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Krystal n chips
10th Mar 2006, 18:12
Surprised this hasn't been mentioned on here yet, but it seems that for the above mentioned literary fame beckons--possibly with the added benefit of expanding his vocabulary to say, almost 100 words--(being generous that is ) so it will be fascinating I am sure to read the pearls of wisdom that emanate from such an erudite person :rolleyes:

Loved the bit about him reading some books--that would be the picture on the front cover then ?.

As for the contents of this tomes, well how do you expand on "Went ter skool--fer a bit--waz gud at kickin a football and den got lots of money fer it "


But I do think there is something sadly wrong with our society when he can be paid a vast sum--simply for being a footballer---- and the fact that the gullible cretins called the public will actually pay to buy the damn book--well that's the theory anyway.

10th Mar 2006, 18:18
What will the book be called?

Confessions of a Hagshagger

10th Mar 2006, 18:33
He's 20 years old and he's going to write a autobiography?? WTF, should be a short book. Bet it'll have lots of pictures:E:E


10th Mar 2006, 19:58
Funny, but the film usually comes after the book.


10th Mar 2006, 20:06
Actually, I think he's damn clever.
If someone is prepared to pay a moron to "write" a book that will be bought by morons, (notice I didn't say read) why the hell not grab every penny?
Who's the real fool here?

10th Mar 2006, 20:08
eerm.....I seem to remember reading in the DT that it was a five (5) book contract . Not being a football fan I couldn't possibly comment .

The Red Max
10th Mar 2006, 22:05
To qoute the Telegraph;

So look forward to chapter one, beginning: "My name is Wayne and I like football and chips. And football. And chips. And beans sometimes."

And chapter 12, beginning: "My name is Wayne and I like football and chips and Ferraris. And Cheshire. Which I've just bought."

11th Mar 2006, 00:44
Rooney's autobiography.
Does he know anything about cars?

Conan the Librarian
11th Mar 2006, 02:09
Do you need to? Whatever is fashionable, gets the beans. I used to know a halfwit in Lancashire that ran a "fashion" shop and it was apparently populated, by professional footballers. His Porsche 911 if the number is divided, would just about sum up his IQ. Thank God they have moved to chip and pin, as I am quietly confident that many of them needed a minder to sign for it, otherwise.

I am with SpeedPig here (but I often am) Patrick! Where is this months cheque?


11th Mar 2006, 07:28
I'd have thought that, as a librarian, you'd have realised the connection between auto and cars . . .

11th Mar 2006, 07:57
I never thought I would live to see the day when the words
'Wayne Rooney' and 'writing' were used in the same sentence!! :hmm: