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5th Mar 2006, 18:01
Trespasses stretch like broken fences
Winding as they may
Trespasses stretch like broken fences
Hope to mend them one day

Trespasses, Patti Smith, album Trampin

I can't grab the general meaning of the above, due to 'Trespasses'. Anybody can help ?



tony draper
5th Mar 2006, 18:11
Well as I understand it, in that sense to Trespass means to do ill toward somebody,as in the Lords Prayer,
"Those that trespass against us"
One thinks the lady is saying in a roundabout way she has done a lot of people down and hopes to put it right one day.
Anybody else wanna know owt?

Lon More
5th Mar 2006, 18:11
From The Oxford English Reference Dictionary
1. make an unlawful or unwarrantable intrusion ....
2. make unwarrantable claims ....
3. a sin or offence

Makes sense to me

bugga, Drapes beat me to it. Still age before beauty

5th Mar 2006, 19:00
Oooh; a pseuds lyrics thread. Identify this one, without googling:
"Introspection can be a crutch. Sometimes I think too much; cerebral isolation".

5th Mar 2006, 19:49
Magnus,,,that'll be 'The Wombles'
circa 1975

2 sheds
5th Mar 2006, 20:45
I think it should be "lyric" if you are referring to the words of only one song.

5th Mar 2006, 22:39
Lyric is the adjective or means a poem, lyrics is for the text of a song.

Thanks to all.