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15th Mar 2006, 08:31
Hi folks

I am a military pilot from Pakistan with around 3000 hours on fighters , trainers and Falcon DA-20. I am shifting to UK recently and would like to continue with flying business. I want to do the JAA ATPL at the cheapest price . I have few questions, if anybody please can answere them:-

1. From which flight school, can i get the cheapest ATPL in UK.
2. Is is possible to get JAA ATPL from any other country than UK .
3. What are my chances to get into some airline after ATPL . Basically want to know about the job opportunities.

I hope you guys will answere my worries...

15th Mar 2006, 10:17
What is the full title of the license you currently hold?

Piltdown Man
15th Mar 2006, 12:11
1. Do you really want the "Cheapest"? I'd suggest that you don't.
2. Yes, every JAA State issues them.
3. If you have the right to live and work in Europe, all things being even, very reasonable.

15th Mar 2006, 13:34
This chap is from the Pakistan Air Force and must surely have recieved a high level of inital instruction so perhaps in his position it's not so bad going for the economical option. Maybe he's aware of the imbalance when flight schools go beyond teaching and just patronising you as being substandard.

There should be no reason to waste all your money at the flight school if you're a forces person escpecially when you flown types like he clearly has and accumultaed the time logged.

I'm not having a dig intentionally just wanted to highlight that though the flight training do a great job there are instances when we also need to use common sense (that's we've picked up through life) and engage our heads to realise that not all are tarr'ed with the same brush.

Remember the rules allow a 250hrs chap more privileges than someone of this chaps calibre and that's doesn't seem too natural to me.

Take care......

15th Mar 2006, 14:01
Agreed. Billa, you will need to talk to the CAA to see what their specific requirements are for someone of your experience. I am assuming you hold no civilian licence whatsoever, which would be the case for UK military pilots. In UK, as you are not a member of HM Forces, you will probably receive very little credit for your experience other than the straight hours you already posess. You would be required to undergo all the ground and flight tests, with associated instruction. Obviously there would be no hour-building element to your training. Of course, if you hold Pakistani commercial licences, the requirements may well be very different.

There are a large number of schools which could provide you with the appropriate training; the CAA website has a list of which schools are approved to carry out CPL/ATPL training. Once you know which area you're going to settle in, check on here for information about schools local to that area.

Subject to having the right to live and work in the EU, your chances of employment should be good.


16th Mar 2006, 11:20
yeh. its right that presently i dont hold any civil license or rating but i intend to do it from UK. i also know that all these flying hours really does'nt matter...i ahve to go thru all the civilian ground schooling and flying.
thank u guys for ur advises...i hope more will follow

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