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16th Feb 2006, 11:06
The Strategic Defense of the Environment Group, Inc.
is searching for female helicopter pilots to be on a 207 foot research vessel.
We will be extracting a pirate sunken treasure off the coast of Peru. And will
be on the seven seas. Robinson R44 Clipper with pop up floats aboard, with
helideck and helicopter garage. A pilot-mechanic would be a super plus,
but not mandatory. Please send resumes to ...

This ad was at the top of Rumours and News just now. IMO, it is an example of direct discrimination under the Sex Discrimination Act and should be removed or amended. Discuss.:}

16th Feb 2006, 11:09
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Send Clowns
16th Feb 2006, 11:10
If you can show that your weight is within the norms for a female crew, then I think they'd morally have to take your CV. An R-44 is fairly weight critical if you're doing a useful job of work with it. IMHO you'd have to be nuts to fly a single-piston heli over the water out of range of SAR units I'd trust, but that's probably not the point.

Legally I think they're on dodgy ground anyway!

16th Feb 2006, 11:13
:oh: Doh!

Usually quite good at using the search function... I'll shut up now.

16th Feb 2006, 11:17
They may not have anti-discrimination laws in the relevant country.

Solid Rust Twotter
16th Feb 2006, 13:05
It may also be an AA position, ie, "positive" discrimination.:hmm:

20th Feb 2006, 00:13
In the UK, you can advertise a position, and relate it solely to applicants of a particular gender, religion or Naionality.

However, it has to be what's known as a GOQ. A Genuine Occupational Qualification.

For example, if an Indian restaurant needs to keep authenticity of its staff to an Indian Theme, they can advertise for applicants of an Indian origin only.

If a lingerie shop offers fittings, the position can be advertised for females only.

The same goes for fuel tank repairers. They generally have to be slim to fit in the wing, so it is acceptable for the advert to read as such.

Basically if the occupation has a specific need that can only be carried out by one gender, race, nationality, etc then they are well within their rights to advertise this by law.

If however, it is a preference, they may not advertise this without good reason, and other groups may apply and should then have their applications viewed equally.

They do not have to advertise the reason why they want only females/ italians/ catholics, etc but should disclose this when questioned by applicants.

If a company is advertising unlawfully, they should be reported to one of many bodies available, such as the Recruitment & Emplyment Confederation or Department of Trade & Industry.

20th Feb 2006, 07:16
Then why are some of the English Police forces allowed to
advertise for black only recruits, and turn away white applicants.

When it comes to upholding the law I would have thought the best
applicant should be hired regardless of skin colour!

It give PC a whole new meaning!! :hmm:

20th Feb 2006, 07:46
The only reason I can see for that is if it is felt fundamental there is a lack of officers from ethnic origins which in some areas where the local make up is mainly ethnically populated, they require more officers of an ethnic origin to sensitively handle and understand the community from their point of view.

This would qualify as a GOQ.