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16th Feb 2006, 01:58
Brit strips in airport to prove innocence
From The Manila Standard, 16/02/06
THE real “Full Monty” just left the country, but not without a bang.
Irked by the constant beeping of a metal detector at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport every time he passed through it, a British national stripped in front of airport personnel and fellow passengers yesterday.
The unidentified foreigner took off all his clothes except his underwear in an effort to prove that he was not carrying guns, explosives or any kind of security threat despite the incessant beeping of the detector.
Aviation security chief Francisco Balagtas said the British national, in his mid-50s, was about six-feet tall with a muscular frame. He added that after the episode, the foreigner casually put on his clothes, checked-in his luggage and boarded his plane.
In what proved to be an unusual incident at the country’s premier airport, some women, and even men, found the show of flesh a welcome “Valentine’s treat.”
Balagtas told reporters that the man could have been arrested for indecent exposure. But since security personnel were caught off-guard, he was allowed to leave the country.
The airport official also admitted that the x-ray machines and metal detectors being used in the airport were outdated. At times, he said these would often beep even without anyone passing through them.
Balagtas explained that an incident like this is one of the reasons why the airport needs a security upgrade. Vito Barcelo
Ok...fess up! Who was it? :p
Or, on another note, who HASN'T been tempted to do this? :mad:

The Nr Fairy
16th Feb 2006, 06:24
A mate told me once about a gay friend of his who always wore steel capped boots when flying - just to ensure he got hand searched.

Can't verify the authenticity, but can't find it on Snopes either !

16th Feb 2006, 11:06
Probably been drinking Irn Bru (it's made from girders).


17th Feb 2006, 03:13
Two weeks ago, a female family member was returning from a ski-ing holiday in France - on crutches and wearing a leg brace. As the leg of her jeans was too tight to roll up, Airport Security insisted that she remove her jeans to reveal the metal leg brace that was setting off the alarm. Lecherous French jobsworths! :mad:

17th Feb 2006, 07:55
The Nr Fairy: Sure it wasn't a cowboy keeping his spurs on? (see Brokeback Mtn for details)