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3rd Mar 2006, 17:11
Just wondering what you think the best war movie of all time is. I am voting for Full Metal Jacket, simply because the scene where the Drill Sergeant leads the recruits in singing "Happy Birthday Dear Jesus" on Christmas Day cracks me up every time!

3rd Mar 2006, 17:47
Battle of Britain. A classic movie with some big names and great flying sequences.

Private Ryan for realism and 'puke' factor.

3rd Mar 2006, 18:15
While not a movie in the traditional sense I have always considered "Band of Brothers" one of, if not the best, World War II movie ever made.

air pig
3rd Mar 2006, 18:38
You cannot miss out:-

Longest day
Bridge to Far
Great Escape
One of our aircraft is missing.
Cruel Sea.

A pretty eclectic choice, but I can watch them any time.

Remember " Zulu's, farsands of 'em"

:E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E

3rd Mar 2006, 18:45
Best classic boys-own-fare, Where Eagles Dare.

"Broadsword calling Danny Boy"

Otherwise, thumbs up for Das Boot, The Dambusters, and for it's theme music, 633 Squadron.

air pig
3rd Mar 2006, 19:19
Yes I did miss out

Das Boot,
but also add in Guns of Navarrone, Wild Geese, Ice Cold in Alex, By Dawns Early Light.

3rd Mar 2006, 19:32
Full Metal Jacket and Band of Brothers are my personal favourites.
Bridge too far and Master and Commander come close behind.

What Limits
3rd Mar 2006, 19:38
Apocalypse Now anyone?

3rd Mar 2006, 19:40
I called it "A Crock of SH!T Now.":E

3rd Mar 2006, 20:02
Battle of the River Plate & The Yangtze Incident (i think) classic British action films.

3rd Mar 2006, 20:12
Untergang, Der

3rd Mar 2006, 20:17
"Platoon" and "Saving Private Ryan" are so moving that I doubt I'll ever watch either one again....

3rd Mar 2006, 20:23
Downfall for me I think...

Talk about suspension of disbelief while watching a movie

tony draper
3rd Mar 2006, 20:32
This one of course.:E



3rd Mar 2006, 20:43
Watership Down:confused:

3rd Mar 2006, 20:46
How about:

12 'o Clock High
Bridge over the River Kwai

3rd Mar 2006, 20:47
Which war??

I do have loads of black and whites on tape, but how about

Hunt for Red October


Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Mar 2006, 21:04
Kelly's Heroes


3rd Mar 2006, 21:09
Three Kings

Black Hawk Down

Behind Enemy Lines(the 106 minute version)

Potent studies of American Servicemen on foreign soil

tony draper
3rd Mar 2006, 21:11
How does one hunt a red submarine in black and white.:uhoh:

Evening Star
3rd Mar 2006, 21:16
Untergang, Der

Watched it for the first time last night. Incredible film. Deeply unsettling, chilling and, at times, profoundly emotional. A brave film for a German director to make, and one that had me glued to the seat ... commercial breaks were moments of respite from the increasingly pervasive maelstrom.

Best in my opinion? Still assimilating, so too early to tell. Maybe 'great' as it touches the soul.

3rd Mar 2006, 21:20
Sink the Bismark...

unfortunately referred to in certain quarters as "Flush the Sh1t Stain"!:uhoh:

3rd Mar 2006, 21:27
Some have been mentioned already, but for the record (in no particular order)

Das Boot
The Longest Day
Ice Cold In Alex
Saving Private Ryan (in fact, this is no. 1)
The Desert Rats
The Hill (Sean Connery)
Platoon (sad, very sad)
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
Bridge on the River Kwai
African Queen
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Hunt for Red October
Henry V
Schindlers List
Charlotte Grey
Where Eagles Dare
Kellys Heroes
The Dirty Dozen
Conspiracy (chilling)
The Great Escape
Band of Brothers
The Fog Of War
Angels One Five (chocks away old bean!)
Black Hawk Down

And for light entertainment
von Ryans Express
Hannibal Brooks
Escape to Victory (only joking)
The sound of music
Battle Of The Bulge

And for the bin

And in production ;-)
Taliban 'Over and Out'
Shock And Awe: Gulf War Pt II

Evening Star
3rd Mar 2006, 21:27
Actually, amongst those I think the best are 'Das Boot' and 'Stalingrad'. Common thread is German films which obviously cannot rely on the easy 'how we won' Holywood mentality, so operate at a deeper level.

Think this is why 'Battle of Britain' is also so good. The climax of the film, where the final battle becomes somehow disembodied, works on that same deeper level.

3rd Mar 2006, 21:54
Enemy at the Gate, Ok Battle of Britain was really my fave but enemy has the most resonances for me.

Rob Courtney
3rd Mar 2006, 22:20
633 squadron

okay the film was crap but what a soundtrack:ok:


3rd Mar 2006, 22:28
ice cold in alex

hunt for red october

kellys heroes

von ryans express

longest day

battle of the bulge

Rick Storm
3rd Mar 2006, 22:47
Has to be Dr.Strangelove, the end scene...............
Mein Führer!!!!!!! I can walk!!!!!


Sultan Ismail
3rd Mar 2006, 23:15
"Oh What a Lovely War"

A film by Richard Attenborough of politicians and cannon fodder, with an incredibly moving final scene on the White Cliffs of Dover.

3rd Mar 2006, 23:46
Twelve O'Clock High.

tall and tasty
3rd Mar 2006, 23:57
Most of the above but two that stick out further than the rest

Schinlers List and Dam Busters

Two ends of the war spectrum and both incrediably powerful movies


ps I loved Band of Brothers but parts of it were just too graphic for even me to watch

4th Mar 2006, 00:01
Stripes ; with Bill Murray & John Candy

Conan the Librarian
4th Mar 2006, 00:22
Dr. Strangelove for me too.


4th Mar 2006, 02:05
Nobody mention Patton?
Ol' George C WAS Patton in that.

"Thirty years from now, when you're sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, "What did you do in the great World War II," you won't have to say, "Well... I shoveled shit in Louisiana."

4th Mar 2006, 02:24
Bet you've never heard of it - but there is a really amazing movie called 84CharlieMopic - a good chunk of this movie reappears in "Saving Private Ryan"

4th Mar 2006, 02:42
I wouldn't say this is my favourite.But has anyone seen a Vietnam war movie called. "How Sleep The Brave". I seen it years ago.And have not laid eyes on it since.

4th Mar 2006, 03:23
I forgot to mention "The Best Years of Their Lives." It's about the uneasy transition back to civilian life after WWII.

As I recall, one actor in it had lost his hands in the war for real, and played a disabled vet. I saw it first when I was about 10, and that image of him trying to put his pajamas on is seared forever in my brain....

4th Mar 2006, 04:16
Oh God yes Huck, that was a hell of a movie. It was years before I realized that the guy was a real vet, not an actor.

A true hero!:ok:

4th Mar 2006, 04:49
does deer hunter count? only brief combat but one of the best films ever

4th Mar 2006, 06:04
The Bridges at Toko Ri
The Hunters

4th Mar 2006, 06:21
If the Sound of Music counts, as somebody thought it does, then Deer Hunter counts in spades!

I'm with C-P and Huck here; The Best Years of Our Lives was unforgettable.

Nobody for Born on the Fourth of July?

Howard Hughes
4th Mar 2006, 06:29
Best classic boys-own-fare, Where Eagles Dare.
The Old Man was actually a tech on this movie, have some very rare footage of Aircraft crashing that did'nt make it to the big screen. One was a Junkers I believe, gone in flames, what a waste......:{

4th Mar 2006, 07:41
MyData, I thought I was going to have to mention Das Boot myself, thanks for doing it first.
African Queen is on my 10 Best list but only peripherally a War Movie, it is mostly a sucky romance. A good one though, screenplay by James Agee.
The Sand Pebbles is perty good, I think Steve McQueen was in it.
Night and Fog is directed by Alan Resnais IIRC. I nominate it above all others.

Capn Notarious
4th Mar 2006, 07:55
John Wayne, black and white classic.
Really the story of engineers being drafted to build runways on Pacific Islands.

4th Mar 2006, 08:22
Hell In The Pacific starring Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune and not a single other person in the movie......amazing film.

4th Mar 2006, 08:30
Obviously "The thin Red line" hasn't made it into anybody else's collection.....

tony draper
4th Mar 2006, 09:14
The Thin Red Line was a excellent book,also it was not a bad movie but to me it seemed the one bore little resemblence to tother.
Always wondered why movie makers concentrate on WW2,WW1 in its unsurpassed awfullness must be a mine of good stories, yet there hasn't actually been that many on film.
Paths of Glory or it may have been Tunes of Glory,starring kirk Douglas comes to mind

Buster Hyman
4th Mar 2006, 13:16
Captain Corellis Mandolin.
Sorry, can't keep a straight face!

Odd angry shot.http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/sarge.gif
Band of Brothers was exceptional.:ok:
To be or not to be...if only for the very last scene..."Excuse me. Is this England?"

High Wing Drifter
4th Mar 2006, 14:26
Obviously "The thin Red line" hasn't made it into anybody else's collection.....
The Thin Red Line is my favourite war movie. I haven't come across many films as throught provoking as this one from any genre. I'm not aware that war has been expressed with so many subtle as well as obvious allegories and contradictions. Although the film does show vivid battle scenes I almost feel they add little when compared to the grandeuer of the films aims. The themes rely on the cinematography and the visual juxtapositions just as much as the dialog and soliloquies. Says more about a soldier's lot than all the remaining patriotic, hero worship, wild action and heart string tuggers put together ever managed.

At the other end of the spectrum Saving Private Ryan is a god awful film, the usual US claptrap, despite the some of the incredible action scenes. But nothing beats U551 for all encompassing direness.


I thought the book was so so. The film did diverge from the book in many ways, all the better for it.

4th Mar 2006, 14:31
Paths of Glory or it may have been Tunes of Glory,starring kirk Douglas comes to mind

Am I being slow in the uptake here on some irony, or have you forgotten Sir Alec Guinness and Sir John Mills?

4th Mar 2006, 14:42

The best war film of all time starred Peter Sellers, Robert Morley and, appropriately enough, Constance Cummings.
Made in 1959, it was:


4th Mar 2006, 15:32
I thought"..Ryan" was so so...best description I've seen of it was that it was phenomenally good for the first 30 minutes (agreed) but after the beach sequence, once the music starts, it becomes just another Hollywood War Movie.
IMHO Band of Brothers is the "film" Ryan should have been.
As for World War One - "All Quiet on the Western Front" perhaps?

tony draper
4th Mar 2006, 15:33
Never cared much for 40's /50's Brit war movies Mr Davaar,they seem to show that the only working class chaps who actually fought therin were cockneys,and their sole function was to bring endless cups of coco to the public school chaps on the bridge.
"Anuver cup of coco Captin Sir cor blimey stone the crows"

4th Mar 2006, 15:35
A thought: Are we allowed to nominate "Zulu" or has that gone the way of Guy Gibson's dog?

4th Mar 2006, 16:10
Best War film of all time....

Band Of Brothers hands down.

Best Cold War Film Of All Time......

Hunt for Red October

Best Vietnam War Film OF All Time........

It's a Tie Between Platoon.....and Apocolypse Now.....

Best Post 1990's War Film......

It's a Tie Again...Black Hawk Down...and Saving Private Ryan....

4th Mar 2006, 16:43
Die Blechtrommel
Full Metal Jacket

4th Mar 2006, 16:44
"Anuver cup of coco Captin Sir cor blimey stone the crows"

I tend to agree. They were stomach-churning. "Cor blimey" was usually one of the desperately loyal chaps destined to die the token death, much like the desperately loyal 'Mbumbu in the KAR or the obligatory French Canadian Gaston, hanger-on of the Horsemen, a prince of a man, naturally, but dispensable to wolf/ avalanche/ mad trapper in those boys' books from R M Ballantyne and the like. The loathsome Derek, of course, hero, the blond, blue-eyed "man", as he always was, former prefect at St Blodgett's and star of the first eleven there, 16 years old, just out from "Home", to whom 'Mbumbu and Gaston were instantly desperately loyal, was always the one who blocked the ladder to the bridge, his fists going like pistons, especially the straight left, as taught by "the sergeant" for the Public Schools' championships back at St B's, to beat back the horde of bhang-fired maddened Chinese or, even worse, Malayan, pirates who had infiltrated the dear old SS British Tramp as lascars and were now joined by their mates who had just attacked from a seemingly-innocuous junk in the South China Sea, armed to the teeth with kris and ill-nature. But then, who am I to tell you these things? Hell, You were there yourself at the time. Mind you, I am no stranger either to the cup of cocoa, or as it was known in the Grey Funnel Line, "kye" on the bridge in the middle watch. "Cuppa kye sir?" in a force 8 during 24-hour engine trials off Fife Ness in a coastal minesweeper was a refinement of cruelty, guaranteed to linger but briefly in the tum before hitting the pail shared with the First Lieutenant. Two indications on radar bearing green 025 and 045, Sir. Who cares?

Even so, I think "Tunes of Glory" starred Sir Alec and Sir John.

4th Mar 2006, 17:27
Not exactly a war movie in the sense used here, but the BBC's 'The Great War', all 26(?) hours of it - no actors, it's all for real.

Possibly the most sobering experience of anyone's life and should be shown as part of all senior schools curriculum. Might even have stopped Tony & George from their grand adventure.

spitfires rule
4th Mar 2006, 18:05
Apocalypse Now and Band of brothers are the best followed by Enemy at the gates and Saving private Ryan

tony draper
4th Mar 2006, 18:32
Ah yes one recals that flic now Mr Davaar,Edingurgh Castle, well Alec Guinnes was up from the ranks,from the focsul head as we used to say at sea,small wonder he was a bounder.
Must have been Paths of Glory that starred Kirk Douglas,twer about the French Army during the first world war,in black and white,one thinks Mr Douglas was tasked to select some of his chaps to be shot at dawn was part of the plot,good movie if one remembers correctly.
Still think the First World War is a much neglected field,the cousins probably shun it for material because they arrived late when most of it was over,not like them I know.

4th Mar 2006, 19:13
WW 1 'All Quiet on the Western Front'
'Hells Angels, with Ben Lyon'

WW11 'Angels One Five' Battle of Britain film.,

All great movies but now sadly forgotten.

Capt H Peacock
4th Mar 2006, 19:36
Crimson Tide
SSBN Captain
I'm here to defend democracy, not to practise it
Battle of Britain
SWO observing two captured Lufty pilots on battle damaged airfield
They made this bloody mess, they can bloody well clear it up
not forgetting Michael Caine
We either shut down or blow up

4th Mar 2006, 19:44
I think "Judgement at Nuremberg" is a movie that stands the passage of time. Great cast, Tracy, Lancaster, Dietrich, Clift, Garland and Maximilian Schell who got an Oscar.
Also "Captain Kirk", (Shatner) and "Colonel Klink" (Klemperer) early in their careers.

4th Mar 2006, 20:45
WWI: All's Quiet on the Western Front

WWII: Band of Brothers, Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Memphis Belle, Enemy at the Gates

Korea: M*A*S*H

Vietnam: Platoon, FMJ, Hamburger Hill, Apocolypse Now, Bat21, Air America, We Were Soldiers

Onan the Clumsy
4th Mar 2006, 21:03
Only two mentions for "The Longest Day"? If nothing else, it's worth it just to name the actors (including a wonderful scene where James Robertson Justice helps get a stranded Bren Carrier off the beach).

Not a Film, and really a pretty appaling series, but "It Aint 'Arf 'Ot Mum" had a fantastic ending that I've always thought must have ben taken directly from the experiences of the writers. "Heroes are ten a penny here love. You'll get your tea when we make it." Anyone remember that.

Black Adder too I suppose, especially when General Haig finally managed to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin :(

4th Mar 2006, 21:23
On page two, mention is made of 84 Charlie Mopic, which is the MOS of the Motion Picture section of the Army. Much of this gritty documentary style movie also found its way into Full Metal Jacket as well.
Has anyone mentioned "A Walk In the Sun" yet?

air pig
4th Mar 2006, 21:30
To Shindlers List add Escape from Sobibor, a truly sobering film showing the story of courage in adversity, unfortunately for humanity a true and very real event.

4th Mar 2006, 21:32
Actually it was Robert Shaw who said the could clear the mess up :p
Tune of Glory, is a bl00dy good film, but not a war film [off soapbox]
Camp on Blood Island, Bridge on the river Kwai, The Long, The Short and The Tall....does Dr Strangelove count?

tony draper
4th Mar 2006, 21:40
Bridge on the River Kwai was a work of fiction,interstingly the story was written by a Frenchman,he also wrote Planet of the Apes.
Not many people know that.

4th Mar 2006, 21:48
Glory. Wonderful movie.

I have a sneaking regard for Courage Under Fire by the same director, not that I'm suggesting it's one of the greatest of all time.

4th Mar 2006, 21:54
'Ice Cold in Alex'

I always feel thirsty after watching that film! :p

4th Mar 2006, 22:13
My memories gone, sorry - What was the name of the film set in WWI in Galipoli where at the end there was a lot of tension as to whether they were going to go 'over the top' or not? Great film, held you captivated, although I can't remember was it was called! - think it starred a young Mel Gibson

Totally off thread, but I only found out the other day that my maternal grandfather served at Galipoli with the Navy and literally had the top of his head blown off. However, he was 'fortunate' as he was short chap, otherwise it would have taken his head off, and I wouldn't be typing this.

Also totally off thread, but the best play on words has to be 'Shaving Ryans Privates'!! are ther others?

Sorry, I'll get my coat.

4th Mar 2006, 22:16
What a prat I am. Just did a 'Google, and of course, it was actually called Gallipoli, shot (pun intended) in 1981.

Now I really will get my coat!


4th Mar 2006, 23:46
1st place

Empire of the Sun: “…P-51 Cadillac of the sky…”

(C. Bale greeting P-51 Mustang)

2nd place

Battle of the River Plate: “…right now give’er the lot…”

(A. Quayle commanding Ajax to re-engage)

3rd place

Battle of Britain: “…Last little corporal who tried came a cropper…”

(R. Richardson to Baron Von Richter)

4th place

Kelly’s Heroes: “…Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves…”

(D. Sutherland playing the wag)

5th Place

Zulu: “…Do your top button up, where do you think you are lad…”

(N. Green)


- The Longest Day
- Sink the Bismarck
- The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
- The Memphis Belle

*All films rated purely on their entertainment value – not historical (in)accuracy.

5th Mar 2006, 00:06
Although the book was infinitely better, "Catch 22" was another engaging anti war flic of WWII era.

5th Mar 2006, 02:34
Best Vietnam Movie, probably the first produced by Hollywood after the war.
"The Boys in Company C."


5th Mar 2006, 06:17
In my list:
1.Longest Day
2.Black Hawk Down

5th Mar 2006, 06:36
Another good one (the book was much better, but still), was The Great Escape

5th Mar 2006, 08:23
1. Memphis belle!!!! Great insight into the bomber boys.
2. Saving ryan...!!! Awesome graphics!!
3. Band of Brothers!! Great tail of a particular element all the way through the war.

Ghostie :ok:

5th Mar 2006, 09:47
Surprised not to see 'we were soldiers in the list' Fantastic, I thought!

Other wise, battle of Britain was great and Band of Brothers

5th Mar 2006, 11:35
Saw "How Sleep The Brave" on video back in the eighties and like you have never seen it since. You might be able to pick up a copy on E-bay. Another little known Vietnam movie is "The Boys from Company C". Not my No1 but a pretty good study of some emotive issues surrounding that particular conflict.

Rocky Rhodes
6th Mar 2006, 06:00
I seem to remember a Vietnam movie called "Go Tell it to the Spartans" that was different. "Patton" a classic. "Zulu", " Memphis Belle" Ja und "Das Boot" all good films.

6th Mar 2006, 07:23
No one seems to have mentioned the Boer War on this thread yet. Hardly surprising, it didn't last long and was, at best, a score draw for the Brits. I can think of only two movies that featured it, Young Winston and Breaker Morrant.

The latter was a really stunning film, with Edward Woodward and Bryan Brown superb as two Aussies caught up in the first real use of a socrched earth policy and its consequences.

The ending is on a par with the last moments of Blackadder IV.


Go Smoke
6th Mar 2006, 09:01
Anybody else remember "The Blue Max"?

Seem to remember seeing a fair bit of Ursula Andress!

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Mar 2006, 10:17
John Fairr

Majuba was another Boer War classic.

6th Mar 2006, 11:22
Of course "Ice Cold in Alex".
I am glad someone else has chosen "Life and Death of Colonel Blimp"... ahh "Till the rains come..." and not a dry eye in the house when the rains do come in the form of an emergengency water storage (EWS) tank after the house is bombed flat. double-ahhh for Deborah Kerr.
"In which we serve"... Noel Coward and his "heppy" ship
"The Cruel Sea"
And all those delightful films about the horrors of VD they used to show to spice up life. Anybody got a copy of the one they used to show PMRAFNS?

Onan the Clumsy
6th Mar 2006, 12:28
Spartacus and the wonderful scene where they are captured and the Greek bloke says "anyone want a kebab?"

Actually he asks which one is Spartacus and Kirk Douglas steps forward and says "I am Spartacus" knowing he would be killed horribly. there's a short pause and anothe bloke steps forward and says "Donor or Shish?" Actually he says "No I am spartacus" and so it goes on.

I worked ata place where management :yuk: gave themselves the self-agrandizing title of "Leadership" :* and I always thought of this scene "No, Spartacus was a leader."

6th Mar 2006, 17:31
Thanks for the replies. Never seen Band of Brothers but think I might have to run out and buy it now......

6th Mar 2006, 18:17
Appintment in London not often mentioned but an interesting film all the same

6th Mar 2006, 18:38
downfall is an amazing film loved it.

Battle of britain and dambuster of course great.

Top Gun? a war film?

Buster Hyman
6th Mar 2006, 20:11
Belfastchild. If you liked the production quality of Saving Private Ryan, you'll enjoy Band of Brothers:ok:

6th Mar 2006, 20:28
There was a movie I once saw as a young lad, I have no clue the name, or the plot really, but from what I remember, it was a good movie.

The only thing I remember is that it was based it the eighties, in the UK, one of the characters was in the RAF, he was one of those chaps with the hawks, that keep the other birds away from the field during flight ops. The last scene of the movie was a Handley Page Victor or a Vulcan taking off in the bacground, and this chap leaning on his Land Rover with his trusty hawk.

I dunno why I remember this, but if anybody has a clue as to what the movie was called, please let me know.

6th Mar 2006, 21:24
I'm not much for the 'action' type of war films, gets a bit samey all that gore, prefer more thought-provoking stuff; so The Deer Hunter definitely gets a nod.

A couple of perhaps lesser-known entries:

Saviour - a truly horrific portrait of the Yugoslav mess :sad: .
Johnny Got His Gun - I still get nightmares occasionally :eek: .

6th Mar 2006, 23:49
Johnny Got His Gun - I still get nightmares occasionally :eek: .

PT, i saw bits of that movie in Metallica's "One" Video and went out and watched it... i know what you mean about the nightmares.. PHEW!.

Binos, Glory and Courage under Fire both directed by a dude named Edward Zwick, among others he directed Legends of the Fall and Last Samurai (havent seen either) but also The Siege which whilst it wouldnt exactly be a "war" movie is still pretty darn good IMO.


7th Mar 2006, 07:58
Anyone pick up the recent news that David Frost ( hello, good evening and welcome etc) wants to make a remake of the Dambusters ? This of course will be in full colour and no doubt be politically correct - ie usual influx of 'minorities' and of course Gibson's dog could not possibly be called ****** - what a load of balls, a classic movie leave it alone.

So to answer the question

RAF- Dambusters
Army - Ice Cold in Alex
Navy - The Cruel Sea
Colonial Days - Zulu
WWI - The Trench
Yanks - Twelve o'clock High
Aussies - Gallipoli - poor film but important campaign
Historical - Henry V - the real Band of Brothers, Olivier overall but Branagh version very good in places
Worst - Memphis Belle, Mosquito Squadron
Most disappointing - Battle of Britain, could have been so much better
Modern - Downfall - chilling

7th Mar 2006, 11:25
Have bought Band of Brothers. 782 mins of viewing awaits.....:8

7th Mar 2006, 15:27
Not a motion picture, but my mum sat me down every wed. night when I was young and made me watch "World At War" on PBS. Mainly old newsreel footage combined with interviews from the seventies of survivors. Made a huge impression.

Little Blue
7th Mar 2006, 16:43
What about "Cross of Iron" ?
Ok, some of the acting wasn't too clever, but the the battle scenes?
Same with "March or die", Gene Hackmann/Foreign Legion movie.
Up until the last 30 mins, it dragged, but the battle at the end with the Arab tribes more than made up for the rest.
Not strictly a war film, but "Braveheart", anyone?
Always loved "Zulu Dawn", but not really a patch on "Zulu"

air pig
7th Mar 2006, 18:44
If you add documantarys then Laurence Rees history of Auschwitz recently shown on BBC, totally devestating.

7th Mar 2006, 19:02
“Sailor of the King”, 1953, Michael Rennie, Wendy Hiller, swims into the memory, from "Brown on Resolution", by C S Forester.

The movie is set in WW2, but the novel in WW1. Leading Seaman Albert Brown, RN, serves in HMS Charybdis, sunk by SMS Ziethen. Ziethen picks up Brown and two others, and steams to Resolution Island in the Galapagos as a refuge for repairs.

Brown escapes with a rifle and holes up ashore behind rocks overlooking the ship. He spends the next 48 hours picking off anyone who ventures on the upper deck. This immobilises her. The RN is searching, finds and sinks her. End of movie.

Dr draper may prefer the earlier version, 1935, I see from Google, starring his favourite, John Mills, as the honest working class lad who, unknown to any, etc., etc. (other than us), is in fact the illegitimate son of that self same captain, RN (Rennie), unfeeling swine, who seduces Brown’s Mum (who was determined that her boy would be a sailor, just like Dad), eventually sinks Ziethen, and decorates Brown (Mills). I never did say there was justice. Good movie.

7th Mar 2006, 19:05
Catch 22
Das Boot
The Enemy Below
They Dive at Dawn
Sink The Bismark
X Craft
Operation Petticoat
Private Ryan
Battle of the Bulge
A Bridge Too Far
The Great Escape
Stalag 17
King Rat

CarltonBrowne the FO
7th Mar 2006, 19:12
Angels One Five is worth watching all the way through just for the sheer poetic bleakness of the last scene, and Jack Hawkins' closing line "Your message received and understood. Out."
One of the better 40s British war films is "The Way to the Stars"- the young Bill Owen (Compo from Last of the Summer Wine) features as a gunner, in the best supporting working-class character manner so disliked by tony draper. What makes it stand out is the fact that the hero is initially hard to isolate- several of the early leads (big name actors of their day) die early on...
Having said all that, if there are ever films made of Chickenhawk or Once a Warrior King I'll be near the head of the queue.
And BTW, the way to hunt a red submarine in black and white is to remember that the red is the one behind the pink...

7th Mar 2006, 19:14
My votes go for "Das Boot" - with sub-titles and a really obscure army movie (does that still count?) called "The Hill" with Sean Connery.

I am a total English speaker but when they dubbed "The Boat" it really did it an injustice.

For Mr CBrowne, I thought that the brown was behind the pink, unless of course, you approach from the other side :)

8th Mar 2006, 11:35
A little know series that hasn´t been mentioned and you can still get on ebay : Anzacs - great WW1 action and very true to the history of the regiment and political times as it follows an aussie battalion through the whole of the war... of and its got paul hogan at his best in it.

tony draper
8th Mar 2006, 11:57
Twer the lack of working class character in Brit Stiff Upper Lip operas one was calling attention to Mr Browne.

9th Mar 2006, 14:40
Tilewood already mentioned it "All quiet on the western front" the best anti -war movie of all time.
Gung-Ho with Randolph Scott more of a political piece of forties anti-jap propaganda and pretty funny in today's PC world.
Piece of trivia :How many of the ships used by the Japanese on the Pearl harbour raid where built in Britain ???
How many of the Guns where built in the U.K. ?
How many of the officers where trained by the RN ?

9th Mar 2006, 16:51
Henry V (What a speech before Agincourt starts.....)
The Dirty Dozen
Cold Mountain, and of course
England v Australia, 2003 (that was the best war film.......)


9th Mar 2006, 19:38
I think it was a good movie - it was ages ago that I saw it. Can't remember the title but there was a scene where a recruit/private was thrown into a bath full of bleach and scrubbed with a broom. don't remember what he had done to deserve this. Anyone know what film?

9th Mar 2006, 19:40
"Das Boot" - the director's cut.

9th Mar 2006, 20:06
Gallipolli always gives me the willies.....

The mix of music and madness never fails to start me off:{

9th Mar 2006, 20:09
Forrest Gump is in my top ten!

Predator would also be another one to be "mentioned in dispatches"

9th Mar 2006, 20:12
My personal favourite is "Saving Private Ryan" The opening scene is amazing! And it was filmed on the shores on ireland if i remember correctly!

9th Mar 2006, 20:38
Definitely "Kelly's Heroes", it shows how stupid war is. But I saw "The way to the stars" today, and it is the best of a certain kind of "stiff uooer lip" movie i have seen.

9th Mar 2006, 21:40
Gallipolli always gives me the willies.....
The mix of music and madness never fails to start me off:{"Au Fond du Temple Saint" from Bizet's Pearl Fishers (http://www.vivalavoce.com/?nid=26&sid=342200) before anyone asks....

tony draper
9th Mar 2006, 21:46
Dunno your answers Mr 2R but heres one for you, what American warship that survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour raid was later sunk by the Brits?.:E

9th Mar 2006, 21:49
Think MASH did a pretty good job of showing up the stupidity of war.

9th Mar 2006, 23:23
The execution of Private Slovik

Went the day well

9th Mar 2006, 23:35
Since television documentaries have been included, there was a 26 part series called "Victory at Sea" which was all archival footage with a perfectly wonderful score by Richard Rogers ( of R and Hart and R and Hammerstein).. His score is so good that it stands alone as a decent record album/

AN2 Driver
9th Mar 2006, 23:53
Since Cold Mountain was mentioned... Interesting bit is they shot this in Romaina. I knew one of the fellows who went there to teach the guys how to be soldiers of the ACW... died of cancer recently unfortunately.

"Glory" remains one of my favorites.
"Gettysburg" got loads of people interested in the American Civil War.

Eisenstein's works... "Alexander Nevski". Rather impressive and the score is quite unique.

On WWII most have been mentioned.

"Midway" has some great moments. I remember seeing it when it first came out with surround in the cinema.
So has "Tora,Tora Tora."

Quod Boy
10th Mar 2006, 00:32
What about "Is Paris burning?" and the Great Escape???

"Any questions?" After the pre dep brief,I always like to ask what are the names of the tunnels in Great Escape??

It foxes them every time,totally irrelevant of course but nevertheless essential info.

Dam Busters,BOB,Priv Ryan,BoB,633,Das Boot,Downfall,Full metal all esssential viewing for any prooner.

Cheers,the pub awaits QB:ok:

10th Mar 2006, 00:42
AN2 Driver,

Yes, Glory was a fantastic picture on the American Civil War. Very well done.

M*A*S*H another great movie, and yes....showing the stupidity of war.

A couple others that I think have not been mentioned........

TumbleDown Mountain. Excuse the mispelling of the title. While not really a war flick, a great movie all the same.

Piece of Cake....I believe a 6 or 7 part series based on Hornet Squadron.

10th Mar 2006, 13:55
Finished watching Band of Brothers - very good series. Not your typical Hollywood "let's blow sunshine up our ar$e look how good we were in winning the war" style depiction.

Still voting for Full Metal jacket though. It is a very cynical look at war, and I guess I am a sucker for cynicism.

Wonder how many movies will be made over the next few decades about the Iraq conflict......

10th Mar 2006, 14:14
I think it was a good movie - it was ages ago that I saw it. Can't remember the title but there was a scene where a recruit/private was thrown into a bath full of bleach and scrubbed with a broom. don't remember what he had done to deserve this. Anyone know what film?

Can't quite remember which but I think the "Regimental Bath" was in Resurrected, with the bathee being David Thewlis
Story is that he disappeared in the Falklands presumed dead, then walked into Stanley once everyone had gone home. When he returned to Blighty, the rest of his regt accused him of hiding - hence the bullying.

10th Mar 2006, 15:31
then how about Gladiator

"unleash hell....."

10th Mar 2006, 16:35
I always like to ask what are the names of the tunnels in Great EscapeT, D & H ?

10th Mar 2006, 17:17
The only one that i can guess at would be the "Belgrano" Mr Drapes:} :} :}

10th Mar 2006, 20:00
USS Phoenix.....sunk by the British sub HMS Conqueror in 1982 as General Belgrano

10th Mar 2006, 20:06

Cruel Sea ... Jack Hawkins last line "Finished with engines"
Catch 22
Cockleshell Heroes
The Eagle has Landed
Bat21.... who was the airborne guide?

Plus most of the aforementioned.

10th Mar 2006, 21:15
Bat21.... who was the airborne guide?Danny Glover (of Lethal Weapon fame).

tony draper
10th Mar 2006, 21:20
Anybody mentioned "Cross of Iron"? anything by Sam is worth watching.