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4th Mar 2006, 18:18
A thought provoking film. Extremely well made, authentic in every detail and probably slightly more complex to follow than the average film. I personaly thought the film was excellent in doing what the makers say they intended of it, and, possibly more.

The film portrays no more and no less than the reality of what goes on in the world today. Tightly foccussed on a small group of individuals some of whom are US government operatives, lawyers, top US oil executives, ruling members of an oil Kingdom in the Middle East jostling for power in an imminent succesion, immigrant workers, muslim extremists, terrorists, it contains interesting references to Iranian, Chinese, US and Western oil interests. An explosive mixture and of course one which daily concerns all of us

George Clooney when questioned by the film critics about it earnestly looks out to the world and states that the film simply asks questions. He states firmly that the film is not anti American but poses questions that should be asked by Americans of their government. The film may well do more than just trigger questions.

Those who made the film in Hollywood might have paused for a brief moment and thrown a passing thought to a consideration that plays a huge part crafting film scripts in another film making industry as big as theirs, Bollywood. An industry that started in 1897 in Bombay and actualy earlier than the one in Hollywood which started well after that date when the US film industry moved from the East coast to LA and Hollywood. It is one whose money making ability may well be far smaller that Hollywods but is biggest in production and viewership. Worldwide a billion more people a year buy tickets to Indian movies than any Hollywood ones. The author of Maximum City Bombay Lost and Found, Suketu Mehta, wrote that as a Westernised Indian script writer in Bollywoood he initialy failed to apreciated the fact that many subjects are left out of Indian films simply due to audience reaction. Indian scripts are made with a careful eye to the rickshaw wallah in the lower stalls with a can of petrol, and the knowledge that audiences can will and do often express themselves by ripping out the seats, trashing the cinema , burning it to the ground and possibly more. Films can be hugely powerful vehicles for messages.

Perhaps I'm wrong and deaths are occurring now anyway. If a small number of cartoons can cause the worlwide trouble they have done, what more can a film do? Perhaps what is happening around us is simply global manifestations of what has happened since man first appeared on the planet. Struggling violently for survival and Syriana just a snapshot of the process.

4th Mar 2006, 20:30
If you liked Syriana then go see Good Night, and Good Luck. Just as topical and challenging. Written and directed by Clooney by the way, who is certainly more than just a pretty face.

Dan Bentley
4th Mar 2006, 23:08
Ah, but it was just too good to show us an LNG tanker getting blown up with what appeared to be an empty Stinger launcher.:(http://community.the-underdogs.org/smiley/armed/BoomSmilie_anim.gif