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23rd Feb 2006, 15:10
Just wanted to see if anyone else out there in pprune world is booked onto the March 27th course at FTE as it would be good to talk before we meet in Jerez.

Send me a PM.


23rd Feb 2006, 15:33
hi , I still have to attend the selection process so I think I'll miss the 27th march course!

By the way, when did yuo attend it?

23rd Feb 2006, 15:40
Did selection towards the end of last year.

23rd Feb 2006, 17:06
Hi guys

Just out of curiosty why did you choose to study at FTE ahead of the other FTOs available?

The big thing that concerns me about FTE is that the JOC is not included and also from one of my mates who studys there at present saying that the motion sim is not that great. OAT is pulling me towards it with its 40 hours on the 737 sim but still FTE appeals to me.

Just wondered why you guys have gone to FTE having visited there.

Cheers lads

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