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17th Jun 2001, 22:31
You know this Pprune website is becomong so complicated, that it's nigh time somebody come with a "Pprune poster inTelligence Licence....the moderators are clearly making a mountain out of a molehill...maybe we all need a 4-year degree to sort out what posting goes where....let's get real gents...do like airbus did, lower the mechanism to the intelligence of the operator....

17th Jun 2001, 23:35
Meeoowwww ironbutt57, get out of bed the wrong side did you ? Don't start the Airbus/Boeing thing over again. It sounds as though you do live where it says on your profile. ps. get a spillchequer, or were you being ironic, or is it just time for retirement? :rolleyes:

17th Jun 2001, 23:49
Ironbutt, be a bit more specific. My initial response to your posting went along the lines of "what is so difficult about separating Rumours & News, Aircrew Notices, or any other forum??"

(note that I am not EVEN going ANYWHERE near your Airbus/Boeing issue ;) -- however if that was the actual intent of your post, you know where this is going to end up! :) )

But, (seriously now) if you are posting because you're concerned that that some threads get moved and/or closed without explanation, then I'll devote the rest of this (very long) post to that scenario.

Perhaps we can at times provide better explanations of movement/closure when warranted. I emphasize "when warranted" because many people post threads that show they have given no thought as to what or where they are posting:

1) some people post on R&N because it's the first forum they come to, even though they have a subject that is clearly NOT "Rumours and News". That's why R&N often has the most locks on threads. Those threads can then be found on their relevant forum.

2) some people like to post "windup" threads in this forum because they know that R&N gets a large readership, and they hope to get many "bites" of their bait. Those threads may be closed without explanation, because none is warranted.

There are also a couple of other issues at hand:

First, the vast majority of PPRuNers would like to open up the R&N forum and (!!)actually find Rumours and News. (The PPRuNe admin/moderators have received a lot of feedback on keeping the contents of the individual forums relevant to their specific intent.) Closing/moving irrelevant posts is the best way to do this.

Second, moderators/admin only have a limited amount of spare time to devote to their forum duties. Sometimes an "offending" thread is closed or moved without explanation due to these time constraints, especially when the thread is such that the reasons should be obvious.

Is it possible that the PPRuNe folks simply want to serve the entire readership better? With that in mind, is it too much to ask that posters be a bit more considerate and put some thought into where they post?

Does this reply help you? If not, ask again, but be more specific. I think you have a fair question, so (even though it "technically" doesn't belong in R&N :) ) maybe by leaving it here, other R&N readers, moderators, etc. can add their thoughts to this subject.

Moderators?? Admin?? Readers??

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18th Jun 2001, 00:29
Its dead simple Ironbutt:
1 - Find half an hour of your busy little life to empty your head, and sit down in front of the computer.
2 - Log on.
3 - Whistle up the pprune site.
4 - If you have time, go through every forum. You'll soon get to know which ones are of interest to you.
5 - Thereafter, only enter those forums which you like.

OK that's 5 instructions, a little more than most of us are trained to cope with at once, but you'll get the hang of it. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

It wasn't me.