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5th Mar 2006, 15:39
Have been downloading some music of a fave band of mine...Rammstein.came upon entitled 'Hitler' which I now know is a fake Rammstein song.Interested in what the lyrics say though.Could somebody please PM me so I can email them the soundfile to translate.Cannot find anything on google and my German aint good enough to understand singing etc..


5th Mar 2006, 16:28
I wouldn't bother getting the translation. Fantastic band with brilliant music but you don't want to understand some of their lyrics:(

Due to the mrs understanding it very well Rammstein is banned anywhere near her.

5th Mar 2006, 16:55
Here's a translation:-

**** the ***** on the ****** ****, **** the ********

Don't know whether the Proone censor will let it through though.

5th Mar 2006, 18:01
You missed a *

5th Mar 2006, 18:02
Oh :mad: !

Lon More
5th Mar 2006, 18:03
Try Babelfish. It may gain something in the translation

5th Mar 2006, 18:05
As I understand it's a sound file, not a text file. One knows of software that will 'read' text out loud, but can one translate 'words' into text using software?

tony draper
5th Mar 2006, 18:21
Of course there is, they use it in Star Treck all the time,I mean they do occasionally meet aliens that do not speak American.