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18th Mar 2006, 05:03
APAAD has been around for a while pushing the change of the age 60 rule in Congress. In the past most of the backing was from the Southwest pilots. On March 14 and 15 they held another "Blitz" on Congress. I was there for the first time and have to say it was quite an education. I'm FedEx and there were pilots from Southwest, JetBlue, UPS, USAIR, NWA, American, and the largest group was UAL.
The UAL group was made up of individuals that had been very active in UAL ALPA but on this issue thy say that ALPA is flat wrong. They are less than happy with their ALPA leadership. I believe five of seven LECs pssed resolutions supporting the age 60 change and the MEC voted the other way. The famous ALPA poll finished out at 55% against change to 45% for the change. The story they have is that on the original poll they had around 18,000 responses via the internet and touch tone phone. The results were not as they should be so the polling company removed about 8000 responses and made targeted calls to make the poll scientific. Some were inclined to call it rigged, but it got the result ALPA wanted.
I attended five meetings with Aides in Senate offices, two Democrat, three Republican. One with a Liberal Democrat Aide that stated that the change SHOULD be a Democrat issue and that they are on the wrong side. ALPA/APA are the problem and the ALPA members there are making sure the Senators know there is a huge split in both unions on the issue.
The APAAD.ORG web site will be updated soon to reflect recent changes. There is a fund drive to hire a well known, high power DC Democrat lobbyist to influence that party to support the change. I wrote a check for $1000 last month when the drive was started and will write another for the same amount when the lobbyist have been firmed up. If your an ALPA member or APA member you are needed for both your time and money.

18th Mar 2006, 10:21
Thanks for all that information. What we must not forget is that ALAPA, (indeed most pilot unions), are formed from the aged first officer sector who have been known to show sixty year old pilots as being in command of a zimmer frame! ALAPA and, sad to say, many of the pilot's 'Unions' are a long way from being representative of the pilot fraternity..