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Onan the Clumsy
6th Mar 2006, 13:35
i went to a focus group the other weeek (it's a great way to make some cash and spout off your opinions will other people listening intently btw, sort of the antithesis of marriage :} )

Where was i, oh the subject was a cell phone company and their pitch went like this "remember how with the early internet you sort of paid for it by the hour and now you have DSL, well that's what we're going to do. No minutes, no plans, no sucj thing as long distance. Just a fixed monthly nut for your service."

I think it's quite clever, in fact my current contract must be up soon and rather than renew it, I'm going to wait until their adverts turn in to storefronts and I'll be giving them a try.

6th Mar 2006, 13:43
But how wasteful Sir Onan?! You'll be paying for calls you'll never make...?! :}

Onan the Clumsy
6th Mar 2006, 14:04
Think of all the time I'll save then :8

6th Mar 2006, 14:26
So the next new thing is that your mobile phone calls will be made over an internet broadband connection.

That's right. Your mobile is connected by a wireless link to the computer, where your speech is digitised, divided into packets and sent as data over the internet, and the whole process repeated in reverse at the other end.

Over the phone line.

And to think in the old days we just plugged a phone into the phone line and spoke into it. How ever did we manage ?

Next thing you'll be able to send text messages from your mobile over the internet. So much better than those old-fashioned emails :rolleyes:

Seriously, we have so much technology these days it seems we don't know what to do with it - except doing something that used to be simple in a very complicated way.

6th Mar 2006, 14:39
For contract customers we are pretty much there already - but the MVNOs (eg Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile) will be looking at ways to innovate all the time.

6th Mar 2006, 14:46
If you've $9 million to spare, I've got a really great deal for you then Onan...!

What sort of a yacht could you buy for a mere $9 million? A puny dilapidated 100 footer, then, why not, a modern floating palace of 286ft (http://corporate-club.info/id230.html)? How often are you going to be able to afford the time to use your yacht anyway? If you're like most yachtowners, you use a yacht for maybe 4 weeks of the year. The rest of the time, it's sitting in port costing you...a small fortune?! So pay your $9 million (maybe much less with airship's help :O ) and take your choice: jog around the wide teak decks of an almost 300 footer for 4 weeks of the year or stumble across an obstacle course sideways on a 100 footer?! ;)

OK, so you have to share your 300 footer with 10 other owners. Only 2 of the 4 weeks you're entitled to each year are guaranteed...so long as you all don't want the boat for the Monaco GP?! The time you don't use the yacht, the managing company will endeavour to charter out the period to 3rd parties: the very suckers whose brokers never told them about the 'partial ownership' advantages... :rolleyes:

Just for you then Onan, the price is $8.5m, not $9m like for any other PPRuNer out there... :D

PS. If you go for this offer, don't worry about yer landline internet connection. It includes a complimentary T1 'always on' connection too... :ok:

6th Mar 2006, 20:24
Dear all,

Just watched the Gadget Show on Channel 5 here in the UK and they had a feature on this new service type. It is already available in the Isle of Man (apparently the IOM is used as a test base for all new mobile phone technology). This new system is called HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) it apparently will allow speeds of 6 Mbps and above. In the IOM it is already running at over 1 Mbps.



7th Mar 2006, 00:21
this kind of thing is standard in other countries, where you tend to pay a realistic price for the phone, and get the calls cheaper.

Onan the Clumsy
7th Mar 2006, 02:27
An airline once tried to do an air service from the IOM to Blackpool and back, but the authorities wouldn't let them. They said every route out of the IOM had to have three legs.

Boom boom!