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3rd Mar 2006, 18:15
... Just heard on my local news channel that West Mercia police visited a shop on their patch and seized a load of " Golly's" - soft knitted childrens toys - you know - used to be the logo of Robertson Jam - look a bit like one of the black & white minstrels. :sad:

Seized on the grounds that "they might cause offence" under the Public Order Act, but the stop press was that after consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service there was no offence committed, and the Golly's will be returned :) although with "advice" that they should not be displayed in the shop window :confused:

The news report stopped short of saying if anyone had actually complained, and didn't dare to use the original phrase of "Gollywog"

Any thoughts ?

( Makes a change from moaning about speed cameras )



3rd Mar 2006, 18:44
I've got a Gollywog. It sits on the shelf next to my favourite book 'Simon shoots the smiling Sambo'.

Probably is a bit insensitive these days because of the way we have been 'conditioned'. Asked my daughters and they were unimpressed with the whole thing and thought it a good idea to get rid. Ho Hum, time marches on.

3rd Mar 2006, 18:48
"The natives are revolting!"
"Oh, I don't know old chap. They're not so bad."

3rd Mar 2006, 21:05
What has happened to innocence.

When I was young golliwogs were loved by children, cherished and
treasured. The 'race' element was never even considered because
'race' didn't enter into it. It was the same with programmes such
as the Black and White Minstrel Show, now much derided by the guilt ridden. It was an hour of close harmony with great costumes and lovely songs.

It is the 'race industry' and the politically correct thought police that
have engendered bigotry, resentment, and division.

Still it has given many people employment in local government,at the
tax payers' expense, and ensured that many a lawyer has boosted his
annual income defending someone who happened to feel they were
looked at in the wrong way!

Good old England 2006!! :ugh:

3rd Mar 2006, 21:15
I understand my childhood cast-iron golliwog money box - 'eats' pennies of the LSD variety - is becoming a sought after antique.

Might put it on eBay one day. (if they let me!)

3rd Mar 2006, 21:20
Still it has given many people employment in local government,at the
tax payers' expense, and ensured that many a lawyer has boosted his
annual income defending someone who happened to feel they were
looked at in the wrong way!

Actually, after considering many of the cases I have read, I have one question.... where do I apply for asylum?? :}

Coat, other government-funded clothing, door, slam....

3rd Mar 2006, 21:52
OMG there's two of them.
Run, were all going to die :hmm:

3rd Mar 2006, 22:18
Its a little known fact that marmalade jars removed the gollywog emblem due to certain groups of people using them as buss pass photos ;)

3rd Mar 2006, 22:34
Does anyone else remember collecting the gollywog labels off the jars and sending them in for metal badges and little pottery figurines?

Or am I just a bit old?

3rd Mar 2006, 22:40
The way things are heading Timmcat, you will have a chance to hand in such items at your local nick during a declared amnesty.

Failing which, you may be charged with unlawful possession.

Now, I think I'm joking, and you may think I'm joking, but it may turn out that I'm not!

tony draper
3rd Mar 2006, 22:41
Noticed a odd item on the news tonight re that school kiddies body being found,a terrible thing ,not saying anything critical about the police action in that respect,but the police spokesman talking to the camera,said they could give little information untill forensic were done,fair enough understandable,but he went on to say that his officers were at the school offering comfort to the rest of the schoolchildren.
What the hell is that about?,the Police are on our streets to catch criminals and kick arses not act as uniformed social workers.
Not saying that the childred did not need comforting,but that is not the job of the police surely.

3rd Mar 2006, 22:45
Probably also recommending good flower shops from which to purchase shrine material.

4th Mar 2006, 09:41
Does anyone else remember collecting the gollywog labels off the jars and sending them in for metal badges and little pottery figurines?

Or am I just a bit old?

Not at all Timm, I collected the badges too, eeh, when I were a lass........

Bloody PC nonsense! As I am always saying, there are only unacceptable words becuase the PC brigade made it so.

4th Mar 2006, 10:19

Nuff Said?:rolleyes:

B Fraser
4th Mar 2006, 13:09
As a wee laddie, I collected the Robertson gollywog badges without a second thought. Perhaps the young Ms Lexxity and I could have swapped any doubles. It's outrageous that the PC [email protected] have had their way and a much loved trademark is gone.

Can anyone explain why the Michelin Man is not found to be offensive to white people ? (Ronald MacDonald is offensive, mainly on culinary grounds.) The Michelin Man is a fat bald bloke who never aspires to anything but the Robertson Gollywog appeared as a cowboy, astronaut, policeman, doctor etc. How on earth could the badges be viewed as offensive ?

Send Clowns
4th Mar 2006, 13:53
When I was very young a gollywog was one of my favourite toys, aparently. Why does that have anything to do with racism?

Mac the Knife
4th Mar 2006, 15:47
The mothers (grandmothers?) of the current generation of Essex girls wore a Robertson's Golliwog badge as a sign that they had lost their virginity.

The factory couldn't produce enough badges to meet demand.


4th Mar 2006, 16:16
Can anyone explain why the Michelin Man is not found to be offensive to white people ?

Oh he is offensive, B Fraser, be sure he is! He was "fattist", and there was great debate about this by the sensitive a short while ago. He is now much slimmed.

4th Mar 2006, 16:44
Mac the Knife:

You can make your comments about Essex girls and everyone falls about

Had you made the same remarks about a black islamic lesbian single mother
you would by now be expecting either a fatwa to be pronounced against
you or PC Plod of the thought police to be knocking on your portal!

Funny old world innit!

As you can see I live in Essex and love all the jokes, most of which
have a grain of truth in them! :ok:

4th Mar 2006, 17:20
I never really understood why a Gollywog was offensive to certain black people :hmm:

The term "wog", AFAIK, used to stand for "Western Oriental Gentleman" - What's offensive abut that :confused:


B Fraser
4th Mar 2006, 17:21
Please tell me you are joking ! Stop the human race, I want to get off :suspect:

Don't you guys in N.America still have the Pillsbury Dough Boy ? Should I find the character offensive as it mocks caucasians ? This wicked charicature suggests that we are all employed in the bakery trade and are forced to entertain to make ends meet. dancing dough dude (http://www.pillsbury.com/AaLL/default.aspx?MSCSProfile=3C79F0C7EA3162B275E73B07A66925F45B5 47337D545D8F8822EF17176FAD17A7B1E0FFBCF84472FF2E58220EDD675C 2037D5D2E29FA3FB3CF951EAC2A2E70055E54C9C0C25429428BEAD78228F DFFC2C3F90C0CE9D4D1DED26E6DCB6CC038865B87E800B0B5505F7C3D3C9 A69D2B0BF81312B26EF194DA73D43598E664E4040)

yours with tongue planted firmly in cheek

etc. etc. etc.

4th Mar 2006, 17:35
Nutty, along the lines of your question, why is it acceptable to call Australians "Aussies" yet the term "Pakki" is frowned upon. All to do with connotations and historical use of the word I guess. Take the word "nigger". Origin is often traced back to the latin word "niger" meaning black. Can't think of many words that can insite as much bile and hatred. Us humans are strange people.

4th Mar 2006, 17:58
Please tell me you are joking

My dear B, some things are too sacred for jokes. I can't remember exactly when the outrage struck the slenderly challenged, but not long ago. Compare recent versions of The Man with those of a couple of generations back. On a moment's search of Google I found:

"His shape has changed over the years. O'Galop's logo was based on bicycle tyres, and wore glasses and smoked a cigar. By the 1980's, Bibendum was being shown as a running Bib, and in 1998, a slimmed-down version became the company's new logo; his vision had improved, and he had long since given up smoking."

Not a word of the reason, but it must be on the record somewhere. Honest.

4th Mar 2006, 18:25
Sadly just some more of the weird and seemingly un common sense events which happen on and increasing basis all around us. A sad comment on how some well intentioned ideas get hijacked by the more stupid then carried to extremes. Even more unfortunate when the stupid get into power.

4th Mar 2006, 23:17
I got confused about the time Tufty was banned. For those who do not remember, Tufty used to do road safety ads - he was a weasel or something similar.

Word was he was unacceptable because he was young, white and middle class.

Last time I saw him, could have sworn he was brown.

4th Mar 2006, 23:24
What about the Michelin Man, isn't he offensive to people
with a spare tyre!!? :rolleyes:

4th Mar 2006, 23:28
Take the word "nigger". Origin is often traced back to the latin word "niger" meaning black. Can't think of many words that can insite as much bile and hatred. Us humans are strange people.

Didn't they come from Nigeria?
And there used to be an Ivory Coast and a Gold Coast.
Those Victorians were blunt.
Was a time when 'zulu' and 'native' were considered negative, but so was 'hun' and 'gerri', then 'ruskis'. Chinkie still is considered unacceptable.
Next they'll outlaw muslin bags.
And don't start on the Jews or we'll have to get rid of the jews-harp (then they'll never get to heaven).
And Gentiles - have we seen the end of Gentilemen?
Homo Sapiens . . .

Howard Hughes
4th Mar 2006, 23:32
There everywhere...


There everywhere...


With thanks to my mum. :ok:

4th Mar 2006, 23:51
What a coincidence, only on friday Mrs 1DC and I were looking in a shop window in down town Melbourne that was full of gollywogs for sale and thinking what a panic it would cause in the UK. We still have a couple in the loft that our girls discarded(perhaps that is a worse offence than keeping one)..
Years ago when Britain was still a maritime nation a mate of mine sailed in the West Africa trade.Someone noticed that the jamjar didn't have a golly sticker on it and wrote a letter of complaint.The response from Robertson's was a box of tin badges containing 12 of everyone you could collect. The guys wore them on their boiler suits on the west African coast and the Africans thought that they were wonderful and were desperate to get their hands on them..

B Fraser
5th Mar 2006, 07:58

I had forgotten that the Michelin Man was named "Bibendum". Does this mean that he liked a good slurp of the turps too ? Top bloke, I think the next set of tyres for the garage dwelling monster will carry the Bibendum logo. If the slenderly challenged object to his fondness for good living then they ought to go on a protest march. About 80 miles with a heavy backpack should do the trick.

I think Tufty was a red squirrell.... probably ousted by the greys.


A Jockistani living in Pomgolia near Londonslavia

5th Mar 2006, 09:50
Next they'll outlaw muslin bags.

Funny you should mention that. I was in the bank a few weeks ago and had Leo with me in his pram, now I should mention that he is very dribbly at the moment due to his teething. I noticed that his face needed wiping and said to him "hold on whilst I get your muslin (square) out." Well, a lady in the queue gave me the most filthy, evil look you have ever seen, I could feel her eyes boring into me! Until I stood up with a piece of cloth in my hand.

B Fraser
5th Mar 2006, 09:57
just be careful when Lexxity Junior screams " I hate muesli". The PC police will be down on you like a ton of bricks.

Mac the Knife
5th Mar 2006, 10:01
The term "wog", AFAIK, used to stand for "Western Oriental Gentleman"

Wily Oriental Gentleman I believe.


tony draper
5th Mar 2006, 10:06
Why didn't yer just nut her Madam Lexxi,:E

tall and tasty
5th Mar 2006, 10:08
I have numerous friends who are from different parts of the world and on Friday morning had a long conversation with a friend who is married to a black lady (she has no quarms about being called that) she loves the golly wog characters and so does her daughter.

Her husband was telling me that she as a high flier was travelling long haul around the world and being put in business class for it. Nothng wrong with that. But the board of her company has been told that they should not waste their money on sending her in that class when she could go third!!! She has every right to go business and arrive at meetings freash instead of in the third if the rest of the company is doing it too.

My children have friends from all sorts of races and my eldest said she hated Mr Blair for tanrnishing all those of different races with the same brush as the minority that cause the problems.

If I was called a honky as it was a term in the 1970's it used to send me into the fit of giggles. I see nothing wrong with it and none of my friends who are of different races and religions see anything wrong with the characters in alot of childrens books. That is what they are and nothing else in my mind


5th Mar 2006, 10:17
Mac : Anything to do with "big" "Wily's" ?? ;)

Going back to the original "News" story, its quite likely that the shopkeeper will now have an increased turnover, due to the publicity as a result of the Diversity Police raid - and I'm sure that there will be those who will go and buy one just so they CAN display it somewhere that "might cause offence" to a "particular section of the community." :eek:

Perhaps a word in the shopkeepers ear might have been a better option :hmm:


... while on the subject, where does the line get drawn when it comes to comedy - where the main intention is not to offend, but provide entertainment and make people laugh ??

Is it OK to tell Irish, Blonde, Fat, Thin, Bald, Ugly, Religous Cripple etc jokes ( I think I went out with a girl like that once :E ) :rolleyes:
Is it OK to find "those sort of jokes" funny and have a good laugh ?? :confused:


tall and tasty
5th Mar 2006, 10:51
I think Tufty was a red squirrellMr Fraser you are indeed correct. I was a member of the Tufty club a book club for those kids who wanted to spend atlot of time reading and having fun with other club members.


tony draper
5th Mar 2006, 10:57
Soon we WASPs shall be obliged to walk out streets with bags over our heads and gloves covering out hands lest the palidness of our skin offends.

"I'm sorry officer,I did not notice my glove was missing.