View Full Version : We are waiting for our daughter’s birht. Help me to choose a gift for my wife.

4th Mar 2006, 18:48
We have been together for 8 years now, and this is our first child. I would like to make a perfect present for my wife and my daughter, but it is so difficult to choose. I need some piece of advice from all of You.
I can choose a present for :

My wife:

14K White Gold 2.01ct Marquise Diamond Twisted Heart Pendant On Cable Chain Necklace

14K White Gold Graduated Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Station & Clasp Necklace

My daughter:

14K Heart Charm With #1 Daughter Inside And A Rose Gold Flower

14K Charm With #1 Daughter And A Flower

14K Two-Tone Mother and Daughter Heart Charm That Splits In Two

I understand that it is my child and my decision, but I have no experience in this, so I asking for a piece of advice. The time runs quickly, and it is possible that March 27 I will become a Father!

4th Mar 2006, 19:07
Surely you've already given her the best present that she'll get from anybody - a CHILD?
Mrs G-CPTN suggests that you get her some help in the home. Forget tasteless trinkets!

As for the child, give her your LOVE . . .

4th Mar 2006, 19:24
How about a nice set of winter tyres for the car :}

Richard Spandit
4th Mar 2006, 19:28
Why not buy her a personal PPRuNe title?

4th Mar 2006, 19:44
Hire her a housekeeper or keepers that will come in once a day for a few hours for at least six months.

(Trust me on this one.)

4th Mar 2006, 20:01
I clicked on that many links, i was expecting Father to be an advertisment too.


Flying Farmer
4th Mar 2006, 20:10
$14000 for a pearl necklace when she could have one for errrrr probably best to keep quiet :E

terrain safe
4th Mar 2006, 20:15
How about a rubber ring:sad: :E :E :ok:

4th Mar 2006, 20:29
SO hard not to be cynical about this one.............. :ugh:

4th Mar 2006, 20:36
After what she's gone through, perhaps a vasectomy would be good?

4th Mar 2006, 21:14
How do we report this to a mod..... blatant advertising bullsh*t..... what happened to the report button?

It's that ! bottom left of every post.

4th Mar 2006, 21:53
Nice to see she's been given the unusual name of Daughter. Wonder how that'll go down at school assembly....

4th Mar 2006, 21:57
Ms Flaps was last heard of in Jockistaniland. Mebbe she's still 'unter den tisch'?

Either that or she's not back from Church yet . . .

4th Mar 2006, 22:29
Flaps and Flyblue prolly still in transit.

If it was me, I'd rather have some tasteful jewellery. :rolleyes:

4th Mar 2006, 22:41
For a moment there I thought someone had reopened a "Let's take the pi$$ out of chavs and their jewellry" thread.

5th Mar 2006, 00:28
I'm sure there are some Chavs out there that wouldn't be seen with crap on........and that's saying something.

5th Mar 2006, 00:35
Are we refering to Ratner?


Minty Fresh
5th Mar 2006, 00:38
I thought he'd just ram raided Elizabeth Dukes

(Remind me again how many sovereigns look tackey!!)

5th Mar 2006, 05:09
Jeez, that stuff is hideous - all of it. The store's well named though; it's indeed "amazing" that anyone might want to buy it.

Happy birhtday (sic) to your daughter... :yuk:

Loose rivets
5th Mar 2006, 05:20
Should aid teething quite nicely...er, if you want baby to look like this. :}

tall and tasty
5th Mar 2006, 10:57
Ok Guys this may be a bit of marketing huype. But if it is genuine and he is about to be a father on the 27th March then why not give your wife what my father gave my mother a charm braclet with a special charm on it. My mother got one on the birth of my sister and ever anniverasry/birthday etc a charm could be added to it. It was beautiful, sadly stolen in a house raid in the 1980's with alot of other lovely pieces but the memories for my mother were right there worn daily on her wrist.

As for your daughter my father gave me a little cross very plain in gold which I still wear to this day the chain was replaced over the years. it was boxed for me until I was 4 years old so I would not swallow it if eaten (kids do things like that) and it is cherished, plain simple and can be worn with anything.

Good luck for the day (I hope this is not a hype ) but for any that do have a child on the way their is some suggestions


5th Mar 2006, 11:21
Ms Flaps was last heard of in Jockistaniland.

Is she now?:\


5th Mar 2006, 11:52

If the new born child is indeed yours, and you really want the words of wisdom from people like us who have many children, then the only worthwile thing to buy for the new born is a good supply of Nappies(Diapers for you Yanks) they are very usefull and will collect things that look like your advertised Chav type sparkly things, only then you wrap em up and send them to the trash can, where that Bling stuff should be also!


5th Mar 2006, 14:08
Now, now, maybe we're being a bit harsh here.

Poor Alex may very well be caught up in the throws of prospective fatherhood, and know not what he does.

I think we should give him the chance to show us what a nice guy he really is.

Yeah right :rolleyes:******

5th Mar 2006, 15:45
Suggest you might get better value for your money from the Argos catalogue.

5th Mar 2006, 15:50
Or the 50p/£1 shop.

5th Mar 2006, 17:41
I'm sticking with my housekeeper idea.:)

5th Mar 2006, 20:32
Mmmmm, I did see a stripper put fifteen feet of imitation 'White gold graduated Tahitian pearl & diamond station & clasp necklace', through it's paces recently.

Considering where "Daughter" is coming from, it might be my choice for the missus. :E