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27th Feb 2006, 02:04
Maybe thius has been done before......I am not a big TV watcher, really not much at all but I have recently been watching a show called "Curb your EWnthusiasm", and it would be the funniest TV show I have seen in the past 5 or so years just absolutly hilarious, and I am not ordinarily an American sense of humour person. Regrettably it does not come on down here in Oz until midnight on a Wednesday (good thing really considering the language) so it gets taped and I watch it later
Anyone else find this show painfully funny, and that guy Larry David - I just laugh to see him now!:D

Like This - Do That
27th Feb 2006, 09:41

I've seen a couple of episodes. Some bits seemed to fall flat, but a couple of bits were sublimely funny. Probably worth a second look.

In a similar vein (is that spelt right? I'm on my 3rd glass of Merlot) was the Larry Sanders show. Channel 10 (Aus) dicked around with it at odd bloody late hours then dropped it in favour of the 3rd repeat of Australia's dumbest morons in a studio laughing at a hasbeen compere presenting ads from the Cannes festival of 3 years earlier ..... or some similar puerile sh1t.

It's on Foxtel nowadays, but I'm too cheap to fork out for the Comedy Channel.

tony draper
27th Feb 2006, 09:55
Likewise, watched it last night and a few other times, as Mr LTDT this says, like the Curates Egg tiz good in places,and also agree, the Larry Sanders show is a neglected gem,don't think it has ever been shown on the terrestrial channels here and I would put it up there with Cheers or Frazier.

27th Feb 2006, 09:57
It's odd really.

There's been a lot of hype about this program, and I've tried to watch it a couple of times. I have tried, believe me, I have tried to find something funny about it. But each time, I've found it impossible to watch for more than ten minutes. Utterly boring, nothing happens, totally devoid of any humorous content whatsoever. It just appears to be this banal guy wandering around muttering to himself. :confused:

I guess humour must be a very subjective thing.

tony draper
27th Feb 2006, 10:07
Apparently its all supposed to be ad-libed,seems possible because it does fall flat a lot,I,m a bit like you Mr G,I try hard to like it.
Tiz my wxperience that ad-libs have to be well reheared to work well
as in, Have I got News For You.

27th Feb 2006, 12:47
Larry David was co-creator of Seinfeld, the funniest show of all time (along with FT of course). He was the first executive producer.

He was also the voice of Steinbrenner on the show.

The funniest thing I've ever heard him say: "The closest thing to a near-death experience I've ever had was when I masturbated with a 103 degree fever. I floated toward a light, I saw dead relatives, my uncle shouting at me, 'Look at yourself, you're disgusting....'"

27th Feb 2006, 13:23
Er... If that really is the funniest thing he's ever said, then I rest my case :confused:

27th Feb 2006, 21:02
Now see I only ever saw a couple of Seinfeld episodes and I could take it or leave it - same with cheers ans others not really fussed, I guess you are right it is a subjective thing humour, a little like music I suppose I never understood why U2 were so popular? why is that? It is comforting to know that others I have spoken to feel the same........
I can't say why I find Larry David so funny, I only have to see him now and I giggle......

27th Feb 2006, 21:38
Yeah, I'm with grainger on this. Humour is a personal thing. C.Y.E. was a cringe-fest. To me David's not a comedian, although Seinfeld did have its moments. That Richards guy is my favourite. The rest are caricatures of NY's neuroses being put to comedy value.
An old quote reminds me why ad-libbing is hit-and-miss.

"Most times it takes me three or four hours to come up with a good impromptu 15-min speech."

Now 'Frasier', or 'Cheers' in the early years, wins hands down.

Farmer 1
28th Feb 2006, 09:10
American humour? Let them try this, which also happens to fulfil one of the basic requirements of Jetblast:

Clegge: You’re looking very thoughtful, Truly. You look like a man who’s thinking about life, and death, and what it’s all about.

Truly: Actually, I was thinking about how much I used to like a kipper for my breakfast. But they tend to repeat.

Clegge: There you are, you see. Why do kippers repeat? It’s one of your fundamental philosophical problems.

Truly: What did Bertrand Russell say about it?

Clegge: Well, he mixed with the left, as you know. So, naturally, he blamed the Americans.

Truly: Have you ever had a kipper for breakfast?

Clegge: Yes, I did, once. It was on honeymoon, we were at a hotel. I thought, “Why not? Everything else is weird.”