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28th Mar 2006, 23:02
Hello all,
A qick question...

Can a student commence his/her 25hr JAA CPL flight training course without recieving all 14 written exam passes.

I.E: Passed 13exams, waiting on the "pass" result from the final exam??

Rather than sitting around waiting the 10 days for the "sure pass" result, can one start into the CPL? (All other requirments met)

Thanks guys


28th Mar 2006, 23:22
Hi mate,
Having just started CPL I would say if I were you I'd take the time to relax a bit and chill out. Dont be in too much of a rush to dive in. The atpl's are a drain on the old brain box and a few days off would probobly help long term.
Just my humble opinion.

If in doubt just ask at your FTO they will know. My FTO requires all 14 passes b4 starting CPL but im not sure if thats a CAA thing.

Either way, good luck matey, hope it goes well.


29th Mar 2006, 00:16
As far as the UK CAA is concerned, you most certainly CAN start the course - but not take the test.
Even though it's not what you asked - I have to agree with the last post - chill out and have a week by the beach (or with Mickey Mouse).

29th Mar 2006, 09:31
No problem with the CAA, but you need the approval of the head of training of the FTO you are using. I started my IR training after only doing module 1 (of 2) - the head of training was happy because that included Met, Nav and Radio Nav [and I am training part-time, so the IR will take several months to complete, so no sweat even if I drop an exam]

29th Mar 2006, 12:50
Thats all good Cobalt, but you don't need the ATPL's do do the IR anyway!!!

Charlie Zulu
29th Mar 2006, 13:51
However you need the passess at JAA ATPL(A) or JAA IR(A) theoretical exams before applying for the JAA IR(A) itself. I haven't got Lasors with me but I'm pretty sure you require either set of exams for the JAA IR(A) test as well...

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