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Loose rivets
2nd Mar 2006, 00:22
We wondered if you would both like to see the Alamos.

But there's only me here.

As someone said on "Hi I'm new here" it is one of the biggest thread drifts in the history of....erm, threads.

So, will the Mods combine the threads? Will the new young chap think he has entered another universe? Come back next week when I will have drug out (they do say that you know) some pikkies. I will probably post them in the medical section just to keep the confusion on the boil.:}

2nd Mar 2006, 09:13
How many Alamos are there? I can only remember one.


Loose rivets
2nd Mar 2006, 22:17
At last!!!!! I thought nobody was ever going to ask.:8

The 'other one', is in fact a full size? film-set copy built propper in stone. It was made because they wouldn't let the film company fire cannon balls in downtown San Antonio.

I can't however, remember where it is, but we were on our way to Big Bend, so it must be out to the west somewhere.

2nd Mar 2006, 22:25
I thought they called them Los Alamos, and made atomic bombs there.

3rd Mar 2006, 01:10
... or dismantled them in a somewhat spectacular fashion. :uhoh:

3rd Mar 2006, 02:47
You mean this Alamo ??