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14th Mar 2006, 15:14
Are you bastards feckin mad??????

Twas more than "a little chilly" this morning as I left for work (-22C) As I backed out of the driveway.............I had to stop for some mad-f*ck jogger. It's minus 20 outside! I nearly deliberately backed over him/her (couldn't tell gender due to the weird get-up they were wearing) to put him/her out of their misery.

Couple of miles down the road.........2 of them!!! Perhaps they thought jogging in pairs may be some bizzare mating ritual? Or were they goading eachother on?

"I`m bloody crazy!!!"

"Nah mate, I`m crazier than you!!!"

"No you`re not"

"Can`t talk now, tongue frozen............"

WTF! Anyone out there that can lend insight into the workings of their minds?

14th Mar 2006, 15:16
Utter nutters!!!

Some people just dont realise why God invented taxis!

surely not
14th Mar 2006, 15:24
Have you ever seen a jogger that looks as if they are enjoying themselves whilst out jogging?

If I'm going to waste heartbeats then I can think of better ways than jogging, which is probably why I also posted on the 'Jerrichos Fat Club' thread :{ :{

14th Mar 2006, 15:56
Started “jogging/running” in my mid teens. Am I “mad”, you can bet your watermelon! So why do I do it? For me, (call it self preservation). The calories I expend allow me the luxury to eat darn near anything I want, anytime. I like to run solo, but the group environment is beneficial for staying focused if you will. Secondly, I run to raise money for charitable organizations, namely the “Breast Cancer Foundation.” My Mom’s a survivor of this dreadful disease and it’s one of my ways of making a contribution with the hope that someday a cure will be found…

Dressed in the proper attire, and with something to keep you hydrated (-22 ) is no different than (+22).

The cons of running outside early on a winter morning: half asleep drivers, stray dogs, snow banks, etc, etc…

The pros: After all these years of “self abuse”, I’m still the same size I was in my mid teens. Biggest payoff is that “chicks dig it”!

Hope that helps.


14th Mar 2006, 16:10

Must be a Canadian thing eh? Kinda Like the line ups at Tim Hortons. 3 miles long at the drive thru and 50 bodies deep inside, and I now have to take into account, my 15 minute wait for my coffee prior to going to work.


14th Mar 2006, 16:19
Hi Bill,

Thanks for your input there mate, although I do wonder if it really is the same as joggin in +22. Hyper-cold air being sucked into you lungs really can't be that good for you. Just a guess.

And Ontario...........the tendency round here with Mr Tim's is that if you go inside, you get server straight away cause everyone is going throught the drive-thru. ;)

Lon More
14th Mar 2006, 16:51
And I bet Jogger's Nipple's a real bugga at that temp.

14th Mar 2006, 17:05
Perhaps they thought jogging in pairs may be some bizzare mating ritual?

No, they jog in pairs to keep each other warm:hmm:
I thought everone knew that:8

14th Mar 2006, 17:50
Hi Jerricho,

Runn’n and breathing are the same with respect to temp. Changes drastically in higher geography (as you can imagine, thinner air and all that.) There are tricks and techniques to compensate for the altitude variance.

Lon More (see comments below to colmac747…)

Colmac747 That’s why I jog with a partner (female). For the very reason you mentioned… The “jogger’s nipple” only gets discovered after the run when the layers come off.

Gotta run!


West Coast
14th Mar 2006, 21:55
You should get extra points for taking one out in -20C than in nice wx.

14th Mar 2006, 21:56
Yeah, and they would freeze nice and quick. Easy disposal.

14th Mar 2006, 22:20
I was just outside having a smoke when I saw a veeery nice girl that lives across the yard go out for a jog. Its freakin -17 deg C and half a meter of snow here!! My fingers were about to fall off after only 3 minutes outside!
One thing I wouldnt mind would be to warm her when she comes back... :E

14th Mar 2006, 22:23
Ask her if she wants a smoke :E

14th Mar 2006, 22:40
Jerricho, I have no patience with you. Tenderfoot. Like a Pom. You just have not been there long enough. Some people ski BC, some Switzerland, some Austria, but men of iron ski Blackstrap, the man-made mountain that stands so proudly just out of Saskatoon. If it is not below -30 there, they ski topless. You can tell them by Blackstrap Nose, the retrousse bits left after the frostbite.

When you have been there a while longer you will look on -25 as a key marker. Above -25, warm; below -25, cool. Below -35 cold.

Below -42, car parked out of doors will not start even with block heater on all night, nor with aid of CAA next morning. That is real cold.

Only wimps in Ontario try to inflate -15 into real cold by boasting of wind-chill. Phooeeyy.

When you are easy with the -25 index, you are ready for a move to Uranium City, Flin Flon, or Iqaluit. Or back home. For ever. In any case, always carry a blanket and a candle or two in the trunk.

14th Mar 2006, 22:44
fritzi Were the radio buttons on full display then?:E:E


14th Mar 2006, 22:44
*Jerricho hangs his head in shame*

13th Apr 2006, 20:48
They were in traing: :eek:

Bankers Endure North Pole Ice, Snow for Charity Marathon Run

April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Peter McGarry, who trades interest- rate swaps at Danske Bank A/S in Copenhagen, hasn't cut his hair since June or shaved since September as part of his preparation for tomorrow's North Pole Marathon.

``I wanted to have that Arctic explorer look, but it's very out of place in a bank,'' the 29-year-old said in an interview. ``As soon as the race is done, the scissors come out.''

McGarry is among 50 runners who have paid 8,800 euros ($10,800) each to take part in the ``world's coolest marathon.'' Competitors, who include a 66-year-old grandmother, will navigate the 26.2 mile (42.2 kilometer) route across ocean ice and snow in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit).

McGarry and his friends Chris Jonns, James Sams and marathon newcomer Gareth Hughes have so far raised $47,000 for cancer research. The four arrived in northern Norway yesterday and were scheduled to fly to a camp at the North Pole today. Sean Burch, who has climbed Mount Everest, won the previous edition two years ago in just over three hours, 43 minutes.

Multiple layers of clothing, including a balaclava, facemask, hat, neck gaiter and goggles are advised to fend off the threat of frostbite. Jonns will wear a heated cardigan, similar to an electric blanket.

Large, heated tents provide shelter every few miles and markers ensure people don't get lost. Between six feet and 12 feet of snow separates racers from the Arctic Ocean.


``The possibility of danger is there, but the realistic dangers are quite remote,'' 39-year-old race director Richard Donovan said in an interview. ``People's perceived potential problems are something they have to conquer.''

To help alleviate fears, Donovan will try to get the race under way as soon as everyone arrives at the start. The strategy worked for a former competitor who had a fear of cold and flying.

``It's pretty much shock treatment when they land,'' said Donovan, who set a world record for treadmill running and is a veteran of marathons in extreme weather conditions. ``Most people won't have trained specifically for this.''

Unlike one entrant who geared up by running on a treadmill in a freezer, Hughes said his preparation has been limited. The New York-based trader of U.S. federal agency bonds at Barclays Capital Inc. went to Vermont to get used to the cold and, like his friends, is nursing a minor injury.

`Better You Than Me'

``The first thing people say when I tell them I'm doing this is, `better you than me,''' the 27-year-old said in an interview. ``I'm not out of shape, but I'm not in shape enough to be doing this. We'll find out what happens on the day.''

McGarry came up with the idea of running the race and momentum built after Jonns's father, Allan, died of cancer in his 50s last year. An acquaintance is also battling breast cancer.

After hitting their initial target of $30,000, the quartet raised it to $45,000, split between Cancer Research U.K. and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

``The response has been overwhelming,'' said 26-year-old Jonns, who used to work at New York's BGC Partners LP, an inter- bank brokerage firm.

To donate, visit http://www.justgiving.com/np2006 or http://www.firstgiving.com/np2006 .

13th Apr 2006, 21:53
How about www.madmuthafarkers.com?

13th Apr 2006, 22:24
Only wimps in Ontario try to inflate -15 into real cold by boasting of wind-chill. Phooeeyy.
I bow my head in shame. Saskatoon....where men ski topless and without noses.
Do you have women perchance up yer way or is the Blackstrap a little too kinky for them? :E

13th Apr 2006, 23:25
The 300 club, Antarctica

Crank up the sauna to 200F, work up a sweat. Go into open when ambient
temp @-100F ( temperature drop of 300 deg.).. Run to geographical South Pole wearing shoes and scarf to protect against the chill. Have piccy taken, return to sauna v. quickly.

Reckon those joggers are working up to it:D

14th Apr 2006, 01:54
I'm one of THEM. :uhoh:

I have to run. I start to go insane if I don't. I last about an hour inside and then I have to get out and have to run at least once every day, rain or shine. Some say it's the borderline ADD/ADHD thing whatever, some too many years doing busy/complex approach control and others just to get the daily hit of endomorphines. Always have and always will. But there are other advantages like the scenery and becoming friends with others with the same "problem". It slows my mind down from 300 to 200 kmh. Sheesh this is sounding like Agony Aunt - gotta go, must run!!!!!