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Happy Wanderer
30th Mar 2006, 10:16
Besides all the useful advice which seems freely available these days if you look hard enough (this site alone is a goldmine), has anyone had any positive experiences of using an INDEPENDENT career consultancy within the aviation industry, ie advice that you would usually pay for in return for advice on the most appropriate training course (ie not FTO necessarily, but intergrated v modular etc) and advice on how best to get the all important first job?
I've noticed adverts in the flying press that claim to help folks 'achieve the dream', and possibly go on to help build a 'structured career plan'. I'm thinking of approaching one, but before I part with any cash (important since the advice will need to factor in my current age - 40+), I just wanted to gauge opinion first. I'm not looking for in-house FTO advice necessarily, just any gems out there that have offered good, clean and sensible career advice and have even possibly opened a few doors.
For info, I'm well into my PPL and working like the clappers to get the theory (PPL, not ATPL) done and out of the way.
Cheers guys,

30th Mar 2006, 11:46
I'm not aware of any truly independent, unbiased, professional advisers who would consider attempting to advise you on the type of course to take and which school to take it at. Most of the advisers I know will only take you on (for a tidy fee!) once you have your CPL/IR/MCC.

While advice is here, it is sometimes difficult to sift the rubbish from the good stuff. Almost all posts about an individual school, when comparing it to another, are worthless because the poster has usually only attended one of the schools under discusion. There is a great deal of loyalty given to the school a wannabe attended, even if it can be objectively shown to be not very good. Whether that's because people don't like to admit that they made a mistake, ar that they simply never knew what to expect and thus have no yardstick to judge against, it's difficult to ascertain.

That's why you have to look carefully through this site. Pick out the posts that give objective judgements, with corroberative evidence. Forget the whingers and snipers - and look out for the inter-school covert rivalry, where staff (posting as students) post under multiple identities in order to promote their own particular establishment. First-post eulogies are a dead-cert giveaway!

Read through the sticky thread at the top of this forum; within it are links to a great many topics which may be very useful to you - particularly the age issue. Don't pay any dream-sellers to provide the info that you can get here.


Happy Wanderer
30th Mar 2006, 12:23
Cheers Scroggs, wise words as always.
I'm all too familiar with the 'age' threads on the sticky - I posted a thread 'Career prospects for a career changer. . . . aged 42' that was put in the sticky back in September last year. It generated loads of comment - much of it constructive, other bits less so - but all taken on board. From my point of view, the more I read "forget it mate, you're too old" comments on PPRuNe, the more committed certainly I am to getting my head down and proving people wrong. I guess only time, hard work, buckets of determination and a little lady luck will tell what happens.
Given the age thing, I was just looking for some sound independent advice - even if it means paying for it. I do read about folks who set themselves up as career advisors ( nice little earner I'm sure;) ). These people do exist - you only have to look in the back of Pilot or Flyer to find them.
Healthy or not, flying's become an complete obsession for me and something I very much want to do now as a second career. Now back to the studying. . . .

30th Mar 2006, 12:41

As said by old scroggsy, advisors for training are a bit thin on the ground. Personally, I found a certain book by a certain Mr Clive Hughes was a god send in information.
Then I discovered pprune and the rest is history. :{

However, to add my veiw in your situation. Go modular, do an FI to build your hours and then apply to the regional TP outfits. The mob I work for have given 3 FO's over the age of forty their first twin turbine job. And as a ratio we only employ a total of 15 drivers.

Happy Wanderer
30th Mar 2006, 14:06
Cheers GH,

Got the CH book a few weeks ago. At first glance, didn't find it particularly easy on the eye, but once you get past that it's a goldmine of information. Without giving the game away, his thoughts on the best route to a CPL and beyond seems to be a modular one - also your advice!

Thanks also for the reality check - helps keeps me on track!


Dirty Harry 76
31st Mar 2006, 07:37
Happy W. Check your PMs.

31st Mar 2006, 08:37
Have you tried Joining Balpa?
You can join as a student and you don't have to pay a membership until you have an Airline job.
Good luck;)

Happy Wanderer
31st Mar 2006, 13:20
Hi Ramshorn,

IS BALPA a good idea, albeit as a student member? Just that I read so many indifferent things on this site.

BTW, looking at your profile, any need to update your biography yet?!



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