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16th Feb 2006, 17:28
Can't get above 2000:mad:


16th Feb 2006, 18:32
2000? Come on Colmac? sheesh!:rolleyes:

2700 on my first go:E


16th Feb 2006, 19:06
:{ The eye to PC to mouse co-ordination is sadly lacking here.

Mrs Colmac would generally say my co-ordination is altogether gone, but that's for another thread.:zzz:

16th Feb 2006, 20:16
3300 on my first go and completed it for a total score of 5200, get in.

16th Feb 2006, 20:49
ahem... 9990 -there's points in them there power pills!

Send Clowns
17th Feb 2006, 00:23
11,000-odd, first go. This is identical to Pacman on the Beeb!

Romeo Delta
17th Feb 2006, 01:36
5820 on the first go... But not really into Pacman, so I could do better.

17th Feb 2006, 05:08
This is identical to Pacman on the Beeb!Ah yes... Jeremy Pacman. :p

17th Feb 2006, 06:24
99XX, 12 630 thankyou very much.

Onan the Clumsy
17th Feb 2006, 12:51
42,378, but then again, I've played it before :ok:

17th Feb 2006, 13:01

What do you mean I've other things to do?:confused:

Minty Fresh
17th Feb 2006, 13:22
How come my Atari used to play the thing but my supposed all sing n dancing computer needs Flash bloody 8 :*

Damn the work computers and they're firewalls !!!