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12th Mar 2006, 23:51
Hi guys,
I obtained a BTEC in Aviation Studies about a year and a half ago through the Air Training Corps squadron i was then a member of, and recieved the certificates last week! I had a bit of a surprise when I looked at the certificate, as it says that it is an intermediate BTEC, yet I was sure the ATC Aviations Studies BTEC was only an entry level qualification. Not that I mind though :} What i'm wondering is, what is it worth i.e. what is it in equaivalent to A-levels or GCSEs? Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance! :ok:

13th Mar 2006, 07:31
.....is it in equaivalent to A-levels or GCSEs?
You shouldn't put yourself down so easily. :rolleyes: