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8th Mar 2006, 12:43
A watchdog has just reported that muslim prisoners in Belmarsh are not being treated fairly with regards to their religious needs.This is big news now, is it worthy of such? I mean..if anybody is devoted to,and practicing any religion then surely they would not find themselves in the nick?

Suppose religion is a good ace card to hold in todays 'all respecting' society though.


8th Mar 2006, 12:55
I mean..if anybody is devoted to,and practicing any religion then surely they would not find themselves in the nick?

Wooah easy tiger....

A lot of them are on remand and have been convicted of nothing.

Would also point out that all sorts of religious groups found themselves 'in the nick' under uncle Adolf.

8th Mar 2006, 12:58
Very true SLF but what I really want to raise is..should religion,effectively an unproven concept be an expected freedom in a prison?Would I be able to read Harry Potter on specific occasions should I so wish?

Lots of faiths catered for in Belmarsh...17 according to the link but, all but 16 would appear satisfied based on the fact they have not spoke out.

8th Mar 2006, 13:03
We shoud keep those on remand separate because, as has been said, innocent until proven otherwise.
For those found guilty, the first thing they should see when entering prison is a big sign that reads:


No pandering to these fcukwits.:*

8th Mar 2006, 14:36
Tell you what: altogether now



8th Mar 2006, 14:46
If God, as we are constantly told, really is omni present, then they can pray any time, anywhere and he'll hear them.

Consequently, since his omni presence means he must be with them all the time, prisoners won't need visitors and we'll cut down the number of items smuggled in and out of prisons.

That said, has anyone done a security check on God?

8th Mar 2006, 15:04
That said, has anyone done a security check on God?

Apparently he failed his DV for the RN due to having 'dealings with' somebody known as Satan.

8th Mar 2006, 15:24
Ok, so as an athiest I would have less rights than someone else in Prison? Religion is nothing more than a hobby club so could I state that football is religion therefore I require facilities to practice my religion as my right?

8th Mar 2006, 15:55
Exactly the point Im trying to make Morbid...

Religion is, as yet, just a story..legend..nothing scientifically proven.If people can claim rights abuse over a supernatural subject then our whole system is illogical to say the least!

If rights are defined by statute law and laws can be influenced by the supernatural then....

In the longrun..its a license to shit in the street (so far as said rights happen to be an interest of a governments pet subject).

8th Mar 2006, 16:13
What I would like to know is what happens in this situation;

Iīm out driving my car and I swerve violently on a trecherous part of the road to avoid a ghost. Being a considerate law abiding person I report the accident to the police in all its detail and get the report number.

Thankfully the damage to the car is not that great and I drive to the nearest garage to get it fixed. After many sharp intakes of breath the mechanic tells me itīs gonna cost! At this point I realise Iīll have to put it on the insurance so I call them. "Ah yes Mr Morbid, " cooīs the sixteen year puss machine on the other end of the phone "we canīt cover that as ghosts donīt exist". Realising Iīm at a dead end here I pay the garage and they start work on the car.

Not satisfied with having to pay for something that is not my fault I decide to file a lawsuit against the catholic church. My case consists of the following:

a) There is no hard evidence ghosts exist
b) The catholic church believes one does, the holy ghost
c) The catholic church believes they talk to the holy ghost and consider themselves its representative on this planet.

No one can substantiate the existance of ghosts in a court of law. Therefore the Holy ghost is the only one in existence and consequently it must of been responsible for breaking the traffic laws and causing the damage to my car. As I assume it doesnīt have insurance its representatives and those that collect money in its name must bear the cost of my repairs.

Whats my chances? :O

8th Mar 2006, 16:17
'Act of God' clause in most instances...

Used to cover arses wrt money quite often where insurance is concerned.

If God is such a government acknowledged intrinsic part of our lives...see Belmarsh prisoners...then how come insurance firms are allowed to waive anything said God causes??

8th Mar 2006, 16:24

Acts of God cannot be covered by Insurance companies as there is already a number of agencies collecting "premiums" on his behalf. You could imagine the harmony if the bill for Katrina was split up equally between the various faiths!!!:p

Out Of Trim
8th Mar 2006, 17:25
Surely, someone could tell them which way East is!

What else do they need?

8th Mar 2006, 17:37
Im gonna invent 'islamic GPS'..its a bit of a spin-off from the mosque alarm clock you can buy in the Emirates.

It shows you where to kneel,at whatever time,in whatever timezone and is 100% guaranteed to receive a GPS signal from behind the walls of any prison!

I refuse to believe prisons dont have prayer mats available when most UK naval bases..and warships hold 'token' facilities for such worship.Seems certain religions are only willing to devote parts of their lives to only certain aspects of 'Her majesty'...namely..her pleasure.

tony draper
8th Mar 2006, 18:15
They should be allowed conjugal visits,I 'm shure Belmarch has a grassed area where such visitors could get a bite to eat.

8th Mar 2006, 18:28
Maybe Belmarsh Governor should copy the Arizona State Warden and display a notice:


9th Mar 2006, 15:36
Halal pork chops are a bugger to get hold of though...

9th Mar 2006, 15:41
They should cancel all leave until morale improves :E :E :E

9th Mar 2006, 15:44
The daily ablution (http://dailyablution.blogs.com/the_daily_ablution/2006/03/belmarsh_the_br.html) Always worth reading. Does his research. :ok: