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7th Mar 2006, 11:07
Howdy folks

Ive recently developed a need for atleast one daily espresso. It is starting to become a bit annoying when I have to go out in the rain just to get some coffee. So then I thought to myself, why not buy a machine capable of delivering some serious coffee.

But then one question arises, what machine do I buy?
There seems to be plenty of them out there and there is a huge difference in price between them.

Now would there happen to be any prooners who could offer some help to a lost soul? Would be highly appreciated.


7th Mar 2006, 12:09
Its the sort of kit that sounds absolutely essential, so you go out and spend 100 or so on it, unpack it, use it a few times and it gradually becomes an ornament.
Filter coffee machines and coffe bean grinders were all the rage once, but now they're clogging up the kitchen cupboards of the world, rarely seeing the light of day.
There is such a wide range of varieties and types of coffee available off the shelf these days, it seems that there's hardly a need for such machinary.

I seem to recall that both Kenco and Nescafe do an off the shelf expresso product, both of which kept me high for a week.

7th Mar 2006, 12:10
Gaggia seem to be the best but expensive.

We have Krups and its not bad at all.


7th Mar 2006, 12:24
As niknak says - most of these things end up as cupboard fodder or worktop clutter.

However, for little money you can get a stove top espresso pot. These are fab, make great espresso.

Basically it's a two piece aluminium pot that sits on your stove. Water boils in the bottom portion, and the steam is forced upward through the coffee grounds to emerge into the top chamber - from where you pour it out.
Low tech.
Very easy to clean.
Brilliantly intense taste.
Small and easy to store.
Cheap!Examples here: http://www.kasbahouse.com/villawareonline/espresso.asp

7th Mar 2006, 12:54
Use mine every morning, the missis is instructed not to give me my daily tasks until 30 minutes after the gluggiing and hissing noises have ended. Make sure you get one with 15bar pressure which needs a pump, lots of cheap ones just use the pressure of the steam to force the water through the coffee, not enough to get all that required caffeine out. Keep the pipes clean and a good one will last years. Stove top espresso pots don't provide enough pressure to get a really good crema, but are essential kit when camping. During my ski bum days, I've seen them used to brew up other concoctions :)

7th Mar 2006, 14:32
The top three espresso makers:

1) Gaggia
2) Gaggia
3) Gaggia

Bought mine years ago - it's practically indestructable.

7th Mar 2006, 14:54
So what make/model is your please Slim_Slag.

7th Mar 2006, 15:20
The one I have here is a Krups, label has come off so I don't know the model. A simple machine, have to do it all myself. There are ones that automate the process but they break down regularly, so I am told.

Capt Claret
7th Mar 2006, 15:30
Mrs C & I lashed out and have purchased a de Longhi Cappicino Rapid (I think). Twin boilers, grinds fresh beans and makes one or two cups at a time.

The grind is variable, the amount of coffee ground and length of the espresso are also variable. Froths milk, almost in an instant.

At last we can have a reliably good coffee, as opposed to the lucky dip at most coffee shops in The Top End. :ok:

Flap Sup
7th Mar 2006, 15:36
I have been using this (http://www.bialetti.it/uk/catalogue/scheda.asp?id_cat=19&pag=1) moccamaker daily for a few years now, having gotten used to Lavazza Crema & Gusto. You dont need a fancy machine, just a stove.

7th Mar 2006, 15:47
I've never been one for kitchen gadgets. I have a small stove top espresso maker. works great, just fill the bottom compartment with water, pack the ground coffee into the filer, screw on the top compartment and set it on the stove, in 5 minutes you have a nice hot pot of coffee at a fraction of the cost for a espresso maker

7th Mar 2006, 17:28
I just remembered, there was an earlier thread about espresso machines http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=213926

Richard Spandit
7th Mar 2006, 17:51
This is really the wrong forum for serious espresso machine discussion... try:

www.coffeegeek.com - you will get some really good advice from these people. If it helps, I've got a Gaggia Factory 16 (made by La Pavoni) but I probably wouldn't recommend it to a novice barista. If you are a serious about good coffee, then you have to be prepared to spend a bit of cash. If not all that bothered, one of the new pod machines, like Nespresso are convenient.

I've just bought a coffee maker for use on the aircraft - it's an evolution of the caffetiere: http://www.aerobie.com/Products/aeropress_story.htm

7th Mar 2006, 18:22
I hate it when folks call it "expresso"...


CarltonBrowne the FO
7th Mar 2006, 18:45
A mate uses a Gaggia Titanium (I think). It delivers excellent espresso, literally at the touch of a button. All you need to do is refill the bean hopper (I guess every 20 cups or so) and the water tank about every 8 or 10. It is self cleaning, and if you get the notion for a decaf instead it has a bypass function to give you one cup of a different bean (although the stuff in the bypass has to be preground). Delicious!

7th Mar 2006, 19:56
ah some really good replys here. Thanks for that everyone, but keep em coming. Now I see there is alot of variations of coffee out there. Does anyone happen to have a or maybe a few recipes or variants.

Just yesterday I tasted Bailys Cappucino. Its espresso+bailys+milk... not the best Ive had but definatly an experience :rolleyes:

Keep em coming folks


7th Mar 2006, 20:11
The 'Berts have a Cafamosa CF90, the same beast being sold as either an A*G, Ele*trol*x or Kru*s, depending on the country- Pricey at around 450 some 3, 4 years ago (prolly cheaper now), it does the business!

It will (variably) grind the beans of your choice or use ground coffee- Again, amount of water and coffee can be separately dosed, allowing one to brew a large morning mug full of weapons-grade espresso :ok: or a tiny but potent "stealth" cup :E

Cleans itself (descale program), warms up in seconds... Ideal, and you have far more freedom of choice than coffee pad or capsule machines, plus the refills are a ripoff! :mad:

8th Mar 2006, 00:18
There is no point in having a machine at home, when I can call in any local Spanish owned bar for a real decent coffee.

Richard Spandit
8th Mar 2006, 07:29
There is no point in having a machine at home, when I can call in any local Spanish owned bar for a real decent coffee.

Yeah, really useful answer - I'm sure that will be a lot of help...

8th Mar 2006, 07:55

Read the title of the thread before making such comments.......I don't have need of a machine..get it!

8th Mar 2006, 07:57
However I do, and the question was which one, not in which spanish bar I could get a coffee... doh :hmm:

Richard Spandit
9th Mar 2006, 03:59
Sorry, haven't stopped laughing yet... I'll give a proper response in due course... := :D :D