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4th Apr 2006, 16:45
Don't make me :mad: laugh!. A hosepipe ban in the SE corner of British Isles. Isles - definition: land surrounded by water.
Now, while the water companies let you believe there is a drought - for those of you who are "affected" - i'd like to pick up on a couple more points.
Drought, to my mind, is the kind of dry, arid water-free land that is common in Africa, and can cause famine. Affluent SE England and famine don't go, do they? Nor does affluent SE England and drought.
Back to the first paragraph. An isle/island surrounded by water. N.Atlantic ocean to the west, North Sea to the east. Why the :mad: (in this day and age when the government see fit to spend millions upon millions fighting a :mad: 'ed up war in Iraq) can't our Tone and cronies release some of the prized monies and develop some proper distillation* facilities capable of using N.Sea/Atlantic water? Can't be that feckin difficult:ugh:

Just another small point. Presumably, these drought affected areas have some luxurious (or at least maintained) golf courses? I do hope the greenkeepers are not hosing away willy-nilly:p , blatantly ignoring the ban on hosepipes. :=
Rant over:mad:

Edit *Desalination...oops

4th Apr 2006, 16:47
Drought, to my mind, is the kind of dry, arid water-free land that is common in Africa Due to population density, the south east of England has less water per head than the Sudan.

4th Apr 2006, 16:50
Point taken ORAC. Sudan on the other hand is not as wealthy as SE England, and therefore unable to do anything about it. Dare i say it, probably many charities based within the SE are helping out Sudan.

Lance Murdoch
4th Apr 2006, 17:18
All this talk of drought in the South East is nonsense. I remember about ten years ago in Yorkshire we had a hosepipe ban etc and a water shortage. The real cause of the problem was that the water companies were losing 35% of the water due to leaking pipes. As water companies have a monopoly they do not need to cut dividends in order to repair the pipes, what is the point?
Desalination plants are certainly not the answer, they need gargantuan quantities of heat (supplied from coal or natural gas one suspects) to work.

4th Apr 2006, 17:23
From Three Valleys Water web site
In accordance with the Water Industry Act 1991 (Section 76) we are obliged to advertise the hosepipe ban with the date of effect in at least two local newspapers circulating in the area. Statutory Notices were placed in The Sun (Tuesday 21 March 2006) and The Mail (Thursday 23 March 2006

Do the Sun and Daily Mail count as local newspapers?
Do the Sun and Daily Mail actually count as Newspapers ??

(I guess actually expecting the profit concious dears to put ad's in all papers is unresonable)

4th Apr 2006, 17:26
they need gargantuan quantities of heat (supplied from coal or natural gas one suspects)

Wind farms are the rage nowadays! Nuclear energy?:p

4th Apr 2006, 17:26
(I thought they produced Scottish Falling-Over Water in them:} )

Yes, most desalination is done by "distillation" process (the exception being reverse osmosis, which is relatively slow)

Here "in the sand dunes", more than half of our potable water comes from desalination, but then when The Great Designer built the world, and left this bit without enough water to accommodate a rapidly-expanding population, he buries oodles of oil under the sand, instead of water.

All that "virtually free" oil allows the country to provide water from the sea; just try to do it with the price of oil after the UK Government puts on a tax that's many times the cost of the oil "at port"!

(but I suppose putting a girt-big Nuke under The Wash might have somesort of effect :E )

tony draper
4th Apr 2006, 17:39
Item on the news yesterday stated that 30% of water is lost in the distribution system due to leakage betwixt the reservoir and the user,time they spent some of the money they have been raking in since they stole the water companies off us ,and put in some new infrastructure,then I suppose if they did so they would be whining to the government for taxpayers money to do same,just like the railways
Anyway how can it be lost it would just return to the water table wouldn't it ?

4th Apr 2006, 18:35
At the same time that the South East is suffering a water shortage, the River Thames is flooding surrounding areas.
Isn't the River Thames made of . . . . water?

Gingerbread Man
4th Apr 2006, 20:11
Rather than complaining you could all chip in and do something about it. For example I spent today filling buckets with water in my kitchen and taking them to the local reservoir.

Ginger ;)

4th Apr 2006, 20:26
I thought all the water we drank in the South East was constantly being
re-cycled and passed by the management!

Still if it doesn't rain soon Tony Blair won't have anything to walk on! :rolleyes:

4th Apr 2006, 20:51
Its all very well saying that the water companies should fix the leaks, but who will pay for the work? You and I, thats who.

Maybe a hosepipe ban is not so bad after all.

4th Apr 2006, 20:57
I still don't get it. Britain (or to be precise SE England) is an extremely wealthy country(area). Why should it have a hosepipe ban? Why?

Granted, it's not had a lot of rainfall, however, with the ice-caps melting, i s'ppose the hosepipe ban will soon be overlooked.

All these people yakking away about droughts need to get things in perspective. Do what the French do ------- protest.


4th Apr 2006, 21:03
Do what the French do ------- protest.

Thats no good. Once they start rioting, they get the water cannons out and it makes the problem worse!

4th Apr 2006, 21:40
Its all very well saying that the water companies should fix the leaks, but who will pay for the work? You and I, thats who.

But we've already paid for the water to be purified and now 30% of it is being lost. Can you imagine any production line deliberately crushing every third item that came down the line?

Of course we are going to have to pay for it, but if the leakage rate was at least halved, we might not see our bills increasing so rapidly.

4th Apr 2006, 22:10
Everyone should use my water saving technique - drink beer.

Not much good for washing up tho'

And as for taking a bath - asses milk had a good reputation in days of yore

4th Apr 2006, 22:19
You guys have it so good.

Canada has a third of all the fresh water in the world and Vancouver has more than pretty well anywhere else in Canada. We have a hose pipe ban pretty well every year. Every time we try to build another source (resevoir) the 'Greens' (that's a laugh, they should be the 'browns') protest so much we don't do it.

It gets sillier by the minute.

4th Apr 2006, 22:24
Living slightly further north, I'll be glad when this terrible drought is over and the rain stops, so the garden isn't half an inch deep in standing water. Then I can pump the 3 feet of rainwater out of the new pond and fit the liner - it's been waiting in the garage since last October............... :\

Flew over the Peak District yesterday - all the reservoirs are full and flowing over the dams; the hills are running in water.

Just get 'em to mend the leaky pipes, for goodness' sake. Perhaps they should fit a meter between the reservoir outlet and the first consumer.

4th Apr 2006, 23:16
"Silly" Point 1. In the South East of England, the "Water Companies" have drained reservoirs....and sold them as land to build on
"Silly" Point 2. Even though there isn't enough water NOW, Mr Prescot still wants [nearly] 2 MILLION homes in the "Drought Stricken South East England" [Most on Green Belt]...WHY?????
"Silly" Point 3. Why have the "Water Companies:rolleyes: :{ " NOT invested in a Leak Prevention/Stoppage programme?

Fish Out of Water
4th Apr 2006, 23:23
And why is it ok to fill up a swimming pool but not hose down your car - makes sense to me? Because you can wash your car in a swimming pool innit - ok for posh people, not like me in Mandela Tower! ;)

Ace Rimmer
5th Apr 2006, 09:25
Actually in the Rimmer towers corner of the “affluent SE” we’ve had a hose pipe ban in effect since last May only one reservoir round here see.

Back in the 70s when there was a drought in 75-76 there was a similar wailing and knashing – actually I think it got worse than just a hose pipe ban in some areas with standpipes and such. Anyhow, there was talk of establishing a National Water Grid. Now that always seemed to make sense to me. Right now, the reservoirs up north are brim full to overflowing while down here they are half empty. Couple of years back it was t’other way about. I seem to remember that back in the 70s (was a spotty youth at the time) this idea was panned as too expensive what with all the miles and miles of pipes and such.
Now it seems to me there is no need for that element since there is an almost ready made distribution (or re-distribution) system in place…the river and canal networks. All you need is to stick pumps in strategic places and let gravity do the rest. Or is that too simplistic?

Ali Barber
5th Apr 2006, 10:58
Never has been a hose pipe ban in the Middle-East since I got here, and it was a year and a half before I saw any rain out here!