View Full Version : jar training centers in boston area?

28th Mar 2006, 12:32
just wondering if there is any jar licence training centers in the boston area?

28th Mar 2006, 13:54
Define "area" (there's one in New Brunswick, Canada - which is only a 1hour flight from BOS).

Would also be handy to know what you want to train for PPL, Space Shuttle type rating or something inbetween.

28th Mar 2006, 13:55
Lincs or Mass? Yes and No!

28th Mar 2006, 14:19
its for ppl, it would have to be in driving range of boston city,or marblehead
if u have site for the training center it would be helpful, Mass

28th Mar 2006, 15:10
I had a look at road mapping software - to drive came out at 511 miles, just 8 hours each way.

I wouldn't recommend you do too many day return trips.

The school is Moncton Flight College http://www.mfc.nb.ca/home.aspx but be advised that their JAA approval status is currently "expired" (due change of management on the JAA programme) with a revalidation scheduled for April 18th (or soon after).

28th Mar 2006, 15:43
is there anything with in an hours drive? cause i will be usin local transport

<<edit for speed: No!.>>

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