View Full Version : What ever happened to???

10th Mar 2006, 13:59
The Friday joke this week????

This ain't funny!!!!

10th Mar 2006, 14:06
For a minute, until I read the post, I thought somebody had been reading my mind. I know there have been threads wondering whatever happened to past Ppruners, and I was thinking of posting one less than an hour ago. So this will do for an excuse.

Whatever happened to Callie (call you back shortly)? Delightful ATC lass who was working in Edinburgh, I think, several years ago when I used to frequent chat. I know she had been having troubles with the usual bunch of testosterone-driven desperadoes who see any single female as fair game from the anonymous comfort of their keyboard, and she was thinking of changing her nick.

If you're still around, Callie, PM me. I'm curious to know how you're getting on. I'm sure ATCBabe must know where she went.

10th Mar 2006, 14:16
Whoa... thread drift :{ :E

10th Mar 2006, 14:19
I'm sure I meant what I said, I'm just not sure you said what you meant!!!!

10th Mar 2006, 14:35
It would appear I have prompted the appearance.

10th Mar 2006, 14:54
On JB, the usual end to the question 'Whatever happened to....' is 'white dog poo.'

tony draper
10th Mar 2006, 15:04
I have a white dog and he still poos like a goodun.

10th Mar 2006, 15:07
Dogs usually do!

But cats are worse as they hide it, just ask a plasterer!