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3rd Feb 2002, 09:37
Read in a local Indian newspaper today, that a Boeing something belonging to Jordan made a Emergency landing at Madras after running out of fuel after it was not allowed to land at it's destination Dakka to pick up Huj people......And apparently Indian Govt., has impounded the aircraft at this stage suspecting it could be a spy one, and all the 42 onboard are probably under interrogation..ahh..may be investigation.. .Any one heard anything <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

3rd Feb 2002, 11:16
The only Boeing that the Jordanian would have is a B-707 freighter belonging to Royal Jordanian Airlines. I also know that there's a Haj operations out of Dhaka, Bangladesh, using L-1011 with Jordanian crews (last I heard was that an engine change was being performed in Gatwick).

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aiming point
3rd Feb 2002, 11:27
The newspaper you read has it well wrong.

3rd Feb 2002, 13:39
When I was in Cyprus last Summer, RJA were using a leased A6- registered B727 on scheduled pax service.

3rd Feb 2002, 16:45
That be the NovaGulf B727-200. They where flying in Congo with that aircraft on another wetlease deal and before that involved with Sierra Leone deal operating to London. I saw them in Malaga a few times while on a tech stop. I doubt that it would be this aircaft though. Would think a B747 on a lease for the Hajj period. TJ?

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3rd Feb 2002, 20:35
Where's a bureaucrat when you need one? These guys are running out of gas and the people on the ground are worried that their paperwork has expired...

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Jordanian plane makes emergency landing

. .PTI [ SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2002 10:04:12 PM ] . . . .CHENNAI: A Dhaka-bound Jordanian aircraft, which made an emergency landing here on Friday evening after it ran out of fuel, was refuelled and allowed to take off on Saturday evening.

Airport officials made a thorough inspection of the aircraft, which had no permission to overfly Indian airspace.

Airport sources said that the aircraft with 42 crew members onboard was allowed to land after obtaining special permission from the civil aviation authorities in Delhi.

The aircraft left for Colombo after the authorities in Mumbai refused permission for landing. Since Colombo also turned down the request, the pilot approached Chennai airport authorities for permission to land as the aircraft was running out of fuel.

The sources said the Jordanian aircraft, chartered to carry Haj pilgrims from Dhaka, had permission to overfly India till January 31.

. .<a href="http://www1.timesofindia.com/articleshow.asp?art_id=29573552" target="_blank">http://www1.timesofindia.com/articleshow.asp?art_id=29573552</a>

3rd Feb 2002, 20:51
don't you think it sad in this day and age that an airport would refuse landing permission to an aircraft, low on fuel .....

by the way .... re the ......

"Airport sources said that the aircraft with 42 crew members onboard .....etc"

now there's a challenge for CRM !!!

4th Feb 2002, 08:23
The aircraft was a L1011 Tristar. Wet leased from Air Universe of Iceland.The aircraft was trying to enter Indian airspace without a valid authorisation (their overflying permission for their Haj flights between Jeddah and Dhaka had expired on 31Jan) on Feb 01. The aircraft was finally allowed to land at Madras after the pilot reported he was low on fuel after Colombo refused permission to refuel.. .Pilot apparently decied to divert to Colombo as permssion was denied by Indian ATC to continue over Indian Airspace.. .The plane was subsequently allowed to leave on 02nd February evening.. .I do not think Indain Authorities are in anyway to blame. I assume it is the responsibilty of the operator to ensure thepaper work is in order before a flight!

4th Feb 2002, 20:08
India is really stuburn about overflying authority. It is such a mess that I wish there was a better way to get around it. Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai,!!! Ugh!

FE Hoppy
4th Feb 2002, 22:09
TKMCE. .do you have a e-mail.