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15th Mar 2006, 05:07
Hi! I am an Australia (with a dual UK passport) who has just finished my CPL.... and I have heard that there are a lot of entry level positions available in the UK. Does anyone know how to convert / retrain so that my Australian CPL is accepted or upgraded so I can work in the UK? Is this difficult? Does anyone know how I can find out more info so I can come to the UK to work? Would appreciate any guidance you can give please!!!

15th Mar 2006, 05:28
I am in exactly the same position as you , i have the dual passport and am looking to get JAR frozen ATPL , i am approaching completing my Aus CPL. I talked to a school in WA today http://www.waaviationcollege.com.au/
and they do CPL to JAR conversion but the only way of getting the CPL with ATPL subjects is to do all 14 - yes 14 exams. The school quoted $8000AUS for the conversion from CPL to JAR CPL.

I'm currently looking for a suitable JAA ATPL ground school in the UK as the one in WA only offers the ground school with the intergrated course so you would have alot of time off as new student pilots do their flying. They do offer the correspondence ground school though.

And for IR you acually have to go to the UK to undertake the test.

and by the way the 14 ATPL exams take 9 months to complete.

I wonder how much of it is redoing the 7 Aus CPL exams?
I wouldn't say that there are more job oppurtunitys in the UK, but there are alot more Type rating/line training options in europe.
If you find a good ATPL ground school let me know.

Piltdown Man
15th Mar 2006, 11:05
I did exactly what you two are hoping to do. I returned home from "down-under" with a C/IR, Commercial and OZ ATPL Subjects passed. I had 900 TT and 200 Hrs commercial ops. I had to do the ATPL exams (then the Oz stuff was very different, probably still is) and then GFT and IR. It took just over 10 months to complete. As regards jobs, the are heaps more but there again there are also more applicants. But overall there is a better prospect of paid work in Europe than down-under. The one thing that is healthier is that you don't "need" thousands of hours to fly a jet in Europe, only a licence.

May I suggest that you use the search function on pprune to see hours, schools, requirements etc. But I have to say that I have spoken to many happy former customers of a place near Bristol.

16th Mar 2006, 04:06
I also have the duel Aussie/UK passports. Also looking at the waaviationcolledge – but starting to lean towards the idea of a full time theory course, any suggestions dxbpilot?

- if you are just finishing your CASA CPL, I would advise to do all you can to find work in Australia! There seems to be an oversupply of people with a frozen JAR ATPL and just a couple of hundred hours – all expecting to soon be in a jet…Spending a year or two in Australia and gaining a 1000 hours or so will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the heap when you do go to the UK/Europe. Plus you can do some study during that time towards the JAR license…

It’s tuff in Australia with a fresh CPL I know, but still I think it will be easier for you to get your first job in Aust all the same…
Anyhow, good luck with it…Lets keep in touch and share what info we happen to gather about the conversion?

“I wonder how much of it is redoing the 7 Aus CPL exams?”

Seven exams for the CASA CPL ? Really? It was only one when I did it….Anyhow, I’ve been going over some JAR ATPL course material, the CASA CPL exam that I did was kindergarten stuff in comparison - much more involved that the Aussie APTL subjects too – one more reason I am leaning towards a full time ground school – I doubt I’d have the self-disciple to sit down a couple of hours a day for a year to learn a great deal of impractical stuff for the sake of the exams..

16th Mar 2006, 05:27
So, Go to Woe, would you expect it to be more sensible to do a full time Atpl course, or if (and its a frame of mind thing) if you are doing the cpl g/s is it worth going straight into the correspondence atpl ?

btw, i'm similar pos, Aussie citizen (err this weekend in fact) but EU passport.

16th Mar 2006, 06:23
I just meant the most sensible thing to do if you are a fresh CPL is to get a few hours under your belt as a priority, and work your further studies around that.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and if you have the disciple and the time each day to set aside for the correspondence, then go for it…
I just suspect I’d end up doing half the exams and get fed up with it all if I was doing it on my own…A problem with the full time is taking months off work to do it. Then again, I believe you still have to do some ground school with the correspondence course, and arranging that a few times a year would be as much a pain to me as taking off one lump of time. Going back and fourth to Perth to do 14 exams would be expensive in itslef..

I have started doing some unofficial study of JAA course material which I bought of e-bay. I figure this will give me a head start on which ever way I go – if I go anyway at all!

17th Mar 2006, 00:30
Yea ,

I would like to do the JAR ATPL in WA but they do not hold the ATPL theory courses full time , they only have the fulltime ground school for their intergrated courses , so it would take twice as long as a theory only course in the UK.

there are a couple of places i have looked at that do the theory in 6 months. -



They seem to be around the 3000-4000 pound mark.

I acually live in the UAE so I have decided to obtain the JAR to keep my options open as it is alot more recognized world wide, might as well do it while i am studying, so i can go where ever a job takes me.

zakpeegoodus - the theory for the AUS CPL involves 7 different subjects and exams now, i home studyed them and they weren't too bad.

take it easy

17th Mar 2006, 05:34
Guys, I was in a similiar boat to you, Aust/UK passports etc, Aust CPL A with ATPL subjects. I dont agree that the JAA exams are HARDER. They just cover A LOT more material than the Oz syllabus. They are a strain and they require commitment. The only thing that got me through the exams was the excellent help, support and material offerred by Bristol Ground School in the UK. It's not cheap, there are no short cuts, and yes, you have to travel to England, but they are also great at gettign you through the exams. As for the ease of getting work over there, I'd say having some GA time here is a definate help.

Good luck.

17th Mar 2006, 18:53
Have any of you guys tried Western Australian Aviation College in Perth to do your JAA conversion? I understand they are fully approved to do both ground school and your JAA conversion training as well as the CPL test on site. Basically it means you can do just about everything in Oz without leaving home. Interested in your comments on this one.

17th Mar 2006, 22:41
Yes I'm aware of the WA college. I know that they still are NOT able to do the CPL skills test. That should change soon. Also you can ONLY do the IFR conversion on in the JAA state that you want the licence issued. WA also cannot do the MCC which most of of bug smasher pilots need to do. Finally, you must travel to the JAA state that you want your licence issued from for the initial medical. Ie a trip to Europe before you even start the process. In short they have you by the short and curlys....

17th Mar 2006, 22:46
It would be good for other pilots wanting to do the same if the initial medical could be done here in oz.... Has anyone heard if this policy will change? I know that the medical can be renewed in Brisbane.... i think.

18th Mar 2006, 17:00
No idea regarding the initial medical. I haven't heard any thing on the grape vine but then again, I am not really asking any more. You might want to ring them up and ask. The medical branch is very helpful.

One thing to consider though regarding Europe, UK and the JAA is actually living here. If you haven't done so already, it would be wise to visit the UK (and do your medical. It is slightly different to Oz).

While a jet job is great, you aren't at work 24/7 (although for some loco's it feels like it) so you'd better have half an idea what's it all about before taking the very expensive plunge and moving continents.

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