View Full Version : Are there american flight schools that are JAR?

11th Mar 2006, 20:41
I am currently taking my PPL in LA and was wondering if anybody knew if there were any flight schools in San diego that had courses for a CPL JAR compliant as i am looking to work in england?
Maybe even considering taking CPL over in the states then, the final exams in England, have heared of this, but unsure who does it?
If so where and what is available for me, also any good places for hour building?

Thanks guys,


11th Mar 2006, 21:04
Hey, Im no expert, but from what I remember when I was looking in to USA for my CPL, a lot of the schools were in FLorida, such as flyoft.com, and Intercockpit, which I think is in the widwest somewhere. The only JAA stuff I could find in the LA region was XXXX, but it was just for the PPL only. Things may have changed though, its been a while since I last looked int o it :-) hope this helps,

11th Mar 2006, 22:19
There are no schools in San Diego, or anywhere else on the west coast, approved for the JAA modular CPL(A). The nearest would be OAT at Goodyear, AZ. Lufthansa Flight Training also trains at Goodyear but only their own cadets. Intercockpit is a subsidiary of LFT and offers third-party modular training only in Frankfurt and Zadar (Croatia).

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