View Full Version : Chauffair Troubles

LGW Vulture
12th Jan 2002, 01:50
News on the Bizjets G/A forum again that the above are in administration. Is this true, or is someone trying their damndest to make it true?

LGW Vulture
12th Jan 2002, 03:33
Trying to ascertain some truth here if possible!

AsassinatXX AssasssinatXXX ASSaaSSSinat...
Shooting the messenger helps no-one!

I didn't start the original thread and I'm not the straw that breaks the camels back!

The creditors are the straw and these guys know when they're not being paid!

12th Jan 2002, 05:06
t'rumour mill

Why are you getting hyped up about an outfit that clearly operates tackle outside your league? Given your name and location (3000 feet), thas can keep flying t'little 172's ova Barnsley. :)