View Full Version : EFT contact

Engine Noise
21st Feb 2006, 12:51
hi, can someone please provide me with the email address of any staff at EFT Florida.I have sent several mails to [email protected]<hidden> but have not gotten any response.Please PM me.

21st Feb 2006, 13:13
Hi Engine Noise!

Not sure if this is any help, but I have a phone number 00 1 772 466 4757 from 'Pilot' magazine

Are you thinking of training with them? I'm interested as I am thinking of doing my PPL/IMC/Night rating with them in September before doing my commercial training.

Do you know if they are a good company?


Engine Noise
21st Feb 2006, 13:46
Hi Pilotprincess, i learnt they are quite good. I want to go there for some ratings.Thanks

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