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4th Apr 2006, 04:19

Now I've finally found the thing it is hardly the depths of depravity. I thort for a minute they had depicted Howard with a flattering if half-mongrel stalk, but no, it is a palm tree behind him, he is completely mongrel-less. Howard is apparantly saying "I want Papua, make it happen Alex!"

They are looking a bit glum for cavorting puppies:zzz:

4th Apr 2006, 05:38
Most Aussies took it in their stride and thought it funny. Even the PM and Foreign Minister expressed the view that they didn't like it but, hey, that's free speech. Funny old thing that when an Aussie paper copies the cartoon but portrays President Yodyhoohoo Bangbangupyerjumbuk shafting West Papua then we are back to the flag burning, embassy stoning expressions of "distaste" by the inhabitants of Indonesia.:yuk:

4th Apr 2006, 07:20
2 Squadrons of Hornets with a bunch of tankers up in Darwin, half a dozen missile ships and shut the borders entirely with that arsehole of a country.

Howard Hughes
4th Apr 2006, 07:24
The most economical idea, would be simply to cut off aid.....:hmm:

4th Apr 2006, 12:54
allan907 has gone straight to the guts of the matter. No matter how "offensive" the cartoon may or may not have been, there were no calls in australia for miltary action, no suggestion that ambassadors should be recalled, no hysterical suggestions to take up arms. Therein lies the difference between a nominally christian/secular society and an islamic one. It's a drawing ferchrissakes. Who gives a shit?

4th Apr 2006, 12:57
A drawing about some pointless people in a pointless hemisphere. And this is No 2 in Jetblast?

Now let's move back to stories from the real world where Spring has sprung and otters don't have beaks.

4th Apr 2006, 13:02
Been on a long company-paid lunch, strafer?

Which particular "pointless hemisphere" are we talking about here?

4th Apr 2006, 13:28
Fizzy water for me Binos.

The Southern.

4th Apr 2006, 13:33
I assumed that was the case. That sort of thinking explains a lot of your previous posts. :hmm:

4th Apr 2006, 13:34
Hey Binos - how can strafer insult the southern hemisphere when he has just admitted to drinking Ozzie beer?
Some people have no shame!

4th Apr 2006, 14:32
Now, now Binos...

It's not just me - from Bill Bryson (a notorious Australiaphile)'s book 'Down Under':

"But even allowing for all this, our neglect of Australian affairs is curious. As you might expect, this is particularly noticeable when you are resident in America. Just before I set off on this trip I went to my local library in New Hampshire and looked up Australia in the New York Times Index to see how much it had engaged attention in my own country in recent years. I began with the 1997 volume for no other reason than that it was open on the table. In that year, across the full range of possible interests - politics, sport, travel, the coming Olympics in Sydney, food and wine, the arts, obituaries and so on - the New York Times ran 20 articles that were predominantly on or about Australian affairs.

In the same period, for purposes of comparison, it found space for 120 articles on Peru, 150 or so on Albania and a similar number on Cambodia, more than 300 on each of the Koreas, and well over 500 on Israel. As a place that attracted American interest Australia ranked about level with Belarus and Burundi. Among the general subjects that outstripped it were balloons and balloonists, the Church of Scientology, dogs (though not dog sledding), and Pamela Harriman, the former ambassador and socialite who died in February 1997, a calamity that evidently required recording twenty-two times in the Times. Put in the crudest terms, Australia was slightly more important to Americans in 1997 than bananas, but not nearly as important as ice cream."

4th Apr 2006, 14:39
To continue strafer's excerpt...And so, because we know so little about it, perhaps a few facts would be in order. Australia is the world's sixth largest country and its largest island. It is the only island that is also a continent, and the only continent that is also a country. It was the first continent conquered from the sea, and the last. It is the only nation that began as a prison. It is the home of the largest living thing on earth, the Great Barrier Reef, and of the most famous and striking monolith, Ayers Rock (or Uluru to use its now official, more respectful Aboriginal name). It has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. Of the world's ten most poisonous snakes, all are Australian. Five of its creatures - the funnel-web spider, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, paralysis tick and stonefish - are the most lethal of their type in the world. This is a country where even the fluffiest of caterpillars can lay you out with a toxic nip, where seashells will not just sting you but actually sometimes go for you. Pick up an innocuous coneshell from a Queensland beach, as innocent tourists are all too wont to do, and you will discover that the little fellow inside is not just astoundingly swift and testy, but exceedingly venomous. If you are not stung or pronged to death in some unexpected manner, you may be fatally chomped by sharks or crocodiles, or carried helplessly out to sea by irresistible currents, or left to stagger to an unhappy death in the baking outback. It's a tough place.Hmmmm - and people want to live there??? :ooh:

4th Apr 2006, 14:41
I thought I was on your ignore list?

4th Apr 2006, 14:43
You were. Very few people stay on there for long. But nobody gets told when I remove them! :}

I Love This Show
4th Apr 2006, 14:45
Yep, tough people. Most of us take all this in our stride and leave the worrying to the Yanks, and the moaning about it to the Poms! :}

4th Apr 2006, 14:53
Quite correct. A dreadful place, made even worse by this;

Put in the crudest terms, Australia was slightly more important to Americans in 1997 than bananas, but not nearly as important as ice cream."

I'm shattered that the most inward-looking western race, 70% of whom couldn't pick out Australia on a globe, think more of ice cream. Now there's a surprise! Here's a list of other things Americans know more about than they do Australia: aardvarks.... (sorry, I'll try not to be flippant) Dr Phil, Oprah, Larry King, silicon tits and who's got them, Friends, mobile homes, ......sorry, bandwidth restrictions etc.

Are you serious, strafer? Are you an American based in London or just a bitter Englishman?

4th Apr 2006, 15:00
Bitter about what Binos?

To be fair, you did invent the rotary washing line, but holding the Ashes just about makes up for it.

Buster Hyman
4th Apr 2006, 22:33
Binos with a 50% Muslim population over there, he's got more to worry about than us!:cool:

4th Apr 2006, 23:47
Bino's invented the rotary washing line? Bloody hell. Good for you mate.

Buster Hyman
5th Apr 2006, 01:57
Apparently, the rotary engine was more fuel efficient! Really got that washing dry in no time! Scared the SHlT out of the dog though...

Little Lady
5th Apr 2006, 02:31
Calm down fellas, it's a drawing taking the p!ss out of the people involved. Tolerence is a virtue very few possess:ok: :ok: and so is a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at one's self!!

Just me 2 cents worth:O

5th Apr 2006, 03:02
Indonesians are generally one of the mildest mannered, gentle and tolerant people I've come across. Its always amazed me how their violent minority dominate the news. I suppose its because, with 200 million Indonesians, there's an awful lot of nasty people in that tiny minority.

Rather similar to slagging off America on account of the KKK, The Mafia, Hell's Angels and the NRA.

Or Australia on account of the beer. ;)

5th Apr 2006, 05:11
Hey my fellow Ozzies (that's Orsies to septics). We must remember the Golden Rule - the one about the 'Best Kept Secret'. While they are all slagging off God's Own, they are not here and less of such variety are likely to come.

Gotta be a good thing! :ok:

and blacksheep - "here here" old mate;

5th Apr 2006, 09:47
While they are all slagging off God's Own, they are not here and less of such variety are likely to come.
Ahh, if only it worked both ways.....

5th Apr 2006, 13:22
Hey Binos do you reckon this strafer fool is Chaffers brother ? They both seem to babble on in the same manner. :}

5th Apr 2006, 13:35
A different style of writing, Capt G, so definitely not the same person, but the same resentment of Australia shines through like a beacon. I thought they would have got over it by now. :hmm:

5th Apr 2006, 13:37
It's all rather amusing Binos , at least we are safe in the knowledge they will never come here.
How are those Taylor Mades going, did you get the RAC OS ?

5th Apr 2006, 13:43
Thread creep warning!!

RAC OS2, mon ami. Beautiful clubs, though for some unknown reason the course record remains unthreatened. Let me know when your leave is and I'll try them out at Laguna Quays. :ok:

5th Apr 2006, 13:44
Will do, probably July..................how come you only have 57 posts now ??????

5th Apr 2006, 13:46
Some people seem a little snappy this morning. I suppose I'd be the same if I had to live there. :)

Resentment Binos? What on earth is there to resent?

5th Apr 2006, 13:49
Yes.....waking up to warm weather and sunshine does tend to make one a bit "snappy"..........Oh, you should be so lucky :8

5th Apr 2006, 14:01
Warm weather & sunshine - a condition of most deserts.

Cultural or otherwise. :O

5th Apr 2006, 21:29
A whinging Pom? Well I never.

6th Apr 2006, 05:21
Warm weather & sunshine - a condition of most deserts.
And the equatorial regions. The only desert I ever see around here is on the table at the end of dinner.

Oh sorry! that's a dessert... :rolleyes:

6th Apr 2006, 05:36
I reckon the cartoon shows just who is top dog in the land of oz!

Buster Hyman
6th Apr 2006, 05:51
Yes, and our Pollies can lick their own balls too!!!:} :ouch: :suspect:

jon s gull
6th Apr 2006, 09:16
Not just the rotary hoist and orbital engine but the combine harvester, rotary mower, rotary hoe, speedo's, flight recorder, cloud seeding, solar hot water, esky,wine cask,pacemaker,the electric drill, postage stamps, bionic ear, ultrasound scanner, the ute, the winged keel, merino sheep, penicillin, Race cam, IVF, inflatible aircraft escape slides, we grow more food and fibre more efficiently on less rain, make wine envied by the french,win more sports events per capita, but it is true that our women are more dangerous than any in the world and we like it that way.

Keep out all you jealous bastards.

henry crun
6th Apr 2006, 10:35
There are several inventions in that list that would be claimed by other nations, but let me select just one.
Please name the Australian who discovered penicillin before Alexander Fleming.

What is an esky ?

jon s gull
6th Apr 2006, 10:50
ps google esky

henry crun
6th Apr 2006, 11:11
That link tells us that not only did Fleming discover penicillin he also named it, and he was not an Australian.

The pacemaker was invented by a Canadian named John Hopps.

You are stretching a long bow by claiming that solar hot water was discovered/invented by an Australian.

6th Apr 2006, 11:21
Combine harvester - US

Postage stamps - Britain

Re IVF - last time I looked, Oldham was in the north of England.

Wine casks - really?

Bionic ears? Why not X-ray eyes?

I'm also interested to know how you could invent a sheep?

6th Apr 2006, 11:29
I'm also interested to know how you could invent a sheep?
It's what they DO with it that's the invention.

6th Apr 2006, 11:40
strafer , you really are a most amusing owner operator, aren't you :E

jon s gull
6th Apr 2006, 11:41
That link tells us that not only did Fleming discover penicillin he also named it, and he was not an Australian.

As Groupie has so succingtly put it, its what you do with it that is important.

6th Apr 2006, 11:56
Thanks Capt G. Haven't got a clue what you're on about (prison slang maybe?) - but thanks anyway.

jon s gull
6th Apr 2006, 12:14
Combine harvester - US,/ Wrong Strafe ,invented , first produced and used in Aus
Postage stamps - Britain,/, Pre paid in Aus
Re IVF - last time I looked, Oldham was in the north of England./ I'll check it ,but you blokes probably need it more than us
Wine casks - really? Yup
Bionic ears? Why not X-ray eyes? /very funny but possible, and yes ,Bionic ears
I'm also interested to know how you could invent a sheep? /well you get two other sheep that dont reallly like each other and over drinks...

You get the Idea Strafe' lots to be proud of here, and if anyone important read these pages I would'nt be telling you either. Would'nt want the Americans to find out and invade, or your lot to want to reclaim us.

6th Apr 2006, 12:39
I went and looked it up - by wine casks you mean wine in a box. Ie, you invented a bag. No wonder you're so proud!

It's a good job we invented the TV set, computers, the telephone and the WWW, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to boast. :ok:

PS You forgot the boomerang.

Buster Hyman
6th Apr 2006, 13:02
Anyone mention the Ute yet? We're also having a go at the Scramjet with the Japs I think...oh...and we're close to the transporter beam too!

PS You forgot the boomerang.

(I knew that'd come back one day!) :suspect:

6th Apr 2006, 13:26
Then there's the didgeridooflap.
Invented by Rolf Harris . . .
Never did understand the purpose of that? Primeval cellphone?

6th Apr 2006, 15:03
Australians, Brits, Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders - and the one thing they all have in common with their inventive minds? Yup, our DNA is all basically the same as (most of us) originated from good old Blighty. (And a fair old portion of the rest of the world speaks English too - just ask the French President whose standing in the world is so important I can't remember his name)

6th Apr 2006, 15:59
Doesn't really work with Aussies though.

If they're mostly populated from the crim underclass (the ones that got caught), they're going to be a bit thicker aren't they?

6th Apr 2006, 16:32
Slight flaw in your logic there Strafer,

Could have been your great, great, great (whatever) uncle that was shipped out to the colonies. Although, that could explain a few things.

Or are you also overlooking the free settlers that had the smarts to get the hell out as well?

6th Apr 2006, 16:49
Not me Jerricho, mine never got caught.

Or are you also overlooking the free settlers that had the smarts to get the hell out as well?The Greeks?

6th Apr 2006, 17:46
mine never got caught

Ahh, your relatives from that elusive crim underclass.

As to the Greek, come on, you're showing your ignorance there :rolleyes: S'all right mate.

6th Apr 2006, 20:26
Barry Penicillin invented penicillin. It was on a Tuesday over a couple of beers with his mate Les Antimattertransporter. Even a drover's dog know this one.

That dude strafer is just trying to get a rise out of you guys. A pom, especially one from London saying that Oz sux is like, fairly close to the funniest thing I have heard.

Buster Hyman
6th Apr 2006, 22:39
I didn't realise that strafer is refarts spelled backwards!

Amazing what you think of sitting by the beach in glorious sunshine from a clear blue sky....:} :ouch: :suspect:

7th Apr 2006, 01:36
The Orstraylian branch of the Blacksheep family went out on a ten quid one-way ticket. The UK branch had a whip round to pay for it and its generally agreed that it was money well spent. The US branch settled in California, invented the personal computer, couldn't find a use for it and dumped it in a disused garage in Palo Alto. The Canadian Blacksheeps run the police force in British Columbia and usually retire to Monaco.

...and we invent sheep. Frequently.

7th Apr 2006, 04:16
So just got told this one by a French “close personal friend” and thought of you Strafer old cobber – you poor sad sod (is it OK to say that here?).

There’s this kid in France wandering through the bush (French bush! hmmmm) and he sees two people (a Bloke and a Sheila) making love and he says ah “Ahhh the birds and the bees, it’s Spring, l’amore” (sorry that might Be Italian – whatever). Then he notices that the woman is not moving so races back to the village and tells his Dad.

His Dad ventures out to the same place and sees the same two people making love and says “Ahhh the birds and the bees, it’s Spring, l’amore” then also realises that the woman is not moving and decides that she is dead. So he belts back to the village and tells the local Walloper (that’s Copper, mate).

The Walloper goes to the same place and sees the same two people making love and says “Ahhh the birds and the bees, it’s Spring, l’amore” and then realises that the info is correct, the woman is dead. Crikey mate (or Sacre bleu). He goes back to the village and grabs the doctor.

The doctor goes (notice, they are all blokes after a sticky beak) to this place and sees the same two people making love and says “Ahhh the birds and the bees, it’s Spring, l’amore”. But the doctor checks out the situation and moves closer and declares “No no – she is not dead – SHE IS BRITISH.

7th Apr 2006, 09:42
Hmm, methinks some of you protest too much...:hmm:

Anyhoo, allow me a couple of responses
A pom, especially one from London saying that Oz sux is like, fairly close to the funniest thing I have heard.Then why is London full of frickin' Aussies? We don't need you to serve us our beer anymore. We have Polish girls for that now. :D

Strafer old cobber – you poor sad sod (is it OK to say that here?).
Course it is mate, you're 13,000 miles away. Top joke BTW - funny and well told. Brilliant.

7th Apr 2006, 09:58
My favourite part was when you tried to defend London, with respect to Aussies, and used an American(or possibly German) term ie:frick'n. haha. Did your hammer beat you in the 'I am not a stupid bent tooth smelly pom'? competition?

7th Apr 2006, 17:27
Ahhh London. How I miss it.

Living in my semi-detached or terraced home in one of the quirky streets just wide enough to squeeze a car down (if you're really lucky, it's the end of the terrace next to an open lot that's either being used by a band of Gypsies or as a dumping ground for burnt out cars or rubbish). Good thing you can never get a park for my car out the front of your home and have to park a couple of hundred yards down the street. The locking fuel cap and car alarm sure were a great investment. With gas prices so high, you wouldn't want anybody else to syphon your tank. But then again, it may allow them to truely be part of the the congestion (watch out for that charge now). I mean, how gratifying it was to put fuel in your car only to have to sit in gridlock and watch the fuel guage slowly drop. Wear and tear from stop start traffic? Bah!

But wait. Not everyone is able to afford a two hundred thousand pound 500 square foot bed-sit above a fish and chip shop in the high street, can they now. Commuting......that's the answer!! A lovely, relaxed trip up and down the M3/M4/M40 is always good for the soul. What's that variable speed limit sign up ahead say? Uh oh, MOTORWAY CLOSED! Oh well. It is Friday after all. Why should this one be any different. Can't wait to get home. I'm dying to use the bathroom. That carpet in there is an excellent idea. I would really love a shower rather than a bath, but there's only so much room. Hope I can get a park out the front so I don't have to walk so far again. It is a pitty my wing-mirror got smashed off the other day by a van, but hey, it wasn't deliberate (I think).

Don't own a car! Good for you. Insurance and road taxes are a little on the high side. You know, buying that dream vehicle of an Impreza WRX may not be the best idea. Not many insurance companies will insure that type of vehicle. No, live life on the wild side and rely on London Transport. Learn the true neaming of DELAYED! Wrong type of snow? Leaves on the line? Signal failure? Vehicle broken down in the bus lane?...........all part of life's rich pageantry. You'll get there. I can highly recommend taking a ride on the Tube, especially the deep tunnels of the Circle line. Air-conditioning? Bah, who needs that? Open one of the few strategically placed windows to increase the airflow and let all that pollution in :ok: I always found it a thrill to get home and blow my nose just to see how much of that black sh*t I had inhaled. Got to be good for your health. As is being packed in like a sardine sharing the coughs and sneezes of my fellow commuters. Oh, this one is full? I'll have to wait for the next one. Squeeze in........awwww, come on. Who forgot to put deodorant on? I really hope this quaint system will cope with the Olympics. Good thing Heathrow is getting that extra terminal. That should make life easier. What's that? Airport tax going up again. Hmmmmmm...........

Ahhh, time for a well deserved drink. Come a long way now, with drinking hours being extended. Nothing worse than watching everyone pour 5 pints down their throats before 2300. Uh oh.......forgot my umbrella. Silly, not like I shouldn't be expecting rain. Hope I can flag down a black cab. The drivers are such pleasant people. Glad I don't live south of the river.

Ahhhh London.

I miss Saturday afternoons on the balcony of The Punch and Judy in Covent Garden watching the world go by. I miss the pubs, the museums, the theatres, having a splurge and drinking in the 5th Floor Bar of Harvey Nicks, then going for a walk around Hyde Park. The shopping on Oxford Street with the thousands of other people. A leisurely stroll up The Mall to the Palace.

The rest ot it? Bollocks to it.

7th Apr 2006, 19:23
Blimey, Jerricho, don't hold back - tell us what you really think.:\

Didn't think that London, Ontario had such a frenetic life-style.....

a chié cet endroit est froid - wouldn't swap, mate!


7th Apr 2006, 20:53
Hey Strafer (and here's giving it all away) from a closet Cornish Padstownian ....... good attitude and good thrust and parry.


8th Apr 2006, 06:59
Thrust an parry? Saying that Aussies go to London for a while? Sh!t, we even go to New Zealand. Gotta visit the 3rd world some time.

8th Apr 2006, 09:08
Yes indeedy Plazbottom and if only to remind us that there are those who must suffer kin as ugly as a hat full of ar$eholes and even heads like Robbers Dogs.

8th Apr 2006, 13:58

Wow. You sure schooled him :rolleyes:

Tell us why you got the hell out IMHFO.

8th Apr 2006, 21:04
The truth is - didn't have a choice (old man left the RAF wot next - good on him though). The slant is the comparison. Great country, great diversity, great oportunities, great people and such really really nice and beautiful girls. Course, like most blokes I want them all but share fairly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.:D

No offence Plaz - I'm sure you have a very nice bottom.

8th Apr 2006, 21:38
I don't go in for these backdoor shenanigans. Sure I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious, but the answer is no

Buster Hyman
9th Apr 2006, 08:02
...I have a tattoo on my backside that says; "Exit only":} :ouch: :suspect:

10th Apr 2006, 09:26
from a closet Cornish Padstownian Ah, but Cornwall is a fantastic place. By inventing the Cornish pasty, they have singularly beaten everything that Australia has to offer the world. Not only that, they have people whose surnames end in 'dragon'. Cool.
Nothing worse than watching everyone pour 5 pints down their throats before 2300Then, like plazbot, they decide to post on PPrune!

10th Apr 2006, 14:04
good attitude and good thrust and parry.

I think in a round about way, he's calling you a [email protected]

10th Apr 2006, 14:16
Do you reckon? :hmm:

PS Jerricho - Sorry that you had a crap time when you were in London, sadly it has been my experience that most Aussies over here are also too stupid to find the best places to live, eat & party. You may think that's just anti-Aus banter, but it's actually true. I've yet to meet an Aussie bloke who could function without his mum telling him what to do.

The Aussie women on the other hand were much more capable. :E

Go figure.

10th Apr 2006, 14:28
Me, I was too stupid to get out of there earlier. 6 years............... :(