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Windy Militant
1st Mar 2006, 09:47
Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus I pawb! Fy hoff dymuniad am y dydd yw heddwch I pob un ar wyneb y Byd.
Hwyl yr Wyl :ok:

1st Mar 2006, 10:04
And a Happy St David's Day to you too (just a guess)

bar fly
1st Mar 2006, 10:22
Happy St. David's day to you too.... I think :ok:

1st Mar 2006, 10:42
Here we go (again) .......

1) Mods remove thread as unable to moderate foreign language and suspect that evil and nasty things are being said

2) Poster gets hump - questions Mods about their autocratic attitude (and parentage) and defends his/her ethnic minority of choice

3) Mods chastise poster further

4) Poster storms off and creates www.flyjackidah.com or something similar

5) The sellers of forum software become even richer

Only joking (I think)

tony draper
1st Mar 2006, 10:42

Your majesty says very true: if your majesties is
remembered of it, the Welshmen did good service in a
garden where leeks did grow, wearing leeks in their
Monmouth caps; which, your majesty know, to this
hour is an honourable badge of the service; and I do
believe your majesty takes no scorn to wear the leek
upon Saint Tavy's day.


I wear it for a memorable honour;
For I am Welsh, you know, good countryman.

1st Mar 2006, 11:49
Wishing my fellow countrymen a very Happy St Davids Day, I awoke to a blanket of snow but the sun is now shining.

The land of my fathers, the land of my choice,
The land in which poets and minstrels rejoice;
The land whose stern warriors were true to the core,
While bleeding for freedom of yore.

1st Mar 2006, 12:36
Da iawn!

Yr Arglwydd a fo gyda chwi.

I forgot the rest of my Welsh (well, most of it).

1st Mar 2006, 12:40
I think someone has been swapping the keys on your keyboard again! It makes no sense. Vaguely resembles some daft language nobody speaks anymore, but a few diehards keep alive (and paid for by taxes raised on everybody else)!

1st Mar 2006, 13:06
Very much a living language and long may it be the case, more and more learning and using it.
Listen to the Welsh National Anthem sung on match days to see how we feel.

Windy Militant
1st Mar 2006, 13:38
Alive and well and still spoken in Patagonia, America and there's definately a Welsh speaking enclave in both Melbourne and Sydney* Dununda! :p

* Though where they get Cardiau Nadolig** from every year eludes me probably the same place you get scarlet ribbons from. ;)

** Christmas Cards

1st Mar 2006, 13:46
I see Her Maj opened the new Welsh parliament/assembly/meeting hut this morning. I hope top of the Agenda is the mass importation of some vowels to help brighten up what is an incredibly ugly language.
I see the building is partially heated by hot air from pipes in the ground. Would have been easier to lay pipes from the House of Commons. Mind you, it would get awfully hot.

Windy Militant
1st Mar 2006, 13:59
Gair i'r gwir
one of a class of speech sounds in the articulation of which the oral part of the breath channel is not blocked and is not constricted enough to cause audible friction; it the one most prominent sound in a syllable. In English, the vowels are a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y. Welsh adds the letter w to this list, which explains why so many English speakers think of Welsh as a vowel-less language.

(C)opyright 1994-2003 Mark H. Nodine

1st Mar 2006, 14:01
Didn't you used to have a Rugby Team?????

Gets hat coat and goes 'afore a leek cracks me round the head!

Windy Militant
1st Mar 2006, 14:02
Yes but unfortunately they've been spending too much time in Church! :E

1st Mar 2006, 15:01
Didn't you lasernigel ? ;)

I've lived in Wales for a long time now but when push comes to shove it's still
Alba Gu Brath ! Which sounds remarkably Welsh, if you ignore the vowels of course :cool:

1st Mar 2006, 15:40
Vaguely resembles some daft language nobody speaks anymore, but a few diehards keep alive (and paid for by taxes raised on everybody else)!
Grrrrrr! Hear! Hear!

You Taffys want yer daft old lingo, you go pay for it yourselves! :mad:

1st Mar 2006, 15:49
Mawrth Y Cyntaf!

Seems to say Mawrth is a taf cynt . . .

The boy stood on the burning deck . . .

On second thoughts, isn't it Flowerpot Men language, Bill and Ben?
Pob ol of.
Ar pawb!

Just going for a leek, back in five.

1st Mar 2006, 15:56

1st Mar 2006, 15:56
Little saucepan is boiling on the fire,
Big saucepan boils over on the floor,
The cat's scratching Johnny on the cheek.

Little David the soldier,
Little David the soldier,
Little David the soldier,
His shirttail's hanging out.

....... they just don't write lyrics like that in any other language ......;) ;) ;)

1st Mar 2006, 15:59
Waddle oo tikoo dop?
Gloob a waddle a hop.

1st Mar 2006, 17:09
Too much weed, from the sound of you. :rolleyes:

1st Mar 2006, 17:15
As a test, I'm going to randomly hit my keyboard with my phone:

fvpo ij0 piho ou iyf iy i u poio ugi iooug kvvnn

Hmmm, I was expecting Welsh, but I seem to have got Finnish???

1st Mar 2006, 17:25
Waddle oo tikoo dop?
Gloob a waddle a hop.

'What do you think of that?-
gloves as well as a hat!'

Flying Lawyer
1st Mar 2006, 18:27
Diolch yn fawr.

Sadly, that's virtually all the Welsh I know these days. Coming from an anglicised part of Wales, and after 35 years as an expat living in London, I've forgotten most of the little Welsh I knew. I have nothing but admiration for those who started the fight to save the language; I only wish they'd begun even earlier. Well done the "diehards" who not only keep the language alive but are seeing it grow.

You've disappointed me. I'm normally a fan of your contributions.
The action to save the Welsh language is insignificant compared with the action to destroy it in the mid 19th century following a Parliamentary Report by three Commissioners on the state of education in Wales. Their Report, the infamous 'Blue Books' circa 1850, declared the standard of education to be very low; they were appalled by how little the children knew. The fact that all three commissioners were English and virtually all the children spoke Welsh as their first language (or only language, in rural areas) wasn't regarded as a relevant factor!
The (predominantly English) government's decision that English was the only suitable language for education gave rise to the iniquitous 'Welsh Not', a piece of wood inscribed 'WN' which children caught speaking Welsh in schools were forced to wear around their necks. The WN would be passed to another child heard speaking Welsh and the child wearing it at the end of the day (or week, I can't remember) was beaten.

A determined effort to save the language began in the early 1960s and, decades later (1993?) the Welsh Language Act was eventually passed to help preserve Welsh. The cost to the taxpayer of producing bilingual government forms and road signs is very small in the scheme of things - and minute when balanced against losing a language which can be traced back to the 6th Century.

they just don't write lyrics like that in any other language Are you sure about that?

Tudor Owen http://www.3dflags.com/media/icon/classic/u/3dflagsdotcom_ukwal_2fawm.gif

1st Mar 2006, 19:44
Pride in a language and a nation is something that most English people will never understand.
Its easy to make cheap jokes at the expense of others, but come over this side of Offa's Dyke and make them.....:ouch:

1st Mar 2006, 20:10
Congratulations on the opening of that new County Council office. 70 million very well spent.


1st Mar 2006, 20:49

Portcullis House cost 234 Million, (source:NAO), just to keep a bunch of bureaucrats within spitting distance of Westminster. Wales got a bargain by comparison!

Happy St David's and enjoy your Senedd.

Yours frae ower the dyke an furth the waw.


1st Mar 2006, 21:01
Portcullis House houses MPs who serve the whole of the United Kingdom, population circa 60M. That Welsh council building houses a bunch of powerless Welsh Assembly members, who have limited power over 2M people and 5M sheep.

Value for money, my @rse !

Bah humbug, Happy St. Davids Day !


Flying Lawyer
1st Mar 2006, 23:08

I agree with you, up to a point.
It was a disappointing day when the Welsh nation didn't take the bolder and better step taken by our fellow Celts in Scotland and vote for wider powers.
Still, we were conquered in 1536 so had longer to get used to the occupation. The Scots weren't conquered until as recently as 1707 and were still commendably rebellious.

Loose rivets
1st Mar 2006, 23:17

Do you Cym here often?:D

1st Mar 2006, 23:43
F-L my learned friend.

Au contraire:

Wales; Conquered, but never beaten.
Scotland; Beaten, but never conquered.

Only the Jacobite Highlanders could be said to have been "conquered" in the true sense of the word. The remainder, not so.

After Llewellyn's death in 1282, the Statute of Rhuddlan in 1284 set in the rot which took hold finally in the Laws in Wales Acts 1535 -1542. (Despite Owain Glyndwr's best efforts during the intervening period). So I guess you've had even longer to get used to it.

Don't worry though, the English are still coming to terms with becoming part of the Kingdom of Scotland in 1603! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/grinser/grinning-smiley-013.gif


2nd Mar 2006, 02:15
Anyone looking forward to watching the FA cup final at England's national stadium? No, didn't think so:{
Anyway at least when it is opened you can give a rousing rendition of the English national anthem,wait a moment you don't have one of those at the moment either:}
So thats no home for the national game,no national anthem & no English elected political body:(
It seems to me as a deprived minority area you probably qualify for some special EU funding :8

2nd Mar 2006, 07:23
Happy St David's.

One day I will learn the language, as it is half my lineage.


2nd Mar 2006, 07:57
As a Scot married to a Welsh girl from a beautiful and haunting part of Wales I wish we both had our true native tongues as well as our fluency in English. It is a broken link with our past which needs to be reforged.

It is worth noting that the oldest literature in Welsh which predates anything in English by a considerable number of years was actually written in and around Dinas Eiddyn (Edinburgh) where people at the time spoke the language now called Welsh.

I've often wondered why the Welsh don't go the whole way, reject the term Welsh and start calling themselves and their language what both really are - Brythonic or British.

Any of you Welsh boys care to comment?

2nd Mar 2006, 08:30
There was one ignorant English export to North Wales who used to think that the Welsh National Anthem started:-

My hen laid a haddock on top of a tree

But it's still a better anthem than God Save the Queen!

Billy Conolly was right - change it to "The Archers" music:E