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28th Feb 2006, 07:43
I went downtown the other day to see the 'Americans in Paris' exhibit at the National Gallery, here in London.

As I was skirting the edge of the square I noticed a gang of pigeons on the strip of lawn. They were all clustered around the front page of a discarded newspaper with a headline about Ken 'Feathered Rats' Livingstone having been suspended. They were all jostling and going, 'Gurrr, gurrr,' blinking and hopping around...' Do pigeons always do that?

I understand it has recently come to light that they follow roads to navigate, keeping to the wrong side of the road presumably. Might it be that they can read? Well, not all of them, of course. Just the ones from the pre-MTV generation. I think someone should be given a grant to study this.

28th Feb 2006, 07:51
Tend to crap on peoples heads.:yuk:

28th Feb 2006, 08:23
"Tend to crap on peoples heads." He certainly does some strange things!

Perhaps those pigeons were planning a coo against Red Ken?

I once read that during the Cold War, the Russians used pigeons for quality control in ball bearing factories, they were trained to peck a button if they spotted a bad 'un, rejecting the BB and earning themselves a grain of corn.

Once manufacturing standards improved, did the pigeons all starve to death? Perhaps an ex Cold War Russian ball bearing factory expert could enlighten us further.. there's bound to be one here somewhere ;) .

Farmer 1
28th Feb 2006, 09:01
Shy Torque,

Don't about Russians, but pigeons were once trained in quality control. They did the job well, and were paid chickenfeed - well, pigeonfeed, actually.

But, the project was stopped because of public relations. The company (forget the name) decided they would not look too good in the eyes of their customers if they found out the truth.

28th Feb 2006, 11:48
- as long as they weren't coughing, should be alright. Actually, pigeons going "Gurrr, gurrr" sounds like they've had a bad trip on meal made from sheep bits and now think they're dogs.

As for what else can pigeons do, I think Colonel Sanders had that one cracked a loong time ago....

Krystal n chips
28th Feb 2006, 15:10
They have an permanently disabled TCAS system ! A tendency to fly in a straight line irrespective of conflicting traffic means the personal tally so far is :

Gliders 2--pigeons 0.

Cars / Vans 3 --Pigeons 0.

And one ground incident, Cars 1--Squashed Pigeons 0.

Not to mention the numerous others I have seen fly straight and level into the side of various vehicles. "Not the brightest of birds " then :hmm:

DX Wombat
28th Feb 2006, 16:42
Their cousins, the Woodpigeons, are often used to make Pigeon Pie. :hmm:

28th Feb 2006, 16:54
Pigeons can't read newspapers, chuks.

......except when they're written in pigeon English, of course.

And don't be mislead that "Gurrr, gurrr", *blink*,*hop* does indeed translate to "Livingstone, I presume".......the picture would give that away.


"Coo, coo" is usually elicited by page three.

"Burrrr, burrrr" by the weather forecast.

Furious pecking by an adhered chip/mushy pea.

28th Feb 2006, 17:13
Pigeons? We don't need no stinking pigeons...


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