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10th Mar 2006, 15:32
I'm about to retire for the evening it being about 11:30 pm here but I thought I would ask a question of you all that I could review in the morning.

My better half this week (with my full support) told her boss where to stick it. Now it wasn't just the loss of income because she worked for a plastic surgeon so it also included the loss of such perks as free Botox etc. (She is still better off out of there). She resigned without a job to go to (already has an interview on thursday as she has a good reputation).

Anyway this made me wonder who else here has reached the breaking point and why. Also did any of you manage to do it with style.

The floor is open......

10th Mar 2006, 15:47
Yes, I've done it!

I worked for a small advertising agency. The chap who ran the company had been disqualified by Companies House from being a Director of a Limited Company so he got his Mum and Dad to be the Directors. Consequently Mum & Dad were the cheque signatories.

However, Mum & Dad didn't understand the concept of cash flow. They saw a bank statement on my desk, saw there were thousands of pounds in the account and decided that they each deserved a 20k bonus. So, after I had left for home, they wrote out said cheques for themselves. Little did they know that I had just written the VAT and PAYE cheques. They didn't complete the cheque stubs so the first I knew was when I got the call saying we were overdrawn at the bank!

I got such a bollocking for it from the son; I told him what happened and he said that I should have made sure there was enough money for Mum & Dad as well and shouldn't have the taxman on time. I walked out there and then (after collecting my handbag!). I suggested to him that he sue me for breach of contract for not working my notice.

The shouting that was going on made everyone's ears prick up (the "family" were not liked at all). In the time that it took to get my handbag and coat, the lads in Graphic Design had made a leaving card for me and got it signed by all the staff - they knew I wasn't coming back after what was said.

I lasted 5 months in that job; my predecessor lasted 7 months and my successor (even more qualified than me) lasted three months!

In addition, I told all the employees about the illegal way they were deducting Employer's National Insurance and spent my week on the dole calculating what they should be paid and helping them draft their letters to get their pay back!

Very satisfying. Company went bust again shortly afterwards.



10th Mar 2006, 15:58
In the company I worked for the chief accountant was a very slight, shy man (I'll call him Perkins) who was totally unable to stand up to our towering ex-Hurricane pilot MD, call him John. And if you didn't stand up to him John would ride all over you.

One day Perkins won several hundred thousand on Littlewoods Pools. This was in the early seventies mind you so. Perkins absolutely freaked out. First thing he did was storm into John's office, a terrible grin on his face, spindly arm outstretched with two fingers wagging up and down. He shouted "Johnny boy I've been wanting to say this to you for years! UP YOURS!!!".

He didn't lose his job, in fact the relationship improved considerably from then onwards.

10th Mar 2006, 16:01
my wife and the head nurse quit the same day, the beautician is drafting her resignation at the moment and the accountant was told he was in charge but would be sacked if it turned to sh!t just before the resignations started. The reason was the Surgeons wife went off the deep end at the practice in front of a waiting room full of patients at the beautician and my wife and the head nurse had to step in to protect the business. Two days later the wife denied it had ever happened and all went down hill from there. The surgeon is also in denial and didn't speak to my wife after she handed in her resignation. I might add that my wife was employed by him to pull his business out of the sh!t after her predecessor screwed things up and had just got things straight.

10th Mar 2006, 16:17
Good for your Missus mate.:ok:

10th Mar 2006, 16:25
Still doesn't take away the bitter taste though as I am in the Telecomm industry and as he was just growing the business I did his office phone system at less than cost and installed it free. So basically he shafted both of us! We both considerd him to be a decent person and were sadly proved wrong. At least we both maintained our integrity. I have even arranged for another company to take over the warranty on the phones rather than have him be able to slag me off.

10th Mar 2006, 18:22
I had great satisfaction in telling an employer years ago to :mad: off,knowing fine well i'd be "earning" more on the social benefits scheme.

The satisfaction was immense! Still, i didn't stay on social long, as i'm too proud.:ok:

10th Mar 2006, 19:26
I did not do this, but I saw it. Presiding over the very large cash room in an immensely respectable professional office in a large Scottish city not a million miles from the Forth Bridge was a large, rather bullying, cashier, monarch of all he surveyed, supervising the wee lassies, all petrified of him, set in ranks, desk by desk.

The articled student, passing from the room, dislodged a paper from one of the desks. It fluttered to the floor. Articled student was unaware of this. "Hoy! You! Pick that up", roared Mr Cashier. Articled student turned in some surprise, assessed the situation, and dropped into a crouch.

Right arm extended low, left arm over right elbow. Two fingers of right hand spread wide. Moving majestically, slow pace by slow pace, he progressed towards Mr Cashier, with each step whipping the right hand up in the universal salute.

He reached Mr Cashier with right hand immediately below Mr Cashier's nose. Hand was now transformed into fist. "If you ever talk to me like that again, Mr Cashier", said articled student, "I'll knock you f*ck*ng teeth down your f*ck*ng throat".

As they used to say in "Punch", "Tableau!". Wee lassies in silent raptures.

At that very juncture, senior partner walked into the cash-room. He in his turn did a quick assessment, a pirouette that would not have disgraced Sadler's Wells, and by a lateral arabesque departed the scene.

Later that day, senior partner chanced to encounter articled student in a corridor. "Technical accounting problems today, I see", he said, passing on his way.

10th Mar 2006, 21:16
Again, not me but happened in an office I worked in.
One of the ASIC design engineers pointed out to his boss that he was being paid somewhat less than the going rate and that it would be nice to have a pay rise. The boss gave him the brush off, "blah blah review blah blah promotion blah blah"". Engineer didn't make a fuss and started working the phone. Within a couple of weeks he had a new job. When he got his pay slip at the end of the first month he faxed it to his old boss. It was considerably better than his boss's, and the project was now slipping without his designs.
Market forces :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
11th Mar 2006, 01:52
Quit my job in the IT business to begin a career in aviation. Boss offered to double my salary which I found insulting as it was obvious I'd been taken advantage of (own fault, I suppose).

Couldn't get in to his office to crap in his ashtray the day I left as the jammy barsteward had left early for a long lunch. One of the few regrets I have apart from not leaving earlier...

11th Mar 2006, 10:44
the jammy barsteward had left early for a long lunch

He seen you coming, Twotter, and didn't want the hassle of a fight. Not the worst way, by far, to end an unpleasant situation.

Over the years, a certain part of my work has been to try to help people, usually business owners, senior managers, and other sorts of principals who have gotten some aspect of their business into terribly difficult circumstances that are progressing rapidly toward disaster. My part typically is to try a last ditch effort to head off the catastrophe, or at least to soften the landing somewhat. As an outsider, I can sometimes deal dispassionately with problems that are insoluble to those who have lived with them for a long while. I can also sometimes absorb blame that would otherwise cause my clients' heads to roll. A fair percentage of the time.. maybe half the occasions... it does some good. The other times I get beat up pretty well, along with the others, as things grind down to the inevitable catastrophe.

Needless to say, under such circumstances, people grow increasingly overwrought. They can behave very strangely. Even very smart and pragmatic people will fall into counter-productive habits when the pressure exceeds their threshold. Sometimes individuals turn violent and vindictive as their options dry up. Mostly they just threaten, though, and then slink off.

Why would anyone want to get in the middle of such situations? Pays well, if one actually gets paid, and it's very satisfying to occasionally clean up a disaster of someone else's making.

The knack of it is simple enough.... is always easier to solve someone else's problems than it is to solve one's own.

11th Mar 2006, 11:05
Last day at work for a bulding firm when i was 19:
There were 2 foremen. Foreman one was always giving me the sh*tty jobs and making me stay late ( I was only labour) and was lazy himself. Last day I took the opportunity to completely fence his car in outside the yard using building site steel fencing. Same day foreman two, who was old school and "broke in" new labourers by throwing the usual hammers and other tools when in rage, got some fresh urine in his flask, and drank it all day. The buliding trade taught me how to deal with interpersonal issues in a very time efficient manner.

11th Mar 2006, 14:38
Funny thing with my wife's situation is the surgeon tried to imply that my wife scared the head nurse. When in fact the surgeon's wife was the one intimidated because my wife was professional and wouldn't take sh!t from somone who knew Jack. The irony is that the head nurse and my wife are now very close friends.

The real sad part is the surgeon has great plans and if he surrounded himself with the right people he would do great. Problem is the wife!!!! But of course he wouldn't admit to that. Thing is during the arguement that my wife had to get in the middle of, his wife said that if she could have got hold of a stick she would have beaten her husband. This was one of the reasons my wife got in the middle of the arguement, and where did it get her???

Laughable part in this is we were told the surgeon had rescued his wife from an abusive relationship and we used to pity her, now we are sure we should have pitied her previous partner!