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3rd Mar 2006, 23:39
Popped down to the local earlier for a swift half, only to find it in complete darkness. Bumped into a fellow regular and it would seem that the landlord of the past four years or so has legged with the takings/golf holiday money and so on, possibly 10k+.
Didn't see that one coming, I have to say. Will have to find a new boozer now (on a temporary basis) as he was the sole licensee.
Wonder if he was in on the 53 mil job...

3rd Mar 2006, 23:41
But my GOD! man, what are you going to do for tonight?:eek:

tony draper
3rd Mar 2006, 23:52
Used to be a regular occurance around christmas time here,talking about the days when every other street corner had a pub,they used to run christmas clubs,only they were called the Jolly boys,peeps would save up money all year sell domino cards ect with these clubs for a big bash at santy claus time.
The treasurer making free with the cash was a regular occurance,I recal one christmas two pubs on opposit corners of a street where both lots of jolly boys got robbed by the treasurers.
In more recent times we have had two local post office managers take it on the lam with the cash,one of the post offices never opened again.
Tiz a wicked world