View Full Version : Judges?

tony draper
3rd Apr 2006, 22:46
Isn't it time some of these bewigged feckwits had their arses kicked off the bench,another drink drive killer gets off with a metaphoric tap on the wrist,he gets his licence back after being banned for drunk driving, he goes out no insurance and kills a young lady on a zebra crossing and drives off not turning himself in untill eight days later, no doubt giving the alcohol plenty of time to disperse and the Judge gives him 18 months which means he will serve four,its a cosmic joke.
The Judiciary like the politicians are just taking the piss out of us.

3rd Apr 2006, 22:52
the next 56 posts will be about how ppruners would like the guy to end his life (possibly in the most creatively painful way) and what they'd like to do to the judge (preferably with a white-hot iron and tongs).
Do we really need the 1000th thread about the (alleged) pityful state of Justice in UK? :ugh: