View Full Version : Manicures - what do blokes think?

15th Feb 2006, 16:28
Are men impressed when women have nice nails?

I subscribe to the Coco Chanel approach - dress shabbily they notice the dress, dress impeccably they notice the woman. In other words, if you want people to pay attention to what you're saying, you need them not to be put off by scraggy or dirty nails.

Mr Picker insists there is no point in keeping them tidy as no man has ever said "whoaar, look at the nails on that" (his words, not mine :rolleyes: )

I believe that CC generally have to abide by company rules on such things; is it worth it? And once you're off duty, do blokes care?

15th Feb 2006, 16:37
I hold to the theory that women dress to impress other women more than to impress men.

I have also been informed (by women) that only single men have their nails manicured. (It has something to do with receiving a female's touch.:confused: )

Heck, I don't know, what do the Ladies of Pprune think?

15th Feb 2006, 16:39
Once had a GF who spent about GBP150 a month on manicures (very OTT, I thought) and it sort of put me off a little bit (like, would she want to do the dishes in them?). But in general I guess I would only notice them if they were really rough (or really OTT like the ex-GFs).

B Fraser
15th Feb 2006, 16:40
It's all part of the package, dirty nails are an even bigger turnoff than smoking or catching your other half in her tights :yuk:

If Mr Stockpicker begrudges the expense, trade up:hmm:

15th Feb 2006, 16:44
He doesn't in the slightest! - for the simple reason that he's never had to pay for one ... I tend to fund my own beauty treatments! :ok:

15th Feb 2006, 16:49
I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that we'd be fine if you never manicured another nail and never donned another article of clothing. We like you just the way you are!

(but don't toss the razor!)

15th Feb 2006, 16:56
Not sure about going to the extreme of spending a fortune getting nails manicured. But as long as their not chipped or cracked then it's fine.
I'm not one for long nails and I can't abide those horrid fake nails that has been the trend for the past 5 years or more

15th Feb 2006, 17:19
When I grew my nails into ridiculously long, manicured claws it was only other women who noticed, or at least commented on them. However, I think a certain episode of 'Footballer's Wives' has made quite a number of men scared of manicured nails.... I shall continue to file and buff my nails, if only for me to sit back and admire them.

15th Feb 2006, 17:23
If they use money that would otherwise have been spent on body jewellery, I'm all for it!

15th Feb 2006, 17:25
This bloke thinks that a woman's nice nails are absolutely essential!

Mrs f has a subscription with a nail shop (or what you call it). She gave me a gift voucher for a manicure for christmas. Last week I had my nails done by someone else for the first time in my life. I must admit... I quite liked it!

Chitty's Leader
15th Feb 2006, 18:40
Yup, maincured nails of a woman are lurrrvely! :ok: Not ridiculously long, mind you...that's just scary. And chewed cuticles - urgh!

As an aside, my brother, who is a plumber incidentally, went through a phase of having his nails manicured regualrly. My, what fun I used to have ribbing him! On a guy? Pleeeeease, No!

tall and tasty
15th Feb 2006, 23:58
I was always told you can tell a gentleman by how he keeps his nails and shoes both immaculate and you don't have to worry about the attire he is wearing :E

I love French polished nails, I am lucky , my nails grow long quickly and do not break easily and the tips are white naturally so all I have to do is file them to a point, gentle round or square shape and a touch of clear, rose nail polish and off I go. Seeing friends who have had false nails and ruined nail beds, because of them, no thank you. It is painful enough when my nails do go the area where they are least strong is the pink living bit so they will break right down at the base near the tip of my nail which hurts, once one goes I Have to trim the rest into the same length not to look ridiculous.

I did have my nails painted for a Gatbash last year and they were done in Christmas gold and dark burgundy and they were beautiful lasted a week and so lovely alot of men at work used to come and ask to see my fingers and then hold my hand while admiring them for ages. That was nice to think they took the time to admire the work done on them. It took the manicurist about an hour to do all 10.:D


henry crun
16th Feb 2006, 06:05
TnT: It is pleasing to hear that the old crafts are not forgotten.

There cannot be many opportunities for french polishers to practise their trade, apart from the antique furniture restoration and repair business.

16th Feb 2006, 06:11
well kept clean nails on the shorter side are nice but why so many women have these long long scary fake things or even if they are real , why are they soo long :yuk: i wouldnt wana get to close to these , seripus wepons there :oh: it seems the cheaper looking the girl is the longer her nails :hmm:

16th Feb 2006, 06:22
The key, I think, is to have all things in balance. ;)

Personally, I don't take much notice of nails.

Then again, Mme Wolf painted the house last summer, and I didn't notice that, either. Completely different colour. I mean I was somewhat preoccupied, but....I couldn't tell you what her nails look like now, let alone then.

Just given her a foot spa to show I do give a sh1t.

Loose rivets
16th Feb 2006, 06:25
I do my nails. Hold each finger in the vice in turn, then a No 8 rasp. does a smashing job. If i'm going out, i'll give em a buff with the Black and Decker.:cool:

16th Feb 2006, 09:37
Mrs. M has her nails done (read: replaced) on a regular basis - those times when she has 2-3 bandages on her fingers from the tops coming off really irks me. Why can't she realise that she's NOT the type who should have long add-on nails? HELP!!! The purse is draining...

16th Feb 2006, 09:55
Why is it called MAN-i-cure?


16th Feb 2006, 09:56
I'm not a great fan of "extreme" manicures involving impossibly long nails, bright colours or artificial bits and pieces. I prefer mine, short (couple of mm), neat, clean and smooth with (maybe) a simple, light-coloured, single coat of polish.

And chewed cuticles - urgh!
I'm absolutely fascinated with that idea, Chitty's Leader ... how the heck does anyone chew their cuticles?? :confused:

16th Feb 2006, 12:06
Manicures for women essential and must be carried out monthly along with waxing of all non essential hair and a full facial. A women should be girly.

Men should not have manicures but should keep their nails clean and well trimmed, they should not be subjected to waxing just because ladies magazines say they should.


16th Feb 2006, 14:38
It's usually only when I trip over my nails that I become aware something needs doing. And that's my fingernails. :uhoh:

Recently attempted to fix a noise in the pedestal fan while it was at full pelt and found that accidentally putting the fingers through the back produces a very effective trim, if not necessarily of the required shape.

..... a lot of men at work used to come and ask to see my fingers and then hold my hand while admiring them for ages. That was nice to think they took the time to admire the work done on them. It took the manicurist about an hour to do all 10

T'n'T, you just don't get it, do you? You honestly think they were interested in your nails?

16th Feb 2006, 14:51
My nails - I try to keep them moderately clipped (except when frequently broken) and (when not grovelling in dirty greasy machinery) reasonably clean.

The Maybe-future-Mrs-ESG - To be honest, I've never noticed her nails. Her smile lovely keeps distracting me ;)

16th Feb 2006, 17:46
Nice nails are nice, but so long as they're not filthy, it doesn't matter an iota if they've been manicured, varnished or long etc... besides, I'm usually too busy staring down their tops to notice such things as nails. :O