View Full Version : International Mens Day 14 March

8th Mar 2006, 16:50
International Womens Day is entirely appropriate but to ensure the equality we all strive for you'll be pleased to know there is a day dedicated to Men.

Men too are entitled to their day in the spotlight. Obviously an "International Mans Day" would stink of sexism....but we do, gentleman, have our own day.
And by good fortune it is soon. March 14th in fact.

Its essential that you are informed and inform others. This is our 4th year.
For the history of our day go to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_and_Blowjob_Day

Men: The Official website for your day is here: http://www.steakandbj.com/

Ladies are not left out. The website has a super section on techniques for the novice & expert alike. It also details the art of preparing a fine steak. Go ahead, show your man how much you care.

8th Mar 2006, 17:01
It was previously on March 20th, seems like its come early this year!!!!

8th Mar 2006, 17:13
It should be bi-annual, quarterly or even monthly!

You are correct, it was 20th March but now on the 14th. Its explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_and_Blowjob_Day