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banana head
26th Feb 2006, 19:23
Phoenix magazine today interviewed MOL in relation to C4/ Dispatches:

Q What about Ryanair’s safety standards?

A They’re absolutely top notch! All our low-fare planes are
100% totally f**king safe as a house on fire and come
complete with extra-special safety features – including paytoilets,
fully-fitted wings and controls in Latin.

Q Is hygiene a priority?

A F**king right it is! We even clean our planes sometimes and
we hire a gang of Eastern Europeans who are only too happy to
muck out for us once in a while. On top of that we even
operate eco-friendly planes which fly south in the winter – for
f**k’s sake!

Q What about vomit being left on some seats?

A Are you an out-and-out bo**ox or something? Our no-frills
vomit meets the highest quality EU standards. And if it
doesn’t, our professional crew spray economy-priced
aftershave all over it. Does that poxy Aer Lingus shower do any
of that, eh?

Q Is customer care important?

A That’s it! I’ll see you in court, you little f**ker! Listen – we’re
not just in it for the f**king massive profits alone – we enjoy
taking passengers for a ride.

Q Are some Ryanair pilots too scared to complain?

A Shut the f**k up! Those whinging, work-shy bas**rds are f**kfaced
liars who don’t know when they’re well off – and I’ll see
them in court as well – the f**king lazy f**kers!

26th Feb 2006, 20:10
More tea vicar?! :p

26th Feb 2006, 20:56

Reality speaks...

26th Feb 2006, 21:11
Obviously caught him on a good day.

Empty Cruise
26th Feb 2006, 21:13
Is it me or is the guy mellowing with age???