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5th Apr 2006, 19:02
Thought that would get you looking..

Anyway, a test from the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sex/index_cookie.shtml

Takes a bit of time to complete, but if you're bored, what the hell.

Apparently, i'm +25 male.

5th Apr 2006, 19:37
That was a bit of fun, I scored +50, the average for males, however, I didn't have access to a ruler so I did not complete that section.

5th Apr 2006, 20:13
Im 25% male :( Not sure if that is a good thing, will I develop lady bumps in the near future? :confused:

5th Apr 2006, 20:14
the average for males

Sh!t..you mean i'm 25 points below average?:ugh: :sad:

5th Apr 2006, 20:21
I'm a +50 male as well (phew):ok:

5th Apr 2006, 21:11
Coool.. I'm a 50% female male. May have been more balanced had I realised (read?) that the 150secs for the visuo-spatial task was for all of them, not just the first!

Things is I REALLY love maps. Not to an autistic degree appara. Oh, and a bottle of wine may have influenced.

Just off to try on my girlfriend's clothes.

5th Apr 2006, 22:25
25% male...how worrying is that? :uhoh: Think I performed too well on the shapes rotating thing :hmm:

...off to try on my boyfriend's clothes...

5th Apr 2006, 22:36
err... 25% male, too. Mainly down to getting lots of words on the word association test - must have been showing my sensitive side.

You prefer feminine facesWell, duh !

And what's with this ring finger thing ? Load of b*llocks if you ask me (ratio 1.05 :eek:).

6th Apr 2006, 00:44
Interesting... Apparently I'm a 'right brainer' (but right handed) hence a good fighter or/and artist :cool: yet 'blessed' with low testosterone levels (thank gaawd)...
And I read eyes... 10 out of 10.
But that I knew.........:E

6th Apr 2006, 07:58
100% male.

I linked to the test.

Then found an especially tenacious booger up my left nostril - 3 mins.

Then I stretched, yawned and scratched my goolies - 2 mins.

Then I spent 45 secs working up to a seven second long [email protected] (including brief pauses) - total 52 secs.

Then I got bored with the test and came back to Jet Blast to waste the next - god knows how many minutes.

Onan the Clumsy
6th Apr 2006, 13:31
Just a small grammatical point, but shouldn't the thread title be "Gender Test"?

I've never thought the two words were synonyms.

6th Apr 2006, 15:28
I'm neither...... :oh: 0% male 0% female! :ugh:

6th Apr 2006, 19:14
I got 50+ male. But I got zero in the word association - what the *^$#???!!! The word I got was 'grey' - I put hair, sky which I thought would be right. Must be a male thing.......

6th Apr 2006, 19:30
+25% Male

I dunno whether to be concerned thou!

BC, I got 0 for the grey word thing as well. I didnt know what it wanted. But i managed to get 11 words for Happy. God know how that works!!

6th Apr 2006, 19:44
I scored 50% female, although apparently I don't empathise as much as females should...:confused:

6th Apr 2006, 19:52
+50% male. The bit I was notably rubbish at was the one where you had to identify the objects which had moved. Only choose 5 correctly, then almost completely negated that with for -3 for wrong guesses. :=

Those of you getting zero on the word association must be doing something really wrong, as it says at the end, in the results, that it 'assumes your words are correct and relevant', or words to that effect. In which case typing any old nonsense in there you should give you a score. :confused:

6th Apr 2006, 21:39
That was fun! It was almost as much fun as the test the nation thing! :suspect: Not. But I did proove to be a 25% girly which is OK being a lady!

My finger thing .91. And it's true about that! A scientist on TV identified which sports man would come first second third in a race based on the difference of finger length.

I believe it :D

6th Apr 2006, 22:01
I got bored about halfway through part 1. What does that say about me? Surly that's a man thing!

Little Blue
7th Apr 2006, 00:27
I'm female.....Better not let the missis find out, mind !

7th Apr 2006, 00:37
Sex test: I passed. Yay! :D :\

(oh was there a link??):E

7th Apr 2006, 00:59
er... +25% male :confused:

I'm all woman I tell yer! Just 'cos I can read a map and my index finger is shorter than my ring finger! And I got 100% on the dangly angles thing!


Mister Maths!

7th Apr 2006, 01:39
I got 50% female.

Does that mean I'm 50% male??

If you scored between 34 - 66%: You may have a balanced female-male brain I scored 64% there. Balanced?? Can't be right!! :}

Buster Hyman
7th Apr 2006, 02:35
Bugger! I'm too much in tune with my feminine side....

(Does my bottom look big in this?)