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3rd Mar 2006, 17:25

3rd Mar 2006, 17:35
Hey! A game I don't suck at! :cool:

7 hits in a row, 1 miss, 4 hits in a row, then I lost track due to the excitement of it all! :}

I'll have some more goes....perhaps I'll do better if I try to be more phlegmatic.

*cough* *snnnnnnnifff* *pucker*

OK, wish me luck.........

3rd Mar 2006, 17:51
There's a geezer who runs a candle shop at a craft place in Cheshire who
resembles Mr. C. Even has a list of questions re a certain dog.

3rd Mar 2006, 18:41
I got 8!!!

I remember the Spit the dog sketch where his 'handler' was asking a little girl about the death of someone close. At the height of the emotion the dog gobbed on her. I laughed til it hurt.

3rd Mar 2006, 18:46
I saw Bob and Spit in a forces concert party out in Cyprus in the early 80s. They were the stars of the show IMO. Side s(pl)itting laughter.

Windy Militant
3rd Mar 2006, 18:49
Ahh Those were the days. The Phantom Flan Flinger, Sid the parrot and Sally Doot (.)(.) Doot James! :ok:

3rd Mar 2006, 19:18
Ahh Those were the days. The Phantom Flan Flinger, Sid the parrot and Sally Doot (.)(.) Doot James! :ok:
The bucket of water song. Condensed milk sandwiches! Aye, try explaining that tay the youth of today and they just don't believe yah!


3rd Mar 2006, 20:45
Somewhat proud to admit that I've been posting on the forum section of this (http://www.tiswasonline.com/) site for a good year or so.....

3rd Mar 2006, 21:10
I note from that website that Sally (doot doot) James now runs a "school uniform" business, with a friend, in Surrey.......... sigh.

I'm now looking for pictures of her in a gymslip and blouse........ :E

3rd Mar 2006, 21:16
Helped me thru a long Midlands winter in 80 did tiz woz.

3rd Mar 2006, 22:15
Tiswas was broadcast from brum.
I remember being in the bar of the Strathallen Hotel one night, when Tarrant, Carrolgees, James et all paid it a visit. Mayhem ensued, before the hotel management "persuaded" them to leave.

cessna l plate
4th Mar 2006, 12:18
I can't remember as the memory isn't what it used to be, but what did TISWAS stand for?
I think part of it was Today Is Saturday.........

4th Mar 2006, 12:26
.... Watch and Smile!

9th Mar 2006, 19:13

For those unborn in the 80's


9th Mar 2006, 19:39
Was Spit the Dog the thing Bob had his hand up, or the thing under
his nose?!! ;)