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14th Feb 2006, 11:07
During last week in Mexico I turned on the TV several times to watch BBC World hoping to pick up some news about what was happening 'back home'.
I was genuinly shocked to find that the standard format was to have three or four 'headline' articles (none about the UK) and then a rotating series of bland non-news programmes.
This is not the usual anti-BBC thread but why does it (BBC World) exist?
Surely News24 would be of much more benefit to those who are interested rather than a programme clearly designed to "educate and inform" non-license payers from around the globe.
Got that off my chest and feel much better!:}

Lon More
14th Feb 2006, 11:14
I think it's a question of broadcasting rights. i.e. the makers of a film/ show/whatever, license the right to transmit it in a region to a certain company. If anyone else transmitted it they would be in breach of contract.
Presumably the reason Sky can't/won't sell cards in Europe.

We had World here in Netherlands on cable for a while, now replaced by BBC1 & 2, it seemed the TV equivalent of watching paint dry

14th Feb 2006, 11:26
I was interviewed for BBC World on Friday, so the thought that nobody who knows or has ever known me will be watching it is a source of some encouragement. I was cr*p.

14th Feb 2006, 13:34
There has to be something to save us from an unremitting diet of CNN ('Contains No News') when all alone in a hotel room far from home with nobody but Johnny Walker for company! Besides, they do sometimes show Click Online (which is wicked), Top gear, and that Movie program with the gay presenter talking about gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain is just about stomachable.

14th Feb 2006, 13:56
that Movie program with the gay presenter
Don't be deceived by the looks or the lisp, Jonathan Woss is not gay.

14th Feb 2006, 13:57
Beeb World does exactly what it says on the tin, carrying news stories of the highest global importance. I'm a big fan, just wish I could get it at 'home' in the US. Instead, we've domestic flavours of CNN (nice but dim), Fox News (no propaganda too small) and local trivia (don't even bother). For objective reporting on the major issues - and those from the UK - we've to look online.

The non-news programmes have to be "suitable for all tastes" rather than addressing British niches or humour. So alas, they're bland. But at least they're not embarrasing, unlike BBC America's offerings.

Funding's an interesting point; I suppose the world's moved on since the World Service conveyed news throughout the British Empire.

Go Auntie. :ok:

14th Feb 2006, 14:51
SSK- no it's the New York based one with the dodgy mustache I was talking about, not 'Wossie'.
What hacks me off about all the news channels, Sky, BBC and most of all CNN- why do the ladies have to ALL look like Barbie Dolls? It's as if looks are far more important that character and delivery. And when something goes wrong, it shows how that is a mistake.

Jordan D
14th Feb 2006, 15:42
I'm guessing you mean Tom Brook & Talking Movies?

BBC World is great - watch it when I am in India and their world news coverage is great. Remember BBC World is funded by the Foriegn & Commonwealth Office and subscriptions rather than the British TV License: its audience is intentionally worldwide, rather than expat Brits.


Romeo Delta
14th Feb 2006, 15:50
While BBC World may not be a true colonial partner of the home-front BBC, it was a Godsend to me when I moved to Finland. One of the few outposts of news I could understand and relate to. Thank goodness for BBC World and MTV Europe. Otherwise I would have gone nutz.

14th Feb 2006, 16:27
I'm a big fan of the Beeb in general, but BBC World is tripe most of the time - and if anyone knows someone in the Beeb, please, please, please ask them to stop constantly playing that bloody awful frickin' jingle of theirs every 10 seconds, I developed a severe allergic reaction to it a long time ago!

14th Feb 2006, 17:12
I have had BBC World, Chicken Noodle, Sky News, Orbit News in various combinations over the last few years.

As a Brit Expat, BBC seems to give a good mixed offering of World news. Okay, Sky is better for UK News, but then I'm a "citizen of the world" these days.

Now,because I prefer to spend my money on a sat internet service, rather than the [email protected] that the satellite TV services out here serve up, I only have BBC World (it's "free-to-air") but I can get the UK news (as well as "Mid-East" or "Americas" or "England" or whatever) served up on the BBC web site - and I don't have to watch the bits I'm not interested in! http://news.bbc.co.uk

(I also get pretty much any radio station I want via internet - "WMMR Rocks" - Philly Rock Station that is permanently tuned on the car radio when I'm out there - next month :E )

I reckon Auntie has it right :ok:

14th Feb 2006, 17:16
I couldn't agree more that BBC World is a total waste of time........as is CNN.

But I guess when you're desperate................ :ok:

Jordan D
14th Feb 2006, 22:12
Enough with the BBC bashing!


15th Feb 2006, 01:50
I remember what BBC used to represent to me, the erudite exemplar of British civilization.

In those years, up to the end of the Cold War, I listened to BBC shortwave broadcasts with anticipation. It kept you informed of the currents of the world with some depth and counterpoint, and I felt it to be authoritative. Along the way you might receive an education in ornithology, the heat index for peppers and somesuch other arcanities. It was a marvelous enterprise.

Now, with few exceptions, BBC has become pablum for the simple-minded. Rather than examine the issues of the day with insightful analysis and discussion of alternate views, BBC seems to determine its own view, then offer a presentation created to further that view, which is PC-driven and subjuct to propagandizing. I do enjoy Tim, one of the best adversarial interviewers in jounalism, but there are few such grains buried in the chaff.

CNN has fallen a long way as well, not living up to the promise of serious news-oriented programming for cable and satellite television, a genre it invented.

The world needs a sophisticated news gathering entity to offer in-depth analysis and broadcast journalism. It does not have one now.

15th Feb 2006, 02:03
BBC World is not for British (or ex) citizens living outside. Its for the rest of the world to find out what is happening elsewhere, especially since local channels wont cover global news. 'twas the case out here too, till a few years back, now we've got more channels with news than I got fingers and toes!