View Full Version : How to build an Airbus!

12th Mar 2006, 01:11
While having a look at Google Video I came across This! (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3046542226114078023) :D

Loose rivets
12th Mar 2006, 05:12
Waddaya mean, the side had got 1-3-2-4 written on it? :confused:

12th Mar 2006, 05:23
Why do I get the feeling I've just watched the building of the Titanic rather than the Starship Enterprise ?

12th Mar 2006, 05:35
Never had the occasion to watch a plane so thoroughly!
( and at last I know who had stolen my Lego!)

Buster Hyman
13th Mar 2006, 20:37
Industry participation at it's most farcical!

All those transport links in the construction chain...what could possibly go wrong?:rolleyes:

13th Mar 2006, 21:29
Could have built it even faster if they hadn't slowed down every few seconds.

13th Mar 2006, 21:45
If they could do away with all those special transport trollies and jigs they could save a fortune.

Jordan D
13th Mar 2006, 22:41
They aren't bringing every airframe through the town are they?


13th Mar 2006, 22:45
Yup! And every wing!
Even got special SHIPS.

13th Mar 2006, 23:07
They will have to until they build a "Guppy" or "Beluga" type cargo aeroplane based on the 380 which they could fit the parts into.

Gingerbread Man
14th Mar 2006, 10:14
True, but any Guppy or Beluga aircraft would be bigger than a 380 to fit 380 bits inside, and it would probably be assembled at Toulouse, which would mean bringing even bigger aircraft parts through the town by road.

It's a viscious cycle :} .

Ginger ;)

14th Mar 2006, 10:20
It's a viscious cycle Or a sticky situation

14th Mar 2006, 11:13
One word gentlemen.

Ekranoplan. (http://www.be-200.com/images/Be-2500big.jpg)

But do you think the Russians will allow it?

(Think Amstel ad here)

(for those who haven't seen it)


14th Mar 2006, 11:22
I am glad they give you a video with the kit.
I am damn all use at reading plans.

14th Mar 2006, 11:23
The only bits that have to be bolted on are the engines. The rest just clips together.

14th Mar 2006, 11:33
Kinder got there first.

Buster Hyman
14th Mar 2006, 20:16
Ekranoplan...that's from the Russian version of Thunderbirds right?