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terrain safe
10th Mar 2006, 22:32
This will waste your time (http://www.funny-games.biz/splash-back.html). Apparently the way to play is not to think about it. Very addictive...:} :}

11th Mar 2006, 04:32
Well that was a waste of time.

11th Mar 2006, 05:05
Apparently the way to play is not to think about it.
But I'm a bloke....I think about it all the time! :E

11th Mar 2006, 08:04
damn you Terrain Safe

I just wasted f*ck knows how long on that stupid game :mad:


5th Apr 2006, 09:35
Well that's been a month totally addicted to that! Anything interesting been happening in the world for the last four weeks? Nobody needs savaging?

It's terrific when you set it up so the whole thing spontaneously self destructs. That's what brings you back to this blasted game! I still can't work out why the score goes up by one- is it when enough droplets to make a whole drop leave the board?

5th Apr 2006, 10:39
Ah ... happy memories. That post was originally made on my birthday, when I was sunning myself in Madeira. The island. Also drinking quite a lot of it.

Enough typing, back to blobby games.

bar fly
5th Apr 2006, 10:44
Average. :(

5th Apr 2006, 10:58
Thread heading was indeed correct!


5th Apr 2006, 13:28
The furthest I got was up to level 5.

5th Apr 2006, 13:40
Ok made it as far as level 12. It's becoming addictive. hmmm boss is loitering near my desk. I best make it look like I'm busy

5th Apr 2006, 14:24
Oh dear ... I got bored with gloopy stuff and managed to find this... (http://www.funny-games.biz/insurancehunter.html)

5th Apr 2006, 16:51
I got addicted playing Tank Wars which is off the same page of games