View Full Version : Got a few million to spare?

6th Mar 2006, 08:07
Tried finding a Spitfire but couldn't, this is the next best thing!
How about a new thread, on second hand war birds!
This one looks like its in good nick, few hundred hours on the clock with private registration!

phoenix son
6th Mar 2006, 08:17
Since it's location is shown as "Duxford near London", presumably Ryanair will put a bid in for it?:E

6th Mar 2006, 08:19
A mere cough in a Mustang.
40 miles as the Old Crow flies.

6th Mar 2006, 09:09
And a mere spit in a Spitfire!

But you'd have to hurry in a Hurricane.

And it'd be messy in a Messerschmidt.

As for a Focke Wulf........:E

6th Mar 2006, 12:05
I used to have a few million to spare but I handed it over to someones cousin in Nigeria who was going to release several billion in return into my bank account...

6th Mar 2006, 12:25
C'mon chaps, who's up for a share? :) Ah bollocks I keep forgetting me medical.:{ If I convert to an NPPL can I fly it? Pretty perlease.:}

6th Mar 2006, 13:03

P51D? HAH! Try a MiG-21UM - the ultimate wetdream fighter :eek: :E

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Mar 2006, 13:15
Prefer the Razorback P51-A myself....