky)

Baird (Farnsworth had a much better version, though)

Bell? (even though he stole the idea?)

You'll have to convince me re the others. Caused a lot of death and suffering, some of them.

I'd agree re Dewar. Give me strength! :*

Along those lines, you'd have thought Rod F*****g Stewart would have made the cut. :yuk: :mad:

7th Apr 2006, 08:34
Wonder whether Rab C. Nesbitt made the list?

tony draper
7th Apr 2006, 09:28
Sawney Bean? where is he,he did a lot for the envoirement,recycling,organic food and such.

7th Apr 2006, 09:31
Disappointed that the Krankies weren't there too.

7th Apr 2006, 12:14
Wee Willie Harris.

7th Apr 2006, 12:15
Harry Lauder.
(More serious:- Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart)